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Swap between characters in ‘Final Fantasy XV’ with a new update in December

final fantasy xv character swapping december update
When Final Fantasy XV first revealed its party of four main characters, players wondered if they would get to control all four. While the main game required players to control Noctis, the other three characters wouldn’t become playable until their respective DLC. In just a few weeks, a new update will bring character swapping to the main game.

During an Active Time Report stream (via Polygon) Square Enix celebrated the anniversary of Final Fantasy XV and discussed what is to come in the future. One of the major reveals during the broadcast was an upcoming update that would bring a new character-swap feature to the game. Players will be able to switch between Noctis, Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto on the fly. There are a few story-based restrictions, like the Leviathan battle, where players will have to play as Noctis. Each party member will control as they do in their DLC packs.

Final Fantasy XV - NA Launch Event

The other big reveal from the stream was that next month’s Episode Ignis won’t be the last story-based add-on for Final Fantasy XV. In fact, director Hajime Tabata says players should expect up to three additional episodes in 2018. One will supposedly focus on Ardyn Izunia.

For anyone who bailed on Final Fantasy XV when it first came out, now is a perfect opportunity to dive back in. Our review wasn’t favorable toward its story or combat, but numerous updates throughout the year have improved the experience, such as fixing some of the issues in the story.

Character swapping is set to release alongside Episode Ignis on December 13 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version of Final Fantasy XV is still expected to release sometime next year.

If that is still not enough Final Fantasy, PlayStation VR owners should check out Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV. While it may be a fishing game in virtual reality, it packs a surprising amount of fun. Each level ends with a boss fight that begins after catching a certain weight of fish. In these fights, the fishing rod is swapped with a crossbow, until their health is low enough to reel them in.

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