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photonic fence mosquito control 1

Scientists are testing a Photonic Fence that fights mosquitos with lasers

The Photonic Fence uses cameras to scan for pests within 100 meters. When one is found, it shoots a laser, killing it within 25 milliseconds.
smeg 500 fiat 2

The Smeg 500 is a fridge made from a Fiat and it is coming stateside

The Smeg 500 is a working refrigerator built to resemble the front of an original Fiat 500, using authentic Fiat parts.
nanoe x clothes hanger t

Panasonic’s Nanoe X clothes hanger deodorizes garments overnight

Ever grabbed clothes out of the dirty hamper? With Panasonic's Nanoe X clothes hanger, missing laundry day won't be that big of an issue.
prey loadout guide tips and tricks header

‘Prey’ director Raphael Colantonio departs from Arkane Studios

After 18 years with Arkan Studios, president Raphael Colantonio is stepping down from his position to spend time with his family.
quivergrip kickstarter surfboard storage

Simplify surfboard storage with minimal space by using QuiverGrip

After extensive testing, QuiverGrip settled on the simple yet effective surfboard storage design that will replace larger dowels.
vivenchill cooling fans t

ViveNchill straps cooling fans to your face to reduce sweating in VR

RedRotor has built a prototype ViveNchill to fix a problem that still has no universal solution. Many players experience sweaty headsets. 
seek adventure app takes pokemon further a

Seek Adventure App takes the Pokémon Go concept a step further

Seek Adventure App takes geo-location gaming a step further by partnering with various brands to offer real-world rewards.
neematic fr1 ebike t

Get the best ride on the trails with Neematic's first electric mountain bike

Neematic is the latest newcomer to the world of ebikes. Its FR/1 electric bicycle mixes a mountain bike and dirt bike for offroad fun.
exploding whipped cream canister

French fitness model and blogger killed by exploding whipped cream canister

French fitness model and blogger, Rebecca Burger, passed away last weekend after a pressurized whipped cream canister exploded during use.
destiny 2

Bungie shows off 'Destiny 2' reward banners for high-level Destiny veterans

Bungie doesn't want to spoil too much, but Destiny 2 reward banners are just one of the ways they plan to honor their veteran players. 
hongi modular mattress bed 5

Customize your perfect night sleep with the HONGi modular mattress

Instead of compromising, HONGi's modular design allows users to customize their mattress to fit their individual preferences. 

Spend more time hiking and less time managing water with the Vecto

Portland-based Cnoc Outdoors is known for their backpacking equipment. The firm's latest innovation is the Vecto collapsible water container. 
blanda blank ikea

Ikea's Blanda Blank serving bowl reportedly catches grapes on fire

According to the accounts of a Swedish man, Ikea's Blanda Blank stainless steel bowl may be setting things on fire. 
random speedrun world record records

Find only the best speedruns to gawk at with Speedrun World Records

Speedrunning has long been a part of gaming culture, but it can be intimidating. Speedrun World Records makes the process a lot easier.
resident evil 2 remake voice actors

New nonunion actors will voice main characters in 'Resident Evil 2' remake

Voice actress Allyson Court has announced that she will not be reprising her role in the Resident Evil 2 remake.
entrata smartproperty rpa ecocor passive prefab house 5

Entrata’s new SmartProperty feature expands on an already great service

Entrata has just made its service smarter. The company has begun testing its SmartProperty apartment automation feature within Entrata Core.
flic hub smart button render 2 3

The Flic Hub improves the already great Flic button by cutting out smartphones

Earlier this year, Shortcut Labs released the Flic smart button. Now, it's taking the idea a step further with the Flic Hub. 
smartduvet breeze indiegogo inflated

SmartDuvet Breeze adds temperature control to the self-making bed cover

Smartduvet Breeze,is the first duvet cover with dual-zone climate-controlled, self-making bed abilities. It's the smartest bed cover around.
hugsy smart baby blanket mom and 2

Hugsy’s smart baby blanket mimics a parent’s heartbeat to comfort newborns

Using Hugsy's smart blanket, the benefits of a mother or father's embrace lasts even when a parent can't be nearby.
takeya water bottle 40 1

Keep beverages hot or cold longer with Takeya’s insulated water bottles

Takeya, a drinkware company, has developed an insulated stainless steel water bottle that keeps beverages cold or hot all day long.
Spider Man Screenshot

Insomniac’s Spider-Man swings onto the PS4 next year, new game footage revealed

Last year, Sony first revealed a Spider-Man game for the PS4. This year, Sony's E3 2017 press conference featured a lengthy gameplay demo.
skull and bones announcement

‘Skull & Bones’ takes players to the brutal, open-world seas of 1721

Ubisoft announced a new pirate-themed game called Skull and Bones during its E3 2017 press conference on Monday.
bethesda e3 2017 fallout vr doom vfr

Bethesda is taking Fallout and Doom into VR — both are set for 2017 release

Two new trailers released during Bethesda's E3 2017 Press Conference for Fallout 4 VR and DOOM VFR. Both arrive later this year.
strom electric fat bike stroem 12

Strom is an electric fat bike fit for a viking

Strom is a fat ebike built for commuting and casual riding. A beefy battery and a strong motor make sure each daily journey is a breeze.
moonboard climbing 03

Space-saving MoonBoard offers rock climbers plenty of training options

The MoonBoard has received two notable upgrades, an LED kit and a mobile app. Now climbers can stay connected from anywhere.
vivobarefoot bloom blog t

Sneakers from Vivobarefoot are made out of algae and help keep the ocean clean

London-based Vivobarefoot has announced a partnership with San Diego-based Bloom to create the first full shoes made with algae.
park and daimond diamond

Park and Diamond collapsible bicycle helmet can be stuffed in your pocket

Rather a hunk of foam, the Park and Diamond helmet is as thin as a baseball cap and just as protective as something more traditional.
get even delay 1

In light of Manchester attack, video game thriller ‘Get Even’ is delayed

Originally planned to release this week, Bandai Namco's Get Even has been pushed back until June 23 in the wake of the attack in Manchester.
overwatch anniversary details ow 030 png jpgcopy

Celebrate the ‘Overwatch’ anniversary event right now with new skins, more

From May 23 through June 12, Overwatch players can fight in three new arena maps to earn Anniversary Loot Boxes full of event-based goodies.
overwatch best team compositions builds 6 dva plus zenyatta

New ‘Overwatch’ esports league gives amateur players a shot to turn pro

For the amateurs and aspiring professionals, Blizzard has announced Overwatch Contenders, beginning this summer in North America and Europe.
juiced electric skateboard man on juicedboard

Juiced, an affordable electric longboard, is made for commuting on a budget

A variety of settings makes Juiced one of the most accessible boards available for riders both old and new.
red dead redemption 2 delayed rdr2 delay 1

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ delay announcement is paired with a few screenshots

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been hit with a delay. What was once 2017's most anticipated game has been pushed back into next year.
lawbreakers ps4 announcement vertigo breakers shot1v2 wraith

No longer a PC exclusive, LawBreakers is officially coming to the PlayStation 4

Boss Key Productions has announced that LawBreakers will release on the PlayStation 4 alongside its PC counterpart.
loic bruni red bull downhill bike

Follow a pro mountain biker on a downhill night ride using LED-equipped drones

For their latest adventure, Red Bull has sent French mountain biker Loic Bruni downhill in the middle of the night on a trail lit by drones.