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Simplify surfboard storage with minimal space by using QuiverGrip

Quiver Grip V4
Surfboards are beautiful. Their curved design is as appealing to look at as the boards are to ride. However, surfboard storage is another story. The most common storage method is to use large wooden dowels. These can be an eyesore and limit storage efficiency. QuiverGrip is a simpler, more attractive solution.

After extensive testing and multiple iterations, QuiverGrip has settled on the simple, yet effective design that will replace larger, more expensive dowels. While popular, wooden dowels are expensive, rigid, distracting, and slippery. It’s not uncommon for a misplaced board to slide out and get damaged. Unlike dowels, QuiverGrip is a secure, low cost, low profile storage system.

The simple design comes in two parts. The grip is the plastic blue piece that actually holds the board in place. These grips slide into a rail, allowing up to four grips in a row. Without any tools, users can easily slide the grips into different positions for more or less space between surfboards.

Rigid PVC material makes up the outside of the QuiverGrip, with a soft, flexible material inside the grip to hold the board safely and securely. These materials provide enough tension to hold the board firmly in space, but not firm enough to cause any damage. The firm, yet flexible grip can handle boards of all shapes and sizes.

Currently, the QuiverGrip is available on Kickstarter for the starting price of $12. At that price point, pledges earn a single grip with the necessary installation hardware. For professionals or anyone with multiple boards, QuicerGrip offers the ProPack. This includes three grips, a rail, and a board mat to protect the boards from the rough ground. The ProPack goes for $60. Every order comes with universal screws and anchors so that QuiverGrip can be installed anywhere right away. Estimated delivery is September.

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