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Learn to surf on pavement with the innovative LandSurf

BioBoards, out of the University of Porto, recently engineered the LandSurf — the first skateboard that provides a scientifically accurate sensation of surfing.

The LandSurf appears similar to a skateboard with three wheels but is designed to emulate a surfboard on the water. Biomechanical engineers and professional surfers teamed up, and through extensive research developed a product that causes your body to move like it would on a wave — on land.

The research team used motion sensors to recreate the movements of surfing and utilized the results to determine the physical distance between placement of the trucks on the board in order to adequately situate the center of balance. The wheels offer a rotational pivot that allows users to practice real surfing maneuvers.

Unlike a skateboard, the LandSurf does not need to be pushed, but instead is powered by pumping, similar to how you would pump on a wave in the water. The front truck was strategically designed with a slope that matches the direction of momentum while allowing for freedom of movement.

The back two wheels work similarly to surfboard fins, providing for unlimited directional turning capacity. Three different types of boards provide for varying levels of surf maneuvers, including carving, cutbacks, pumping, and snaps.

In addition, the product serves as a beacon of sustainability. The boards are constructed completely of recycled Portuguese cork and pine. Each one is handmade.

The LandSurf is available in three different board lengths. The Draco is the shortest and serves as the Fish Board style, ideal for quick response movements. The Besil is regarded as the Fun Board, good for a moderate combination of speed and maneuvers. The Kamai is known as the Gun Board, and is capable of reaching the fastest speeds.

The Draco is available for pre-order on the Indiegogo campaign page for $150. The Besil runs $160 and the Kamai costs $170.

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