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Amanda Ellis

Amanda Ellis


Amanda is an outdoor junkie and digital nomad with an insatiable hunger for gear. Based out of Raleigh, NC she travels to rock climb in remote alpine destinations all over the world. As a full time freelance writer and outdoor brand manager, she relishes in all of the technology needed to take you there. Learn more about her at

The best mountain bikes

Whether you're a novice or experienced at navigating the singletrack, here are our picks of the best mountain bikes.
Impossible to get lost with a smartphone? We’re not out the woods yet

The best hiking GPS devices of 2018

It's easy to get lost in the wilderness and often hard to find your way back. Make those trips a literal walk in the woods by packing along a GPS device capable of allowing you to leave a digital breadcrumb trail. To help sift through what's available, here are the best hiking GPS devices you can buy.
fitbit versa review version 1522045407 full 22

How to sync a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch

Fitbit's fitness tracker and smartwatch lineups are huge and continue to grow. The devices are made for use with Apple, Android, and Windows but if you lack tech savvy, you might not know how to get started. Here's how to sync your Fitbit tracker or smartwatch.
Fitbit Ionic Review

Fitbit Versa vs. Fitbit Ionic: A battle of the wearable maker’s flagships

Fitbit's latest smartwatch, the Versa, is an impressive wearable but without built-in GPS, does it have what it takes to supplant the Ionic as the brand's signature smart fitness tracker? Its updated operating system (for now), sleeker design, and cheaper price tag suggest it has what it takes.
Therm-a-Rest Parsec 20 review

Therm-a-Rest Parsec 20 sleeping bag hands-on review

We tested the Parsec 20 from Therm-a-Rest's new line of Fast & Light sleeping bags on a two-week foray into the backcountry. A combination of warmth, light weight, and unique features make the Parsec 20 an ideal three-season sleeping bag that is perfect for alpine endeavors.
best hiking backpacks osprey stratos 24 lifestyle

The best hiking backpacks

If you don't want to jump into full-on backpacking but still enjoy getting out into nature, day hiking might be the perfect activity for you. Here are our picks for the best hiking backpacks available, capable of taking you from trailhead to summit without breaking the bank -- or your back.
blix new sol electric bike sol2

Cruise the streets in style and comfort on Blix’s new Sol electric bike

Whether you're just testing out the ebike waters or getting back into riding, you want a bike that is simple, stylish, and comfortable. Blix's new Sol ebike is designed like a beach cruiser meant for your daily commute -- with a low step-through style that makes for easy mounting and dismounting.
polartec powerfill

Polartec’s recycled Power Fill insulation helps save the environment

Polartec leads the outdoor industry in the creation of sustainable fabrics with its introduction of 80 percent post-consumer recycled Power Fill insulation just last year. The company now unveils 100 percent recycled Power Fill insulation -- upcycling more than 1 billion post-consumer plastic bottles in the process.
therm-a-rest hq header

Therm-a-Rest wants to save the world, one recycled foam scrap at a time

Known for designing and manufacturing some of the best sleeping pads and bags in the outdoor industry, Therm-a-Rest is more than just a gear company. Digital Trends went behind the scenes of the company's Seattle headquarters to learn more about its research, development, and sustainability practices.
domio pro helme audio system domio5

Domio adds voice communication to its rad helmet audio system with the Pro

It's hard to jam out to tunes while playing in the outdoors, as helmets get in the way of headphones and traditional helmet audio systems block out other noises. The Domio Pro solves this problem, providing surround sound audio while allowing you to hear noises around you -- now with voice communication.
casusgrill biodegradable outdoor grill casus2

Have a BBQ and leave no trace behind with the biodegradable CasusGrill

Many people associate grilling food with the great outdoors. While traditional portable grills are made of aluminum, the CasusGrill is constructed of completely natural materials -- and can be tossed in a bonfire and burned after use. The grill makes for a delicious meal anytime, anyplace.
how to tune a bike riding

Get your road or mountain bike ride-ready with our top-notch tuning guide

It's never a bad time to tune your bike. To help we've included the best methods for cleaning and evaluating moving parts, as well as how to apply a new layer of grease. Get your road bike or mountain bike ready for riding -- just in time for spring.
best mountain bikes under $500

The best mountain bikes under $500

The best mountain bikes under $500 pair functionality with affordability. Here are some of our favorite models currently on the market, whether you're a fan of lofty suspension or prefer something more rigid.

The best backpacking backpacks

Whether you're headed out on an overnighter or a month-long trip, a proper backpacking backpack helps you go the distance, offering comfort, support, and enough room for all your gear. To help narrow the available options, these are our picks for the best backpacking backpacks you can buy.
msr impact project for global health msr3

The MSR Impact Project accelerates global health and disaster relief efforts

Mountain Safety Research continues making strides in the outdoor industry -- but recently shifted its focus to global health efforts, outlined by the provision to safe drinking water to those in need. The MSR Impact Project aims to accelerate these efforts with various fundraising options.
goheart mesh outdoor connection kickstarter go2

Stay connected outdoors without cell signal or network access with GoHeart

Exploring the backcountry often leaves you without a cell phone signal or network connection, which can be detrimental in the event of an injury or if you lose your way. GoHeart Mesh solves this problem by providing for the ability to communicate among others without a signal or connection.
msr innovated the outdoor industry set sights on global health fuel canisters 2

Years of research (and the Australian military) helped MSR build a better tent

Mountain Safety Research may have started as a gear company but recently it's focused on changing the world by improving global health and assisting with disaster relief via technologies like its SE200 Community Chlorine Maker.
suunto 9 gps smartwatch battery life suunto2

The Suunto 9 smartwatch lets you go the distance with 120 hours of GPS

Whether you're a serious athlete or a dedicated outdoor enthusiast on an extended expedition, most smartwatches fall short in terms of battery life while GPS tracking is enabled. The Suunto 9 is the ultimate answer providing for up to 120 hours of battery life with GPS tracking turned on.
geyser system advanced portable outdoor shower geyser3

Stay clean in the backcountry using just one gallon of water with Geyser System

Whether you're living out of a van, camping with friends, or traveling the world -- finding somewhere to take a hot shower can be a challenge. Geyser System allows you to get clean anywhere you are using just one gallon of water -- making for an environmentally friendly backcountry solution.
smartfit gamified programming solutions smartfit1

Train your brain and body with SmartFit’s gamified activities

If you're looking for a way to enhance both your cognitive and physical abilities using the latest gamified technology, SmartFit has a customizable program for you. Whether you're an an athlete, a child, an aging adult, or rehabbing from an injury, SmartFit has a range of products to meet your needs.
earth app immersive ar ai experience earth1

Explore our planet through an immersive AR experience with the Earth app

Learn more about the planet we live on with AstroReality's Earth -- a physical 3D globe combined with an AR/A.I. application featuring technology that allows you to explore our past, present, and future on Earth. With the globe in your hands you can speak to Gaea -- an immersive smart-voice technology.
gearo virtual outdoor gear rental site gearo2

Buying new outdoor gear? Rent it first with Gearo, the virtual rental site

Looking to try new outdoor gear and hate the hassle of renting? Try Gearo, the virtual outdoor gear rental site that connects outdoor enthusiasts to local rental shops in their area. You can search by activity, price, or availability. Spend less time shopping and more time playing in the outdoors.
sierra escape luxury solar powered tents tent7

Live the high life down under in Sierra Escape’s luxury solar-powered tents

If you're searching for the perfect backcountry getaway but you don't want to give up the modern amenities of home, Sierra Escape offers the perfect solution. Experience luxury glamping in one their two solar-powered tents while reducing your environmental footprint on the earth.
land ark drake travel trailer drake1

Live large in a small space with Drake, one of the craziest travel trailers

If you like living in luxury and enjoy the amenities of a modern home including decor, but want to take to the open road, Drake is your ticket to ride. Land Ark's unique travel trailer offers big living in a small space, sleeping for up to seven people, and full-featured amenities.
best climbing shoes

The best climbing shoes

Whether you enjoy pulling on plastic or ascending granite faces in wild places, here are our picks for the best climbing shoes you can buy. We've included options for all different types of climbing, experience levels, and a wide variety of brands highlighted by La Sportiva, Evolv, and Five Ten.
respa worlds first breathing sensor respa3

Boost your workouts with Respa, the world’s first breathing sensor

Whether you're a yogi, a runner, or just looking to get back into shape -- Respa can help you attain your fitness goals. The world's first breathing sensor collects your breathing data and provides you with real-time alerts to push harder, ease up, or maintain your rhythm.
coresport workout shirt keeps you cool cp3

The CoreSport workout shirt keeps you cooler the more you sweat

If you enjoy exercising in the great outdoors, you've likely encountered issues with conventional clothing including being soaked in sweat, bad body odors, and skin irritation. The CoreSport shirt is the ultimate solution -- keeping you cooler the more you sweat, plus UV protection.
rf1 cycling computer bike lights video camera 5

The RF-1 is a versatile cycling computer equipped with LED lights and a video camera

With cycling growing in popularity, riders are opting for more and more accessories -- including computers, bike lights, and video cameras. All three things combined can make for a serious lack of handlebar space, so Refractor Fitness invented the RF-1 -- which combines all three accessories in one.
bitteroot dry bag water filter air pump bitteroot1

The Bitterroot dry bag is a sleeping pad pump, water filter, and dry bag all in one

Want to carry less gear on your camping or backpacking trip? The Bitteroot Dry Bag is an innovative outdoor product that serves for three purposes in one. The device lets you filter your water, protect your valuables from inclement weather, and blow up your sleeping pad with the same piece of gear.
nixon base tide pro btpmain

Surfers can check the tide on their wrist with Nixon’s Base Tide Pro

Whether you're an amateur or a pro, the Base Tide Pro is designed to provide you with accurate tide height, tide time, sunrise, and sunset information so that you can spend less time searching for waves and more time out on the water. The watch includes information for 550 beaches around the world.
aquaforno portable grill oven rotisserie smoker aqua5

The Aquaforno II is a portable grill, oven, rotisserie, and smoker all-in-one

Take your kitchen with you into the great outdoors. The Aquaforno II is the world's most versatile outdoor cooking stove. It functions as a barbecue grill, pizza oven, rotisserie, smoker, boiler, clothes dryer, and outdoor heater all-in-one. Bring it all, or just the parts you need.
bsr surf ranch perfectswell technology feat

With PerfectSwell technology, American Wave Machines revolutionized surfing

American Wave Machines is a name synonymous with artificial wave technology and the company's most advanced wave pool creation to date is prepared to take center stage at the upcoming BSR Surf Ranch in Waco, Texas -- one of the largest inland installations in the world.
alizeti 300c conversion system alizeti1

Turn any bike into an ebike in minutes with the lightweight Alizeti system

Transform any standard road bike into an ebike in just minutes with the Alizeti 300C conversion system. It's one of the lightest conversion kits on the market, fully featured, and easy to install -- no special tools required. The system boasts a 40-mile range and a top speed of 20 miles per hour.
showers pass summer riding collection showerspass1

Keep cool and comfortable in the Showers Pass Summer Riding Collection

It's time to start thinking about summer riding, and the Showers Pass Summer Riding Collection has you covered from head to toe. The company blended merino wool with synthetic fibers to create technical apparel to take you comfortably riding around the town and out on the trail.