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The CoreSport workout shirt keeps you cooler the more you sweat

Summer is almost here and the warming temperatures are drawing athletes from the gyms back out into the great outdoors. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, or hiker, traditional workout clothing can result in a number of unfavorable situations including overly sweating clothes, bad body odors, skin irritations, and sunburn. The biggest problem is trying to stay cool when those temperatures soar and increased humidity makes it feel even hotter. The CoreSport workout shirt is a unique product that cools you down the more you sweat.

CoreSport is the ultimate workout shirt for outdoor activity featuring moisture-activated cooling, quick- drying fabric, and calorie-burning technology. It is breathable and also odor and ultraviolet-resistant — serving as a solution to all of the problems presented by traditional workout clothing. CoreSport works because of the integration of Specific Heat Capacity yarn and special fibers that absorb perspiration and moisture. The company touts the shirt stays at least eight degrees Fahrenheit cooler than conventional clothing. CoreSport supposedly reduces skin temperature by 30 percent which subsequently lowers overall core body temperature. The back of the CoreSport shirt features mesh mixed with zinc for excellent breathability and the capacity to enhance the rate of calories burned.

In addition, the fabric reflects a significant amount of UV light and is infused with minerals serving for antibacterial properties and odor resistance. All of these characteristics combined make for an ideal shirt for summer activity. Although it’s not the company’s first campaign — this is the highest profile campaign to date, featuring the latest version of the technology and the backing of MP MeltMall.

The CoreSport workout shirt is comprised of 140D fabric combining 95 percent polyester and 5 percent Dacron mesh cloth. Integrated bamboo charcoal fibers serve for moisture absorption, antibacterial properties, and deodorization. UV resistance is provided by composite powders including zinc, copper, phosphorus and other microelements. These microelements also activate cell tissue and reduce the growth of bacteria which reduces the probability of odor and rashes associated with sweating.

Although crowdfunding products are not guaranteed, this company has had a successful track record with campaigns of this kind. A $40 pledge on the company’s Indiegogo page awards you the best chance of getting your hands on a CoreSport workout shirt.

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