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Domio adds voice communication to its rad helmet audio system with the Pro

Many outdoor enthusiasts enjoy listening to music while they’re skiing, mountain biking, or rock climbing — but these sports pose physical risks and it is recommended that participants wear helmets, which can interfere with the use of standard headphones. Traditional helmet audio systems are not ideal either, as they can block out the sounds around you, leaving you less aware of your surroundings.

The innovative company Domio Sports attempted to solve this problem with the invention of the original Domio — a wireless device that mounts to the helmet and provides for a surround sound experience only the wearer can hear — while still allowing you to take in the noises around you. After successfully launching its first campaign and shipping the product worldwide, the company has returned to the drawing board. Now, it’s focused on enhancing the surround sound experience and integrating a voice communication feature. The result is the Domio Pro, a similar device that serves as both an audio and voice communication system.

The Domio Pro also mounts to the outside of the helmet but transfers sound to the inside of the helmet utilizing a technology called micro-vibration, resulting in a powerful surround sound experience without blocking out exterior noise. While the original Domio served the same purpose, what makes the Domio Pro stand out from its predecessor is the integration of a fully wireless Air Mic, as well as a state-of-the-art beam-forming, noise-cancelling microphone that allows for unprecedented connectivity and voice clarity. The device easily snaps onto any helmet and is ensured to stay in place with the use of powerful adhesive. The best part? No wires, speakers, or earbuds required.

The Air Mic features a rubberized, overmolded single control button, an LED power light indicator, and a snap-in mount. The device is powered by the latest Bluetooth version and can be paired wirelessly with any phone. The micro-USB rechargeable battery provides for 24 hours of continuous playtime. In addition, the device is water resistant, making it ideal for snow sports. The Domio Pro works with most helmets and can be mounted on the top, on the side, or on the back of the helmet.

Although crowdfunding projects are not guaranteed, the company’s successful track record bodes well for future production of this product. A $130 pledge on the company’s Kickstarter campaign page gives you the best chance of receiving a Domio Pro helmet audio device with the new Air Mic, two Air Mic mounting clips, and two Domio Pro mounts.

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