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Boost your workouts with Respa, the world’s first breathing sensor

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Breathing is one of the most integral elements of working out, whether you’re executing your morning yoga routine, training for a marathon, or just getting back into shape. Trending smart wearables feature high-tech heart rate sensors, accelerometers, and altimeters. However, many of them lack the important element of breathing analysis. In response, the team at Zansors has developed an innovative, patent-pending product called Respa — the world’s first breathing sensor. This easy-to-use device is a sophisticated analyzer that tracks breathing patterns during workouts and offers real-time alerts to help you stay in your optimal breathing zone.

Respa is a clip-on device that serves as your personal coach to help you deepen your yoga practice or take your training to the next level. The companion app collects your data and provides a detailed analysis of your workouts so that you can train smarter and gain an edge in your fitness routine. There are four different models suited specifically to meet your personal needs including the Respa Better Yoga, the Respa Elite Fitness 3.0, the Respa Fitness 2.0, and the Respa Coach.

A breathing sensor offers a plethora of benefits to improve your health and fitness. The sensor works by collecting breathing sounds from the nose and mouth. The product’s algorithm interprets breathing data collected by sensors to notify in real-time when you should push harder, stay in your sweet spot, or slow down for optimal performance. Feedback allows you to target your appropriate breathing pattern depending on the activity.

The Respa Better Yoga features real-time alerts, a self-tuning microphone, and guided breathing exercises. The Respa Elite Fitness 3.0 tracks your ventilatory threshold, features a self-tuning microphone, provides for real-time alerts, and includes both a motion and elevation sensor. The Respa Fitness 2.0 is designed to be simpler for the average fitness enthusiast. It tracks the optimum calorie burn zone and includes real-time alerts and a self-tuning microphone. The Respa Coach is designed for coaches and trainers, offering real-time alerts, a self-tuning microphone, motion and elevation sensors, and ventilatory threshold tracking. The Respa Coach includes a dashboard for up to four athletes.

The devices are all easy to wear, offer wireless charging, and feature Bluetooth connection. The battery lasts up to 36 hours and Respa is available for both iOS and Android platforms. Although crowdfunding projects are not guaranteed, this project has garnered a ton of backing already. A $150 pledge on the company’s Indiegogo campaign page provides you the best chance of getting your hands on a Respa Fitness 2.0.

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