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Train your brain and body with SmartFit’s gamified activities

Whether you’re an everyday fitness enthusiast, an athlete seeking to up their game, rehabbing from an injury, or the parent of a child looking for ways to improve their cognitive and physical capabilities, SmartFit’s training solutions can help you meet your goals. SmartFit offers unique gamified programming that is designed for individuals and groups as a way to improve cognitive, neurological, and motor efficiency. The company’s brain training program is available in a variety of different physical forms ranging from individual trainers to strike targets and group options. The supporting Android/Apple application serves as an interface for tailoring activities to ability levels and providing data for tracking progress.

SmartFit offers individual programs centered around fitness training, sports performance training, physical rehabilitation, active aging programs, and youth programs. The regime was developed around the Hebbian Theory, its mantra being, “neurons that fire together wire together.” The core concept is that simultaneous stimulation of the neurological system and physical activity promote the accelerated growth of cognitive and motor efficiency.

The Youth market is designed for physical education classes, afterschool and sports programs to make classes and workouts engaging and fun. The Clinical market integrates physical and cognitive aspects for the purpose of rehabilitation. The Active Aging market is designed for senior fitness programs while the Fitness market is for fitness professionals and the Sports Performance market is tailored to athletes highlighting brain and body conditioning.

SmartFit features a wide range of products including the Multi-Station Trainer which is ideal for large groups and includes a CPU controller with a scoreboard, sound system, and remote control activation. It can run up to four linked stations to provide for a variety of team training classes. The SmartFit Mini is designed for individual workouts centered around cognitive and motor training. The SmartFit Single is an Android/Apple-driven console with nine targets and the ability to configure different interfaces for a variety of activities. The SmartFit ProTrainer offers the ability to be configured to two, three, or four connected sessions creating an integrated electronic backboard for sports training or competing stations aligned side by side. The scoreboards each have nine strike/touch-sensitive targets. There are also individual Strike Targets available for purchase that can operate independently or as additional touch points with the Single and Mini systems.

All the SmartFit products can be purchased on the company’s website.

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