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The Aquaforno II is a portable grill, oven, rotisserie, and smoker all-in-one

Spending time in the great outdoors often means leaving many creature comforts behind, including your kitchen, bathroom, and bed. But just because you’re going camping doesn’t mean you have to eat freeze-dried food all weekend — the Aquaforno II serves as a kitchen in a backpack so that you can take it with you wherever you go. This unique crowdfunded product is a barbecue grill, pizza oven, rotisserie, smoker, and more. The Aquaforno II is designed to be completely collapsible, featuring a telescopic design so you can take your kitchen to the beach or a campsite, or set it up in your own backyard.

The Aquaforno is heralded as the world’s most versatile outdoor cooking stove. In addition to its food-specific features, the product functions as a water boiler, clothes dryer, and outdoor heater. It’s meant for backyard barbecues, luxury “glamping” dinners, beach parties, and even tailgating events. The Aquaforno II features an internal water boiler so you can quickly brew up coffee, tea, or mulled wine while you’re cooking, which saves you both on appliances and fuel. The stove generates enough heat to serve as an outdoor heater, allowing you to forego the bonfire and gather round with your family and friends.

The Aquaforno is designed as a three-tier chassis so you can bring what you need and nothing more. The stove utilizes wood, peat, charcoal, or gas — with kiln-dried or well-air-dried logs recommended. The tiers separate in seconds, and no tools are required for assembly. The entire system sets up in under three minutes. The first tier is the base, designed to sit on three sturdy, adjustable legs. Leg clips allow you to place food underneath for warming. The removable grill can be used as a lightweight cooking grill or a fire pit while the boiler features a crescent shape for fast boiling.

The second tier is the brazier, which allows for cooking over wood, and where the frying pan is best utilized. Adjustable tabs also hold the stone if you’re wanting to melt cheese over burgers or keep food warm. The third tier encloses the oven, where the stone placed on adjustable tabs can be lowered to make room for large food items, such as a beer can chicken. A newly insulated lid and a thermometer ensure that your food is always cooked to the right temperature. The hangers located on the top of the oven tier are perfect for hanging towels or drying clothes — or can be placed inside to hang fish for smoking. The carry case is a unique double bag system so you can split up the weight with your companions or carry only the parts you need.

For safety measures, the Aquaforno was designed with a spark arrestor and includes gloves and a fireproof bag. Accessories include a paella pan, pizza kit, rotisserie kit, and gas burner. While crowdfunded projects are not guaranteed, the Aquaforno II has been funded to more than 900 percent. Make a pledge of $250 for the opportunity to get your hands on one of the first Aquaforno II stoves.

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