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Cruise the streets in style and comfort on Blix’s new Sol electric bike

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As more people ditch their cars and hop aboard the electric bike caravan, the need for varying styles and designs continues to expand the marketplace. Blix Bikes is a leader in designing stylish and practical ebikes, with a production history dating back to 2014 and an inventory that currently includes over seven different models. Recently, Blix launched the lowest step-through ebike on the market — the Sol, designed for stylish, comfortable commuting featuring Scandinavian minimalist roots. The Sol is ideal for the everyday ebike enthusiast or those just returning to riding.

Sol means “the sun” in Swedish, making it an appropriate product for a summer time launch. The idea behind the low-step through is that it makes this bike easy to mount and dismount — an appealing feature for those just testing the ebike waters. The Sol is equipped with 27.5-inch wheels complemented by 2.2-inch tires, making for easy gliding down pavement or over hard-packed trails. The wide, swept-back handlebars serve for a beach cruiser-like style and a wide seat ensures comfort on long rides.

Blix really emphasized a user-friendly design with the Sol, integrating a 7-speed Shimano twist shifter and mechanical disc brakes with an automatic motor cutoff. The kickstand allows you to park it anywhere without worrying about interfering with the cranks. Although the Sol is designed with simplicity in mind, its engineers ensure it packs a powerful electric punch.

The Sol is constructed with a 350W Blix SpinTech rear motor — which is robust, efficient, and makes for one of the quietest Class-2 hub drive bikes available. Pedal assist and throttle modes allow you to reach speeds up to 20 miles per hour. Four different levels of assist mean you can make your own ride every time you leave the driveway. The SpinTech motor is powered by an 11Ah battery that provides for 30-40 miles per charge. Do you want to ride longer? You have the option to upgrade to the 17Ah battery, which boosts your distance per charge up to 60 miles — albeit for an additional $300.

The Blix Sol will be available in charcoal or sky blue colors, with optional accessories that include fenders and racks. You can pre-order it starting in July through the company’s website. The Sol will retail for $1,600 and will also be available at select retailers beginning in August.

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