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A male rider crouched down riding an Ariel eBikes Kepler fat tire e-bike on hard-packed beach sand.

The best e-bike accessories make your ride safer, smoother, and more fun

Getting an e-bike is just the first step for many riders, as there are also a variety of very useful accessories offering protection, utility, and convenience.
Aventon Pace 500.3 with rider on it

The best electric bikes for 2023

smart golf club

The best golf apps for iPhone and Android: 8 best ones in 2023

Echelon Stride

The 13 best gifts for runners

italian safer ski jump snowboarder

The 12 best gifts for skiers and snowboarders

The best walkie-talkies

The best mountain bikes

best snowboard boots

There are some great offseason deals right now on the best snowboard boots

Grab a great offseason deal on the best snowboards

best heated jackets ravean jacket down x

Conquer the cold with the best heated clothing and outdoor apparel for 2020

CLEAR vs. TSA PreCheck: Reduce time spent in airport security

best outdoor retailer summer 2019 denver

Check out the best new gear from the Summer Outdoor Retailer 2019 convention

The best smart helmets for 2019

Helmets might be a haircut's worst nightmare, but they're constantly evolving, and are in the process of undergoing a 21st-century makeover. No matter your sport, we've rounded up the best smart helmets available, whether you're into Bluetooth controls or Tron-esque aesthetics.
best backpacking sleeping bags cosmic kelty 20 bag

The best backpacking sleeping bags for 2019

Sleeping bags vary in size, shape, design, and features -- and when you're hauling gear out into the backcountry, weight always matters. Whether you want warmth and comfort or you're counting ounces, here are our picks for the best backpacking sleeping bags you can buy.
best heated gloves 1000x 1

The best heated gloves of 2019

When temperatures plunge, the first thing that gets cold are your fingers. Ward off frostbite and keep your digits toasty warm with these best heated gloves. From rugged skiing gloves to hard-working gloves for snow blowing, we have a glove or mitten for everyone who braves the coldest winter weather.
best heated outdoor gear 8k flexwarm jacket women

The best heated jackets

Over the past few years, battery operated heated winter jackets have gone from being a novelty to a truly viable option for those looking to stay warm in the outdoors. During that time, these jackets have improved in both form and function, becoming more efficient, adding more features, and looking more fashionable as well.

The best iPhone bike mounts

Even in the middle of a strenuous bike ride, you may want to glance at your phone -- maybe to check your GPS, or see how much longer the podcast you’re listening to will last. With a phone mount, your phone will always be a glance away. Here are our picks for the best iPhone bike mounts.
best gear for summer festivals festival gorge ampitheater

Headed to a festival this summer? Here’s the best gear you can get for camping

Festival camping is notoriously awful. It's hot, it's crowded, and the campsite never gets quiet enough for you to sleep. But don't worry -- with the the right gear, festival camping can be awesome. Here's all the gear you need to conquer your next festival experience.

Keep cozy and warm with the best base layers

Venturing into the elements during winter requires a quality set of thermal underwear or long johns. These are the best base layers around.

Stay warm by layering the right way this winter with the best mid-layers

Playing outside in winter can be a frigid endeavor if don't have an excellent layering system. Here are the best mid-layers to keep you warm.
osprey exos eja backpacks backpacking  white mountains new hampshire

The Very Best Gear of Summer Outdoor Retailer 2018

As the Outdoor Retailer gear convention in Denver, Colorado the biggest and best brands in the outdoor industry have gathered to reveal the newest equipment for hikers, backpackers, campers, trail runners, climbers, and more. We've scoured the show floor to bring you the very best new gear coming soon to your favorite gear shop.
best hiking backpacks osprey stratos 24 lifestyle

The best hiking backpacks

If you don't want to jump into full-on backpacking but still enjoy getting out into nature, day hiking might be the perfect activity for you. Here are our picks for the best hiking backpacks available, capable of taking you from trailhead to summit without breaking the bank -- or your back.
Best Road Trip Apps

Best road trip planner apps

It's summer, which means everyone's piling into the car, cranking up the tunes, and hitting the open road. If you're planning a road trip, there are lots of apps designed to help you make the trip a success, whether you use Android or iOS. Here's a list of the best road trip planner apps.

The best backpacking backpacks

Whether you're headed out on an overnighter or a month-long trip, a proper backpacking backpack helps you go the distance, offering comfort, support, and enough room for all your gear. To help narrow the available options, these are our picks for the best backpacking backpacks you can buy.
Aftershokz Trekz Titanium running lifestyle8

The best running shoes for women

Running can be an excellent workout for both the mind and body, but it's not entirely easy to indulge in a runner's high with a subpar pair of shoes. You want runners built to withstand mile after mile, no matter if you're on the road or pounding the trail. These are the best running shoes for women.
bellabeat spring

The best smart water bottles

Staying hydrated is a goal we're all striving for but rarely achieve. The health benefits are well-documented but most of us don't come close to our recommended water intake levels. If you're wondering how to drink more water, here is a list of the best smart water bottles to assist you.
gifts for outdoorsy people ledlenser  mh10

The best LED flashlights

LED flashlights and headlamps may excel in terms of longevity and overall brightness but knowing which is the best isn't always easy. From a rugged model to a solid budget option, here are the best LED flashlights on the market.
best running sunglasses feat

The best running sunglasses

Running when it's sunny requires the use of a good pair of sunglasses, capable of allowing you to train without constantly squinting. Unlike regular sunglasses, your running shades need to be lightweight, secure, and durable enough to withstand anything. Here is a list of the best running sunglasses.
best climbing shoes

The best climbing shoes

Whether you enjoy pulling on plastic or ascending granite faces in wild places, here are our picks for the best climbing shoes you can buy. We've included options for all different types of climbing, experience levels, and a wide variety of brands highlighted by La Sportiva, Evolv, and Five Ten.
best down jackets kjul trid lifestyle

The best down jackets

Spring and summer may be on the way but for those chilly nights on the trail or brisk mornings in the city, it's never a bad idea to have a proper down jacket at the ready. Since nearly every apparel brand has their own take, we sifted through what's available to find the best down jackets on the market.
Best smart backpacks

The best smart backpacks

Whether you're using them to commute to work or take weekend getaways, backpacks these days are packed with smart technology. From options which charge your phone and play music to others that stream video and act as a WiFi hotspot, these are the best smart backpacks.
best fitness trackers for women fitbit versa feat

The best fitness trackers for women

In the past fitness trackers were designed for a men's wrist, featuring large bands and clunky designs. Thankfully, more smartwatch brands these have started catering to women, designing smaller trackers with feminine looks. To help know which are best, these are the best fitness trackers for women.
outdoor retailer winter 2018 spy ace ec goggles innovation award tint shifting awards 5

Spy Ace vs. Uvex Snowstrike: A tint-shifting goggle spec showdown

Goggle technology has been rapidly evolving in recent years but nothing has changed the game as profoundly as the introduction of the electrochromic lens. Here's a feature by feature comparison of the Spy Ace EC tint-shifting goggle versus Uvex's Snowstrike.
best climbing harnesses harness feat getty

The best climbing harnesses

Whether you're projecting on a hard sport route, tackling steep water ice, or making a push for the summit, these are the best climbing harnesses you can buy. Our picks include sport, trad, and ice climbing options.

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