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Rachel Cavanaugh

Rachel Cavanaugh


Rachel discovered outdoor recreation in ’98 when she stumbled into a river town one summer and left a raft guide 3 months later. She worked at ski resorts and snowboard shops before launching her career as a journalist which has included writing for print newspapers, magazines and various online publications.

The best cycling apps for Android and iOS

Mobile cycling apps have seen a massive uptick in quality in recent years, measuring exercise data and aiding in goal planning. Here are the best cycling apps.
Garmin DriveLux GPS

How to update a Garmin GPS

Having a Garmin GPS unit in your car is very useful, but the device needs to be up to date in order to be effective. Find out how to update your Garmin here.

Keep cozy and warm with the best base layers

Venturing into the elements during winter requires a quality set of thermal underwear or long johns. These are the best base layers around.

Stay warm by layering the right way this winter with the best mid-layers

Playing outside in winter can be a frigid endeavor if don't have an excellent layering system. Here are the best mid-layers to keep you warm.
vibram barefoot technology vibramfeature 1

Minimalist footwear maker Vibram jumps feet first into barefoot tech debate 

Vibram launched FiveFingers toe shoes in 2005 and now, 13 years later, barefoot running is having a second revolution. The idea is that by freeing your toes from traditional shoes — aka “foot coffins”— you let them function more naturally. Here we speak to foot surgeons and experts to take a closer look.
how technology is shaping competitive kayaking jackson kayak 2

Just add whitewater: These are the gadgets pro kayakers use to go ‘500 percent’

Technology like video analysis, smart fitness trackers, bluetooth headphones, wifi-equipped autos, and other pieces of the modern have an impact on competitive sports. In this interview with pro kayakers Nick Troutman and Emily Jackson, we discuss the role technology plays in whitewater kayaking.
Best Road Trip Apps

Best road trip planner apps

It's summer, which means everyone's piling into the car, cranking up the tunes, and hitting the open road. If you're planning a road trip, there are lots of apps designed to help you make the trip a success, whether you use Android or iOS. Here's a list of the best road trip planner apps.

The best camping stoves

Whether you're car camping with a group of friends, trekking into the woods alone, or headed to the park for a picnic, the type of camp stove you carry with you determines how well you eat. Here are our picks for the best camping stoves available including options from MSR, Primus, and Coleman.
Snow Peak Coffee Set

Cool camping gadgets for every outdoor adventure

From a mini-espresso machine to a straw that lets you drink water directly from the river, these cool camping gadgets will help you spend less time agonizing and more time enjoying your time outside.
Aftershokz Trekz Titanium running lifestyle8

The best running shoes for women

Running can be an excellent workout for both the mind and body, but it's not entirely easy to indulge in a runner's high with a subpar pair of shoes. You want runners built to withstand mile after mile, no matter if you're on the road or pounding the trail. These are the best running shoes for women.
bellabeat spring

The best smart water bottles

Staying hydrated is a goal we're all striving for but rarely achieve. The health benefits are well-documented but most of us don't come close to our recommended water intake levels. If you're wondering how to drink more water, here is a list of the best smart water bottles to assist you.
best running sunglasses feat

The best running sunglasses

Running when it's sunny requires the use of a good pair of sunglasses, capable of allowing you to train without constantly squinting. Unlike regular sunglasses, your running shades need to be lightweight, secure, and durable enough to withstand anything. Here is a list of the best running sunglasses.
best down jackets kjul trid lifestyle

The best down jackets

Spring and summer may be on the way but for those chilly nights on the trail or brisk mornings in the city, it's never a bad idea to have a proper down jacket at the ready. Since nearly every apparel brand has their own take, we sifted through what's available to find the best down jackets on the market.
Best smart backpacks

The best smart backpacks

Whether you're using them to commute to work or take weekend getaways, backpacks these days are packed with smart technology. From options which charge your phone and play music to others that stream video and act as a WiFi hotspot, these are the best smart backpacks.
best fitness trackers for women fitbit versa feat

The best fitness trackers for women

In the past fitness trackers were designed for a men's wrist, featuring large bands and clunky designs. Thankfully, more smartwatch brands these have started catering to women, designing smaller trackers with feminine looks. To help know which are best, these are the best fitness trackers for women.
Fitbit Ionic fitness tracker

A comprehensive guide to each waterproof Fitbit

These days, you're attached to your fitness tracker day and night, keeping it on your wrist while you eat, sleep, work out, and play. You may wear it when you wash dishes, water the lawn, take a shower, or even swim laps in the pool, and these are the waterproof Fitbits capable of handling it all.
Strava vs MapMyRun

Strava vs. MapMyRun

With so many running applications to download, it's not easy knowing which has the correct set of features you need. To help, we pitted Strava versus MayMyRun to find out which popular fitness app goes beyond logging run data to keep runners motivated.
what is sweatcoin sweat coin lifestyle image

What is Sweatcoin and how does it work?

A lot of fitness buffs are curious about Sweatcoin but many people don't fully understand how to use the app. In fact, a lot of folks don't even know what it is at all. So what is Sweatcoin? Here, we've explained all about the exercise-based cryptocurrency and how to use it.
Garmin Vivoactive HR

The best fitness trackers with a heart rate monitor

The rise of wrist-based heart rate monitors helps fitness fanatics avoid those bulky chest straps but which on the market is the best choice? To help, we've sifted through the sea of options to find the five best heart rate monitor watches and fitness trackers.
Stainless steel with mesh

The best Fitbit Versa bands of 2018

Fitbit's Versa launched in April and while it's generated a lot of buzz, one of its best features is its easily interchangeable straps. To add a bit of flare to the wearable, Fitbit offers bands in leather and stainless steel, among other materials. These are the best Fitbit Versa bands available.
toby miller burton us open interview

Toby Miller on being Shaun White’s protege and the future of snowboarding

From a young age, Toby Miller's drawn comparisons to Shaun White for his expertise riding a halfpipe. Today, he considers himself a "best friend" of the iconic snowboarder. Miller chatted with Digital Trends about this friendship, the future of snowboarding, and how tech is changing the sport.
downhill camera operators interview red bull content pool  feat

Why downhill camera operators are winter sport’s true unsung heroes

Downhill camera operators for snowboarding films and big events like the Olympics or the Burton U.S. Open have a tough but highly rewarding job. Calling them the sport's unsung heroes is just the tip of the iceberg.
outdoor retailer winter 2018 spy ace ec goggles innovation award tint shifting awards 5

Spy Ace vs. Uvex Snowstrike: A tint-shifting goggle spec showdown

Goggle technology has been rapidly evolving in recent years but nothing has changed the game as profoundly as the introduction of the electrochromic lens. Here's a feature by feature comparison of the Spy Ace EC tint-shifting goggle versus Uvex's Snowstrike.
solar powered cell phones saving amazon rainforests rainforest connection 5

Cell phones in Amazon trees alert rangers to illegal logging, record wildlife

By stashing solar-powered cell phones in jungle canopies and leveraging machine learning tech, physicist Topher White leads the fight against illegal logging in the Amazon.
polar m460

The best bike computers

Whether you're training for a big race or just curious about your cycling stats, a bike computer can provide fantastic feedback on your riding performance. Here is a lis to the best bike computers for every type of cyclist.
tennis ball close

The best smart tennis gear

There are plenty of smart options for gear to help improve your tennis game. Now, there is smart tennis gear that tracks the consistency and power of your swings, and even lets you have Elvis or Robert De Niro as your announcer.
columbia utmb monorail trail running clothing montrail featured

How to create a route in MapMyRun

Whether you’ve run marathons for years or just bought your first pair of running shoes, it helps to be able to be able to know how far you’ve run and to plan how many miles you want to clock in a day. Here's how to create a route in MapMyRun.
how to wax a snowboard feature

How to wax a snowboard

This tutorial shows you how to wax a snowboard is easy steps. We also list the best snowboard waxes, irons, base cleaners, and tuning kits from Dakine, Burton, Swix, Toko, Demon, and other brands.
outdoor retailer winter 2018 capita spring break innovation award snowboards awards feature

A 3D-printed single sidewall gives Capita’s Spring Break snowboards an edge

Capita's innovative sidewall technology, which will feature in the company's Spring Break series, uses a unique 3D printing technique to achieve a single sidewall which doesn't compromise durability.
686 glcr hydrastash jacket hydration system 20171214 p erikhoffman mountbaker 121

Ditch the backpack! 686’s Hydrastash jacket keeps you hydrated on the slopes

With a built-in hydration bladder, the 686 Hydrastash Jacket lets skiers and snowboarders forgo a backpack but keep valuable H20 (or other ski beverage of choice) easily accessible.
best survival gear

The best survival gear

Whether you're camping for a weekend or prepping for the apocalypse, you'll want the best survival gear to keep you safe. Here's what to include in any bug-out bag.
best family tents mountainsmith conifer 5 lifestyle

The best family tents

When camping calls for a shelter capable of housing a small army (i.e. Your family), look to one of these best family tents for the job.
best gifts for skiers targhee 32 lifestyle

The best gifts for skiers

To help you shop this holiday season, we’ve gathered a list of the best gifts for skiers, from gloves and goggles to the coolest accessories.
best camping food stew header

Savor your adventure with this mouthwatering list of the best camping foods

Camp food is tasty if you prepare it right. Be it group meals or single backcountry pouches, here are our picks of the best camping food.