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polar m460

The best bike computers

Whether you're training for a big race or just curious about your cycling stats, a bike computer can provide fantastic feedback on your riding performance. Here is a lis to the best bike computers for every type of cyclist.
best survival gear

The best survival gear

Whether you're camping for a weekend or prepping for the apocalypse, you'll want the best survival gear to keep you safe. Here's what to include in any bug-out bag.
best family tents mountainsmith conifer 5 lifestyle

The best family tents

When camping calls for a shelter capable of housing a small army (i.e. Your family), look to one of these best family tents for the job.
best gifts for skiers targhee 32 lifestyle

The best gifts for skiers

To help you shop this holiday season, we’ve gathered a list of the best gifts for skiers, from gloves and goggles to the coolest accessories.
best camping food stew header

Savor your adventure with this mouthwatering list of the best camping foods

Camp food is tasty if you prepare it right. Be it group meals or single backcountry pouches, here are our picks of the best camping food.
best splitboards

Venture with confidence into the beautiful backcountry with the best splitboards

A proper splitboard lets any experienced snowboarder explore every nook and cranny of the backcountry. Here are the best splitboards to buy.
best snowboard bindings

Carve up your favorite mountain in the best snowboard bindings you can buy

Whether you're tackling the backcountry, a day in the park, or whatever the mountain throws at you, these are the best snowboard bindings.
best winter jackets

Conquer whatever the cold months throw at you with one of the best winter jackets

You’re only as good as what you're wearing, especially once winter hits. Here are our picks for the best winter jackets.
best stand-up paddleboard feature

Seven of our favorite new stand-up paddle boards we rode this year

As the industry of stand-up paddle boards continues to grow, so does the lot of rideable boards. Here are seven of our favorite new SUPs.
Glamping Tents Lotus Belle Hybrid Deluxe

The best glamping tents

These are the best glamping tents for glamorous luxury camping trips.that will let you sleep under the stars in comfort.
best cooking gear biolite stove outdoor awards header

Best Cooking Gear: 2017 Digital Trends Outdoor Awards

Proper cooking gear is vital to any camping trip and for the Digital Trends Outdoor Awards, our best cooking gear is the definition of essential.
best dog packs for hiking ruffwear commuter pack

We talked to a certified dog trainer about how to pick the perfect pack for your pup

A proper dog pack allows anyone to bring their loyal pup with them wherever they venture. Here are our picks of the best on the market.
best compression apparel mudgear socks

Squeeze more out of your workouts with the best compression gear

The right compression gear increases circulation and aids recovery. Here, we've rounded up our favorite offerings, from shirts to shorts.
best backpacks for any adventure or outing exped skyline 15

The best backpack you can buy

With so many choices, shopping for a new backpack is daunting. Our recommendations help you navigate this maze to find the perfect pack.
best satellite phones silhouette of man in wild mountain landscape walk along yellow camping tent holding phone

The best satellite phones

If you're going to travel, live, or work in remote areas with no cellular service, a satellite phone is crucial. Here's what to look for.
best winter running gloves 32442178 ml 1678x1119

Freezy Freakies, plus six other great running gloves for winter

Running is tough enough without freezing temperatures. Luckily, the right pair of running gloves can make your morning routine more enjoyable.
best bike gear for winter priority continuum bicycle 002

We have the gear you need to put the 'win' in winter cycling

What happens when the temp dips during the winter months and you have to ride your bike? Simple -- you just need to have the right gear.
2016 Los Angeles Auto Show adventure vehicles

7 adventure vehicles from the LA Auto Show that made us want to play outside

best ways to upgrade your ski or snowboard setup tech feat

10 ways to tech out your ski and snowboard gear before the snow flies

best hammock boat ever melloship

Meet MelloShip, the motorized hammock boat you didn’t know you needed

MelloShip is a Kickstarter hammock-boat hybrid its creator told Digital Trends will “eat stress for lunch.” Based on what we've seen, we can't disagree.
best fitness bands for backpacking outdoor

The 5 best fitness bands for backpacking go where smartwatches fear to tread

From tricked out to bare-bones, these five fitness bands will help you dial in your performance on long distance jaunts in the backcountry and beyond.
best waterproof gear for travel

Get outdoors without soaking your circuits using the best waterproof gear

winter hike, backcountry gear

Stay warm and ready on your ski trips with this gear

A romp in the backcountry shouldn't leave you cold and hungry. This tech can help you stay warm and safe, even on your morning commute to work.
Golf Pad Golf Tag

Conquer the green this weekend with the best golf gadgets

Golf inside or get some fresh air. From clubs to simulators to watches, there's plenty of gear out there that will tell you everything about your game.