The best glamping tents

These luxury glamping tents will make sleeping under the stars feel like heaven

When it comes to sleeping outside, some people want to get down and dirty in the gritty outdoors. Others, however, prefer a little bit of comfort. If you’re one of those types who loves Mother Nature but would rather not crouch two feet off the ground in a hot, cramped space every time you enjoy her backyard, what you need is a glamping tent. Here we’ve compiled a list of luxury glamping tents that let you wander off the beaten path while still enjoying the amenities of the modern world.

Montana Canvas Lodge Tent

Glamping Tents Montana Canvas
The Montana Canvas Lodge tent is like a cabin in the woods.

This gorgeous canvas tent looks and feels like a little cabin in the woods. With almost ten vertical feet at its highest central point, the spacious abode offers oodles of headroom to walk around comfortably and five roomy sidewalls to effortlessly sleep up to six people. The hexagonal shape creates space to hang a lantern or dry out damp clothes, and its sturdy aluminum frame will withstand the gnarliest weather. The canvas roof and durable Relite Tan polyester sidewalls keep out the elements while being light enough to pack. Best of all, there’s an opening for a camp stove with a six-foot jack in the center to keep cozy and warm while you lounge around in the great outdoors.

Bubble Tent

Glamping Tents Bubble Tent
The Bubble Tent is like sleeping in a snow globe.

If nothing else, you’ll feel like you’re inside a magical snow globe when sleeping in this tent. The translucent dome offers sweeping, 360-degree panoramic views, allowing you to soak in the scenery while relaxing at camp. Made with durable and fully waterproof PVC and PVC Tarpaulin, the tent comes with an automatic pump to inflate it in minutes. Take it into the woods, down to the beach or just out to the backyard to let the kids play. For an extra surreal time, the company also makes tree-suspended versions that hover in the air.

23 Zero Byron Rooftop Tent

Glamping Tents 23 Zero Byron
The 23 Zero Rooftop tent is the ultimate cabin on wheels.

Taking your rig with you into the woods? This rooftop tent is a virtual lodge on wheels. Designed to sync with just about any roof rack on the market, the system comes with a cast alloy frame and lugs, as well as a nearly seven-foot-tall square sliding ladder to climb up into your cabin in the sky. Along with that is a comfy, high-density foam mattress covered in poly-cotton and removable, pack-down bungee cords. The giant windows offer stunning views of your outdoor destination and are covered in ultra-fine insect mesh to keep the crawlers out. Air temp is moderated with heat-sealed seams for ultra-insulation and side vents to bolster air flow. Perhaps the coolest part of this setup, however, is that the floor pops out to allow for super quick and easy cleaning.

Heimplanet Mavericks Tent

Glamping Tents Heimplanet Mavericks
The Heimplanet Mavericks tent looks like a Gladiator ball mixed with a space rover, but feels cozy and warm inside.

Heimplanet’s Mavericks tent is a truly unique outdoor dwelling. With a futuristic-looking geodesic structure, the tent spans almost 140 square feet of ground space and resembles something between a Gladiator ball and a mid-sized space rover. The double-layer air struts are geometrically arranged to be robust, and it has internal chambers that separate the exterior from the sleeping space to absorb the elements outside, handling winds up to 180 kilometers per hour. Although the Mavericks is designed for extreme expeditions, it makes an amazing glamping tent, too. The High Tenacity Polyester den is warm, cozy, and extra-spacious (sleeping up to a whopping ten people), not to mention good-looking.

Coleman Prairie Breeze Cabin Tent

Glamping Tents Coleman Prairie
The Coleman Prairie Breeze tent is a slightly more affordable glamping option.

If the price of some of the items on this list are giving you sticker shock, Coleman’s Prairie Breeze Cabin tent is a great way to get the benefits of a luxury glamping tent without draining your ducats. This super spacious tent sleeps up to nine people and fits up to two queen-sized beds. It comes with built-in creature comforts such as an LED lighting system for night vision and a reversible fan for climate control. Coleman’s patented WeatherTec system integrates welded floors with inverted seams to keep the rain out and ensure you stay dry and toasty. On top of all that, it’s got six airy windows to enhance ventilation and let you catch a glimpse of the beauty you’ve come to see.

Lotus Belle Hybrid Deluxe

Glamping Tents Lotus Belle Hybrid Deluxe
The Lotus Belle Hybrid Deluxe tent offers a good-looking aesthetic touch along with the comfort.

This darling tent is as much about the aesthetic as it is the spacious sleeping area. Shaped like a cream-colored teardrop, this tent boasts a 13-foot floor diameter, large enough to fit four twin sized beds (hello, slumber party!). With interchangeable PVC and mesh windows, you have the choice of taking in the view on a rainy day while keeping dry or swapping in the mesh to offer ventilation when it’s warm. There is also a handy Velcro groundsheet around the perimeter to further eliminate insect invasions. This particular tent takes longer to set up and is more suited for backyards or vacation cabins where you can leave it set up all summer. For more portable options, check out the Lotus Belle Air Beam Bud.