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Luke Dormehl

I'm a UK-based tech writer covering Cool Tech at Digital Trends. I've also written for Fast Company, Wired, the Guardian, Politico and others. I'm the author of Thinking Machines and The Formula: How Algorithms Solve All Our Problems... And Create More.

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Chinese space-mining company plans to launch first test spacecraft this year

What do you do when you run out of assets to strip on Earth? Simple: You go into space and start mining there as well.
Movies & TV

The future of moviemaking? Inside Intel’s insane volumetric film studio

Remember the "bullet time" scene from the Matrix? Intel's cutting-edge movie studio allows filmmakers to capture that kind of shot, but from every angle.

New self-driving car algorithm keeps you safe by constantly predicting doom

New autonomous vehicle algorithm constantly predicts every scenario it could face. And then figures out how to get out of them without hurting anyone.

Scotch, lasers, and the multimillion dollar battle against counterfeit booze

Counterfeit whisky is a bigger problem than you might think. Fortunately, laser spectroscopy is coming to the rescue. Here's how.

A.I. could play a vital role in the birth of tomorrow’s IVF children

A new A.I. tool could help embryologists select the optimal embryo for IVF treatment. In doing so, it could help increase the chance of fertility success.

This fungus-based coffin doesn’t preserve your corpse. It decomposes it

Netherlands-based Loop has the most original startup concept of 2020: Decomposable coffins made out of fungi. Here's why that matters.