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I'm a UK-based tech writer covering Cool Tech at Digital Trends. I've also written for Fast Company, Wired, the Guardian, Politico and others. I'm the author of Thinking Machines and The Formula: How Algorithms Solve All Our Problems... And Create More.

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This nail gun drone is either the future of construction or the future of war

Is a drone equipped with a firing nailgun an awesome idea or the reason humanity can’t have nice things? Whatever the answer, researchers at the University of Michigan decided to build one.
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Baldness-banishing baseball cap will zap your head until your hair grows again

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a baldness-banishing baseball cap that zaps the wearer with mild electric pulses, prompting hair to grow again.
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This A.I.-powered app can spot skin cancer with 95 percent accuracy

SkinVision's skin cancer-detecting app lets users snap a quick photo of a potentially troubling spot and then uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to determine its risk factor.
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Keep anonymous online with deepfake tech that generates a whole new face for you

Researchers from Norway have developed DeepPrivacy, a tool that uses deepfake tech to create a whole new face for users. It could be used to maintain anonymity online.
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Disabling a single protein could make humans immune to the common cold

Researchers at Stanford University and the University of California, San Francisco, have developed an experimental approach that could lead to a universal vaccine for the common cold.
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New algae-based bioreactor can swallow carbon dioxide 400x faster than trees

Carbon dioxide is a major contributor to climate change. A.I. startup Hypergiant Industries has developed an algae bioreactor which promises to be amazingly capable at sucking CO2 out of the air.