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Luke Dormehl

Luke Dormehl


I'm a UK-based tech writer covering Cool Tech at Digital Trends. I've also written for Fast Company, Wired, the Guardian, Politico and others. I'm the author of Thinking Machines and The Formula: How Algorithms Solve All Our Problems... And Create More.

7 Spectacular sci-fi movies that will prepare you for the rise of the metaverse

If you want a fun way to visualize the tech, virtual worlds, or ethical conundrums that the metaverse might bring about, check out these seven movies
baseball hitter swings and misses

Meet the game-changing pitching robot that can perfectly mimic any human throw

Trajekt's high-tech pitching machine can mimic the exact speed, spin, and trajectory of any human pitch. It's a literal game-changer for professional baseball
a row of arcade cabinets

30 years after its debut, it’s still a miracle that Mortal Kombat ever existed

Mortal Kombat is one of the biggest and most commercially successful fighting game franchises of all time -- but it was almost a dud in 1992
image depicting AI, with neurons branching out from humanoid head

Why AI will never rule the world

Despite fears that AI will one day take over the world, some experts contend that our existing AI systems are incapable of surpassing human intelligence
pitched startup to robot vc waterdrone

I pitched my ridiculous startup idea to a robot VC

To test the AI behind PitchExpert, I pitched an idea for a totally ridiculous water delivery startup -- and the feedback I got was jaw-droppingly good
the wikipedia logo on a pink background

Meta wants to supercharge Wikipedia with an AI upgrade

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, has proposed a surprisingly simple way to make Wikipedia articles more transparent and trustworthy
Arcade1Up's new NFL Blitz arcade cabinet

Arcade1Up is resurrecting NFL Blitz and giving it online multiplayer

Arcade1Up is resurrecting NFL Blitz -- arguably one of the best football games of the 1990s -- with a new home arcade cabinet that boasts online multiplayer
big tech logos around capitol hill

The world needs a better way to regulate Big Tech’s unchecked power

As more of our actions and interactions are mediated through technology, those who write the rules of tech are increasingly writing the rules of society
an artists depiction of an asteroid heading toward earth

Her hyper-realistic computer models protect Earth from killer asteroids

Sabina Raducan's computer models are the first step toward building a full-fledged planetary defense system that protects Earth from killer asteroid impacts.
Artificial intelligence digital eye closeup.

Optical illusions could help us build the next generation of AI

Computer vision algorithms can't see optical illusions as we humans can -- and scientists are using that quirk to their advantage
Man using an iPhone 13 Pro.

15 ways smartphones transformed life as you know it

Apple's first iPhone was released 15 years ago today. All that time later, here's how smartphones have changed our lives forever.
An android touches a face on the wall in Ex Machina.

How will we know when an AI actually becomes sentient?

Many scientists and technologists believe AI will eventually become sentient. But how will we know when that happens? Currently, there's no good way to tell.
Sonic gets ready to battle in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Satire, subversion, and Sonic the Hedgehog: What a hit YouTube series reveals about web culture

By repurposing in-game Sonic cutscenes and overdubbing amusing new lines, this YouTuber has found a winning formula for satirizing online culture.
Video player with vhs cassette, neon light.

Be kind, rewind: How VHS shaped the way we watch movies

VHS may be obsolete now that we have BluRays and 4K video streaming, but those boxy old tapes of yesteryear had a huge impact on the way we consume media
A person using Walletmor chip arm implant to make a payment.

Implantable payment chips: The future, or cyberpunk pipe dream?

Implantable payment chips are here -- enabling users to pay for things with a wave of their hand. Is this the wave of the future, or merely a flash in the pan?
Primeval Foods' lion burgers.

Tiger steaks and lion burgers: Lab-grown exotic animal meat is on the way

Most cellular meat startups focus on growing familiar foods (like beef and chicken) in a lab, but Primeval Foods has its sights set on something more exotic.
A woman's hand is held by a robot's hand.

Finishing touch: How scientists are giving robots humanlike tactile senses

Giving robots sight and hearing is fairly straightforward these days, but equipping them with a robust sense of touch is far more difficult.
brain with computer text scrolling artificial intelligence

Analog A.I.? It sounds crazy, but it might be the future

Digital transistors have been the backbone of computing for much of the modern era, but Mythic A.I. makes a compelling case that analog chips may be the future.
A Wing delivery drone in flight.

Wing is live in Dallas, poised for drone delivery domination

After successful pilot programs in Australia and Finland, Wing's drone delivery service is now live in Texas -- and preparing for further expansion.
autoflight prosperity i

It’s part drone, part plane, and headed to the skies in 2025

The Prosperity 1 is a remotely operated, fully electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft that could start ferrying passengers through the sky in 2025
a painting of Ada Lovelace.

How Ada Lovelace became a feminist icon and a computer pioneer

Ada Lovelace is often described as the world’s first computer programmer -- an achievement she earned nearly a century before the creation of the first computer
astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have measured the amount of ozone in Earth’s atmosphere

Why the moon needs a space traffic control system

As interest in lunar exploration ramps up across the globe, scientists think we need a space traffic control system to avoid collisions and complications.
A student has a EEG Cap placed on his head.

Inside the U.K. lab that connects brains to quantum computers

Scientists at the University of Plymouth are in the early stages of developing tech that would allow humans to control quantum computers with their thoughts.
Hawk-Eye goal line camera

How Hawk-Eye cameras are making football fairer and faster than ever

With a phalanx of specialized cameras, Hawk-Eye Innovations can provide better replay footage, more accurate calls, and fewer game stoppages.
The Protect3d 3D scanning process.

Fighting football injuries with 3D-printed, hyper-personalized pads

Protec3d is on a mission to replace generic, one-size-fits-all football pads with 3D printed, hyper-personalized ones that offer more protection for players
Ekto's motorized VR boots.

Solving VR’s ‘infinite walking’ problem with moon boots

For decades, engineers have been dreaming up creative ways to solve the infinite walking problem in virtual reality. Ekto thinks it has a new one.
2022 predictions sci fi movies retro future nasa

This is the year 2022, according to old sci-fi movies

We watched all the old sci-fi movies that are set in the year 2022. Here's all the wild, crazy, and surprisingly accurate stuff they predicted! logo with search bar

Will Google ever lose its throne as king of search? is betting on it

Dozens of companies have tried to disrupt Google's search dominance, and none have really succeeded -- but thinks it has an approach that could work.
microphone in a bar

The funny formula: Why machine-generated humor is the holy grail of A.I.

A.I. can beat us at games like chess, Jeopardy!, and even poker -- but it still can't tell a good joke. Here's why humor is such a huge challenge for machines.
xerox star Information System

The most important personal computers in history, ranked

Forty years ago this week, the iconic IBM PC made its debut. In honor of this game-changing tech anniversary, we ranked the most important PCs of all time
facebook hacked

Facebook’s ‘droidlet’ A.I. could take speech recognition to a whole new level

Today's natural language recognition systems -- like Siri and Alexa -- are still somewhat limited in what they can understand. Facebook thinks it can do better
Pink and white Nike Track and Field AIR ZOOM VAPORFLY NEXTpercent 2 shoe on gradient background.

Performance enhancing shoes? How Nike’s controversial Vaporfly line redefined running

Nike's 'performance-enhancing' Vaporfly running shoes are headed to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, but some running enthusiasts don't think they should be allowed
Crack team of Intel engineers setting up 3DAT equipment at Olympic Trials.

Intel’s incredible athlete-tracking A.I. is the ‘holy grail’ of training tech

3DAT, Intel's athlete-tracking A.I., was built to boost the viewer experience at the Olympics, and it has huge potential as a training tool for elite athletes.
An athlete aims his bow during the men's individual archery ranking round held in Yumenoshima Park as part of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

The incredible engineering inside an Olympic archer’s bow

The bows used in modern archery competitions have more in common with Formula 1 race cars than they do with the simple wooden bows of centuries past.