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xerox Alto computer mouse

The first commercial computer mouse shipped 40 years ago today

Despite the fact that it's been around for 40 years now, the humble computer mouse is still as popular now as it's ever been.
Hyundai Wearable Exoskeleton, assistive tech

This tech was science fiction 20 years ago. Now it’s reality

Twenty years is an eternity when you're talking about the pace of technological progress. All of these things were considered far-fetched 20 years ago
man speaking into phone

Emotion-sensing A.I. is here, and it could be in your next job interview

With the help of A.I. voice analysis, it's now possible to discern the emotions that a person feels while they speak. The implications of that are huge.
Leonidas prototype by Epirus

Insane new anti-drone system zaps UAVs out of the sky with targeted microwaves

Whereas most anti-drone systems in use today rely on radio frequency interference, this new system uses beamformed microwaves to overwhelm approaching UAVs.
ferrofluid speaker visualizer

Awesome ferrofluid-filled speaker visualizes your music with alien-like goop

What happens when you put magnetic liquid inside a speaker and start playing music? An artist in Korea built his own rig to find out.
3d printed ivory elephant

3D-printed ivory is here, and it could be a game-changer for wildlife conservation

This new 3D-printed ivory looks, feels, and behaves almost exactly like the real thing -- and conservationists think that could help curb elephant poaching
New York World's Fair — Unisphere & Flag Display

World’s Fair 2.0: The mission to resurrect the greatest tech expo of all time

The World's Fair was a technology expo that sparked the world's imagination in a way that no other has. It's time to resurrect it
mit spiderweb music vr lasers spider on web

Mind-bending MIT project uses lasers to generate music from spiderwebs

In perhaps one of the most far-out uses of technology to date, an MIT engineer used lasers to make music based on the vibrational patterns of spiderwebs.
RoboFab in action

Evolving, self-replicating robots are here — but don’t worry about an uprising

Self-replicating robots are a staple of apocalyptic science fiction movies, but now the idea has made the jump from fiction to reality.
non fungible tokens concept, NFT neon sign-picture on circuit board, crypto art

Robots, rappers, and rasslers: The most bizarre NFT projects yet

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have exploded in popularity in the past couple months, which has given rise to a bunch of really, really strange new ideas.
xenobot swarm after 24hrs

Meet the Xenobots: Living, biological machines that could revolutionize robotics

Scientists at Tufts University have created a strange new hybrid biological/mechanical organism that's made of living cells, but operates like a robot
Profile of head on computer chip artificial intelligence.

Language supermodel: How GPT-3 is quietly ushering in the A.I. revolution

GPT-3 is best known as a text-generating system, but now that it's out in the wild, it's being used for far more than just written words.
DAEDALUS Robot on the moon render

This spherical, BB-8 style robot is built to explore lava caves on the moon

Scientists want to explore a cave on the moon to determine if we could build a habitat inside it. How? With a Star Wars-style robot, of course!
ScoutDI Elios 2 in Action

The inspection drones are coming. Do not be alarmed

More and more, drones are being employed to survey and inspect areas that are either too difficult or too dangerous for humans to explore themselves.
LED Pulse volumetric display

This room-sized ‘hologram’ display generates enormous 3D images

Most 'holograms' that you see online aren't holograms at all -- they're visual tricks that only appear to be 3D. This one, however, is the real deal.
exoskeletons military

Exoskeletons with autopilot: A peek at the near future of wearable robotics

You don't consciously think about moving each leg when you walk, so why should you have to do so while piloting a robotic exoskeleton?
intel sensor backpack for blind visually impaired people jagadish mahendran

Like a wearable guide dog, this backback helps Blind people navigate

We have computers in our pockets and rovers on Mars, yet we still don't have a good alternative to guide dogs and walking sticks. Until now, that is
HACKtheMACHINE event 2020

The Navy wants you to hack into its systems. But of course, there’s a catch

Hacking into the U.S. Navy's computer systems is a surefire way to get yourself in trouble -- unless you do it during this upcoming hackathon.
NTF: Non-fungible token Illustration

NFTs and the explosive rebirth of artificial scarcity

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are booming right now. Why? Because unlike most digital items, they're artificially limited. Here's why that changes everything.
Roboze: ARGO 500

New 3D printed satellites are impervious to heat, cold, and cosmic radiation

Industrial 3D-printing company Roboze is helping to create a CubeSat that’s rugged enough to survive the challenging conditions in space.
Kagenova VR Headset

VR-induced ‘cybersickness’ could soon be eradicated with a clever new algorithm

Cybersickness, the unique affliction that users sometimes experience in virtual reality, might soon be eradicated once and for all, thanks to come clever tech.
Novak Djokovic 2021 Australian Open: Day 14

Like Braille for your ears, Action Audio wordlessly translates sports into sound

Instead of describing the action with words, like a radio announcer might, Action Audio translates visual scenes into a series of information-dense sounds.
Profile of head on computer chip artificial intelligence.

Freaky new A.I. scans your brain, then generates faces you’ll find attractive

In an amazing and also somewhat unsettling new A.I. project, researchers were able to read brain waves to generate faces that people find especially attractive
Image Recognition Turtle Recognized as a Rifle

Image-recognition A.I. has a big weakness. This could be the solution

Image-recognition A.I. can be duped fairly easily with adversarial images designed specifically to confuse them, but that might not be the case for much longer.
Digit by Agility Robotics

Meet Digit: The ostrich-legged robot that might one day deliver you packages

Digit, the latest and most advanced bipedal robot from Agility Robotics, has made some huge strides (both literally and figuratively) in the past few years
NTF: Non-fungible token Illustration

A brief history of NFTs

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are having a moment right now. Curious about what they are and where they came from? Check out this timeline.
SARDO drone

Phone-seeking search-and-rescue drone is like Find My iPhone with wings

With the help of some clever smartphone-sniffing technology, this innovative new search-and-rescue drone could help first responders save lives.
games ai benchmark chess jeopardy go ibm watson

Chess. Jeopardy. Go. Why do we use games as a benchmark for A.I.?

For nearly as long as A.I. has existed, researchers have used games as a benchmark for intelligence. But why use games to test these systems?
brain network on veins illustration

Facebook’s new image-recognition A.I. is trained on 1 billion Instagram photos

Facebook has developed a powerful new image-recognition A.I. that's trained on over a billion public Instagram images. It could be a game changer
project gucciberg

In the hilarious Project Gucciberg, a deepfaked Gucci Mane reads classic novels

Thanks to the magic of artificial intelligence and deepfakes, you can now listen to rapper Gucci Mane reading a variety of classic novels out loud.
colorize bot twitter colorized bw photo 1

Summon this amazing Twitter bot to colorize your black-and-white photos

Colorizing black-and-white photos used to require hours of skilled work from a trained human, but this A.I. powered Twitter bot can make it happen in seconds.
Podz Podcast App

The web is full of information trapped in unsearchable audio. Podz has a fix

Between podcasts, radio shows, and video, there are millions of hours of information locked away in audio on the web. This startup has a plan to free it.
wrinkled graphene moores law blue circuit board

Moore’s law is reaching its limits. Could graphene circuits help?

The number of transistors that chipmakers can pack into an integrated circuit is reaching the upper limit of what's possible. Wrinkled graphene could fix that.
pigs playing video games

Pigs are smarter than we thought. Scientists taught them to play video games

In a pioneering experiment, scientists taught pigs how to play a video game. What they discovered challenges established theories on animal intelligence.