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Nordic Harvest

This robot-tended vertical farm will grow 1,000 metric tons of greens per year

The world of farming is changing. Want proof? Check out this amazing robot-filled vertical farm in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Easy Aerial drone

Autonomous drones are helping to keep a U.S. Air Force base in California secure

Travis Air Force Base in California is testing out autonomous drones to help keep the goings-on at the installation away from prying eyes.
voc 25 screaming sets of teeth voc25 image

Hilariously horrifying synth screams at you with 25 sets of disembodied teeth

Some things are so weirdly beautiful they don't have to make sense. This crazy contraption is one of them.
IBM quantum computing

IBM is building the biggest quantum computer — and a giant fridge to put it in

IBM has plans to build the world's biggest quantum computer, but in order to do that, it first has to build an enormous, subzero freezer to put it in.
google launches project loon in sri lanka balloon

This is how Google’s internet-serving Loon balloons can float for nearly a year

Alphabet's Loon balloons recently set a record for most consecutive days spent aloft in the stratosphere. How'd they do it? A software upgrade.
spider-web-1a via photohome

Scientists who sent spiders to the ISS have discovered something truly strange

Who doesn't love science? Especially when it means rocketing spiders into space to see how they spin webs in microgravity.
T Rex

Scientists asked A.I. to analyze the fossil record. This is what it found

Using machine learning to analyze fossil records can shed light on major extinction events and how they changed history.
Monarch Tractor

Electric, self-driving tractor may just be the future of farming as we know it

This autonomous, all-electric tractor promises to be a game-changer for farms. Here's what makes it so special.
China quantum computer

A photonic quantum computer in China shows its ‘supremacy’ over supercomputers

It's a task that would supposedly take classical computers 2.5 billion years to calculate. It took this system 200 seconds.
Sensible 4 winter driving

To reach level 4 autonomy, these self-driving cars head to winter boot camp

Humans love the sight of freshly fallen snow. Self-driving cars? Not so much. This Finnish startup is trying to change all that.
MIT robot basketball hoop

MIT’s clever robotic basketball hoop will help you level up your game

MIT researchers have built a basketball hoop that shrinks and raises when you make shots, shape-shifting to help improve the various facets of your game.

Smellicopter is an autonomous, scent-chasing drone made with real moth antennas

Smellicopter is an obstacle-dodging, autonomous cyborg drone that uses a real live moth antenna to track down smells.
ghost robotics military bots ghostrobotics2

Meet Ghost Robotics, the Boston Dynamics of combat bots

Ghost’s quadruped bots are the scary older brother of every other dog robot you’ve ever seen. And with good reason. They’re shipping off to join the military.
best robots of 2020 robot razor cropped

Robots progressed by leaps and bounds in 2020. These were the highlights

The past 12 months have given us no shortage of big breakthroughs and amazing applications of robotics technology. Here's a quick recap of our favorites
pass ocean mapping stanford airbornesonarconcept

This clever new technique could help us map the ocean floor — from the sky

The overwhelming majority of Earth’s oceans are an unexplored mystery. But thanks to a groundbreaking innovation from Stanford University, that may soon change
voiceitt speech recognition app 15 hi res nat receiving sports update via alexa

Using Alexa is tricky if you have a speech disability. Voiceitt could fix that

Voiceitt, experts in speech recognition tools for people with atypical speech, has developed an app for Amazon Alexa.
robot hands getting better holding pen

World’s most advanced robotic hand is approaching human-level dexterity

Remember when the idea of a robotic hand was a clunky mitt that could do little more than crush things in its iron grip? No more!
Profile of head on computer chip artificial intelligence.

A.I. hit some major milestones in 2020. Here’s a recap

Here's a rundown of the six biggest developments, shifts, and emerging themes that popped up in the world of artificial intelligence in the year 2020.
snake antivenom 10451371  venomous green boomslang with mouth open and coiled to strike

No snakes required! Synthetic antivenom could be a lifesaver

A Danish startup called Serpentides is making a new type of antivenom that’s easier to produce, significantly lower in cost, and could be used by anyone.
Looking Glass Portal

Looking Glass Portrait is the world’s first personal holographic display

Want a holographic display on your desk? Of course, you do. That's exactly what the makers of Looking Glass Portrait are promising.

The ESA wants to clean up space junk with a giant, rocket-powered claw

Remember those arcade grabbing machines, forever immortalized in Toy Story as the godlike entity known as “The Claw”? This is the same -- but way bigger.
galea mind computer interface headset

This incredible brain-reading headset aims to make mice and keyboards obsolete

Brain wave-reading EEG headbands have been around for years at this point, but OpenBCI's Galea takes things to a completely new level.
ai bee brain opteran

How A.I. bumblebee brains could usher in a new era for navigation

U.K startup Opteran Technologies has a bold plan to revolutionize navigation. Instead of relying on GPS, it wants to give autonomous cars A.I. bumblebee brains
eminem walk on water song revival news stage flickr

Eminem appears to diss Mark Zuckerberg in hilarious, A.I.-generated deepfake

Eminem takes aim at Facebook's CEO and co-founder in an unusual new diss track. At least, that's how it appears on the surface.
3D scanned skull

3D scanning sheds light on newly discovered 2-million-year-old fossilized skull

This week, researchers announced the discovery of an incredibly rare, two-million-year-old skull in South Africa. Here's how 3D scanning tech helped.
3D printing metal technique

Wild new 3D printer makes parts by sending titanium particles supersonic

Regular layer-by-layer 3D printing is old news compared to a new technique developed by an international team of engineers. Here's how it works.
BladeBug robot

Insect-inspired repair robot clings to giant turbine blades with suction legs

This opens the door to autonomous inspection and repair of wind turbines, BladeBUG founder Chris Cieslak told Digital Trends.
planetary resources asteroid mining

Clever new asteroid-mining method uses mineral-munching microbes, not machinery

Microbes in space could help us to gather valuable elements from asteroids. Here's how far scientists have gotten in making it a reality.
portl epic hologram machine david telepresence5 1920 1080

Like a futuristic phone booth, PORTL lets you communicate via full-body hologram

Holograms have been around for decades now, but more as a novelty than a crucial technology that everyone uses. PORTL thinks it can change that.
Robot arm gripper

To build a lifelike robotic hand, we first have to build a better robotic brain

A more brainlike artificial neural network is helping make robot hands smarter than ever. Check this one out in action.
teacher leading a remote classroom

These teachers aren’t just enduring the remote education era — they’re thriving

After adjusting to the new normal of pandemic-are education, many teachers have discovered not only how to survive, but how to thrive in a virtual classroom
robotic agility progress cassie the robot

Leaps, bounds, and beyond: Robot agility is progressing at a feverish pace

Robots are often depicted as clunky, ungainly creations that walk with slow, halting steps. But in recent years, robots have gone from clumsy to acrobatic.
5 best firefighting robot projects

These blaze-battling bots are the future of firefighting

Firefighting is one of the rare jobs that we're happy to hand over to machines. Here's a look at the most advanced firefighting bots in the biz.
Pile of old phones.

Tired of robocalls? Unlimited burner phone service keeps your digits private

This is the latest consumer-assisting technology developed by robot lawyer company, DoNotPay. Here's how it works.