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Waste paper

Machine turns scrap paper into squeaky-clean new sheets ready for printing

The paperless office has been promised for years without fully materializing. In terms of sustainability, Epson's new machine is the next best thing.
synthetic voice gaming headset speech therapy

Amazing new headset translates thoughts into speech for vocally impaired wearers

For vocally impaired people, a huge source of frustration is the inability to easily communicate thoughts to friends and family. This tech could change that.
brain network on veins illustration

What’s the carbon footprint of A.I.? This clever tool breaks it down

Deep learning A.I. powers all sorts of technologies. It may be helping to power climate change as well.
Disney gaze robot 1

Disney Research’s robotic eyeballs have a freakishly humanlike stare

Disney Research has built a robot with uncanny valley-like gaze interaction that’s so realistic you'll be convinced you’re looking at a real person.
Coral vault

Conservationists plan to build a giant doomsday vault for threatened coral reefs

How do you back up the world’s endangered coral supplies? Simple: With a giant, ultrasecure above-ground bunker in Australia.
Profile of head on computer chip artificial intelligence.

This basic human skill is the next major milestone for A.I.

CausalWorld is a virtual world that lets robots learn about cause and effect. Here's why that has big implications for the future of A.I.
robot dolphin animatronic aquarium

How a hyperrealistic robo-dolphin is paving the way for animatronic aquariums

Ex-Hollywood practical effects artist Roger Holzberg is on a mission to revolutionize aquariums. How? By replacing the animals with hyperrealistic robots
facebook ar glasses deaf hearing ar3

Facebook is developing AR glasses to help deaf people hear better

The research lead for Facebook’s Hearing Science lab tells Digital Trends about the exciting possibilities of AR glasses.
Ocean Cleanup sunglasses

For $200, this nonprofit will harvest ocean microplastic and put it on your face

The world’s oceans have a big problem when it comes to waste plastic. These pricey sunglasses could help. Here's how.
3D printed steak

Feeding astronauts is hard, so this startup wants to grow steaks in space

Meat is a rarity in space. It's difficult to transport, and raising livestock in orbit is out of the question. But what if we could grow meat without animals?
HYBRiX 2.1

Record-smashing hybrid drone stays airborne for a crazy 10 hours, 14 minutes

The average consumer drone today has a flight time of between 10 and 20 minutes. This record-breaking drone has one that's, well, considerably longer.

Don’t drop your diet yet, but scientists have discovered how CRISPR can burn fat

This CRISPR gene-editing technique has been successfully demonstrated on mice so far. Could humans be next?
evolution of fitness tech jaxjox

Pick up the pace: How the pandemic supercharged the evolution of exercise tech

Home workout equipment is in the midst of a technological revolution, and now that the pandemic has forced gyms to close, it is accelerating rapidly.

SpaceX shares how much a Starlink satellite internet subscription will cost

SpaceX is expanding the beta test for its ambitious Starlink satellite internet constellation, according to an email sent to those who expressed interest.
White Castle robot

White Castle invests in burger-flipping robots to make fast food even faster

White Castle is upping its investment in Flippy robotic chefs for its kitchens, expanding from just one location to 10.
Pothole robot

The plan to rid the world of potholes with a fleet of asphalt-spewing robots

Between this, robot delivery drivers and autonomous cars, the streets of the near-future are going to look very, very different.
heat bouncing paint climate change cool paint2

The latest weapon in the fight against climate change? This heat-bouncing paint

Forget air conditioning. This white paint can cool buildings -- and most anything else -- below ambient temperature just by being applied to its surface.
weather channel mixed reality forecasts

Weather Channel’s mixed-reality forecasts take TV meteorology to a new level

TV weather forecasts have looked the same for years. Using some impressive mixed-reality technology, The Weather Channel is changing all that.
aida robot artist ai da in a seat  photographer victor frankowski

The robot ‘artist’ that’s challenging humanity’s concept of creativity

Can a machine be creative? Many would argue no — it's the programmer who is being creative. But with Aida, making that distinction isn't so easy
History of AI neural networks

This groundbreaking new style of A.I. learns things in a totally different way

Machine learning needs to be shown large numbers of examples before it can successfully recognize objects. That could be about to change.
apple ipad pro 2020 review clock photo

247 zeptoseconds: Scientists set a new record for the fastest event measured

Even the most dedicated of timekeepers would struggle to record the event recently measured by researchers from Germany’s Goethe University Frankfurt.
impossible pork taste test ces 2020  1

Got plant? The makers of the Impossible Burger are working on plant-based milk

Impossible Foods announced Tuesday that it is moving beyond plant-based meat and into another animal product in the form of plant-based milk.
Firebombing drone.

This startup battles blazes with a fleet of firebombing drones

As the land burns, Dragon Eggs rain down from the sky, exploding into flames as they hit. A scene from Game of Thrones? No! A solution to a very real problem.
solicitors gpt3 future of filmmaking cai 03

A.I. creativity is improving fast. This hilarious GPT3-generated film is proof

People have been training A.I. to write movie scripts for years, but this one is different. It showcases just how far A.I. creativity has come.
envisics ar windshield technology dashboard navigation 01

Forget AR glasses. Augmented reality is headed to your windshield

From the ashes of big AR startups like Magic Leap and Daqri, Envisics hopes to deliver the world's first truly useful augmented reality system -- in your car.
open source leg project opensourceleg2

Open-Source Leg: The quest to create a bionic limb that anyone can build

Bionic prosthetics often cost upward of $100,000. But through the power of collaboration, engineers think they can build one for a tenth of that price.
This artist’s concept shows NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft descending towards asteroid Bennu to collect a sample of the asteroid’s surface.

NASA will snatch an asteroid sample with a flying robotic arm next week

If it's successful, the sample will be transported back to Earth by 2023, where it could shed light on the origins of life as we know it.

Smoothie-making bot at Walmart signals the rise of the robot fast-food worker

You know that food preparation robots are going mainstream when they pop up in Walmart. Blendid's new smoothie-making robot kiosk in Fremont is only the latest.
sarcos office of naval research detail 2

The Navy wants a fleet of half-humanoid, half-wheeled robots. Here’s why

Sarcos Robotics has been developing cutting edge robot exosuits for decades. Now the Office of Naval Research wants to jump on board.
poimo customized each rider motorcycle ride forum2

This inflatable e-bike is easily the most ridiculous product of 2020

This inflatable scooter concept developed by researchers in Japan could be tweaked by users to fit their own design requirements.
pixelor pictionary ai

This bot will destroy you at Pictionary. It’s also a huge milestone for A.I.

Pixelor isn't just a Pictionary-playing A.I. — it's a groundbreaking new tool that's helping us teach machines to understand human intentions.

Facebook just saved the historic site where Alan Turing cracked the Enigma code

Facebook has made a donation to Bletchley Park, the English location that doubled as a center for Allied code-breaking during World War II.
VR look inside cells.

VR lets scientists shrink down and ‘walk around’ inside their own cells

Remember the movie Fantastic Voyage where a submarine shrinks down to microscopic size to explore the human body? It's like that, but in virtual reality.
carrier moths dropping smart sensors moth sensor backpack

Scientists want to blanket the Earth in sensors. Their secret weapon? Moths

Manually installing sensors in every nook and cranny of Earth's surface would take eons. But what if we enlisted the help of our insect friends?