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Simplified diagram of space solar power concept..

Asimov’s vision of harvesting solar power from space could become a reality

Isaac Asimov's idea of harvesting solar power from space may not be a thing of fiction much longer as space agencies explore the concept.
An artist's rendition of the NEOWISE spacecraft shows it in orbit above the earth.

One last orbit: how and why NASA kills its own spacecraft

CSIRO's ASKAP antennas at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory in Western Australia, 2010.

What it takes to build a next-generation observatory

Astronaut Loral O’Hara sets up an exercise cycle.

In a gym 250 miles above Earth, astronauts sweat for science

An artist's rendition of NASA's SPHEREx space mission.

Scientists disagree on how fast the universe is expanding, and new tech is making it worse

An illustration shows a rocket tossed in the air from the surface of Mars and igniting.

NASA’s wild plan to launch a rocket from Mars is ‘like something from an amusement park’

Two NASA personnel carry a container holding the sample gathered from the Bennu asteroid.

Measure twice, laser once. Meet the scientists prodding NASA’s first asteroid sample

Dust blankets the solar panels of the Mars Insight lander, shortly before its demise.

How one NASA lander decoded secrets lying beneath the surface of Mars

An illustration shows a spacecraft from NASA's DART mission approaching the asteroid it was intended to redirect.

Is that asteroid a problem? Meet the planetary defense squad that decides

A team of legged rovers explores a rugged surface.

This team of legged robots could be the future of Mars exploration

An illustration shows how NASA's Habitable Worlds Observatory would measure the atmosphere of distant planets.

What comes after Webb? NASA’s next-generation planet-hunting telescope

The ESA' Euclid telescope has a mission to map the dark matter in the universe.

We can’t see dark matter, but there is an ingenious way to map it

A man in a small room with a Circadian Light glowing red.

Could the key to living in space be … a good lighting system?

Lighting is typically more of an afterthought when it comes to space habitats, but as it turns out, it may just be the most important part
The planet Venus.

Here’s why scientists think life may have thrived on the ‘hell planet’ Venus

Venus is one of the most brutally inhospitable places in our solar system, but many scientists think life could have thrived there at one point. Here's why.
Rendering of a heat shield deploying over Venus.

Inside the crazy plan to scoop up and bring home a bit of the Venus atmosphere

Most missions collect samples and analyze them in situ with relatively basic instruments. This mission takes a totally different approach.
The cast of SpaceCamp pose for a photo.

SpaceCamp, the amazing 1986 film, is stuck in a streaming black hole

Released months after the space shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986, SpaceCamp disappeared from pop culture despite a standout cast and legendary composer.
Rendering of a a spacecraft slowing down in the Venus atmosphere.

The art and science of aerobraking: The key to exploring Venus

Slowing a spacecraft down takes tons of fuel, so scientists are eager to try something different on Venus: slowing down with the help of the planet's atmosphere
a woman peering into a telescope

NASA’s latest method for hunting exoplanets? Enlisting amateurs

NASA has a new program that gathers data from millions of amateur astronomers, and it could be a game-changer for astronomy.
Rubin Observatory network technician Guido Maulen installs fiber optic cables on the Top End Assembly of the telescope mount.

Inside the Vera C. Rubin Observatory, home of the world’s largest digital camera

The Vera C. Rubin Observatory houses the world's largest digital camera. Here's how it'll help astronomers explore the cosmos
Sally Ride NASA

How NASA’s astronaut class of 1978 changed the face of space exploration

NASA's 1978 astronaut class was a turning point for the agency, and it set the stage for the more diverse and inclusive space program we have today
AstroRad Vest

How will NASA keep Mars astronauts safe from cosmic radiation? Here’s the plan

Space is full of dangerous cosmic radiation, and in order to send astronauts to Mars, we'll need to protect them from it. Here's how.
black and white images combined to make a color image

How the James Webb Space Telescope creates images of ‘invisible’ interstellar objects

NASA doesn't just point a telescope at space and snap a photo. JWST's data needs to be translated from infrared to visible light — then it becomes an image.
This artist's concept depicts Kepler-186f, the first validated Earth-size planet to orbit a distant star in the habitable zone.

What exactly makes an exoplanet ‘habitable’?

Astronomers have been on the hunt for habitable planets outside of our own solar system for decades -- but what exactly counts as habitable?
This landscape of “mountains” and “valleys” speckled with glittering stars is actually the edge of a nearby, young, star-forming region called NGC 3324 in the Carina Nebula. Captured in infrared light by NASA’s new James Webb Space Telescope, this image reveals for the first time previously invisible areas of star birth.

Here’s what the James Webb Space Telescope will set its sights on next

Now that the James Webb Space Telescope has sent back its first images of deep space, you might be wondering what's coming next. Here's the scoop!
An artists concept of DAVINCI+ on its way to Venus's surface.

How NASA’s DAVINCI probe will withstand the hellish conditions of Venus

Venus's acidic, high-pressure atmosphere is one of the most inhospitable places in our solar system -- and NASA is building a probe that can withstand it
An artist's rendering of the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite.

This is how NASA measures rising sea levels from space

NASA has been monitoring Earth's sea levels from orbit for over 30 years. Here's why measuring from space is actually easier than doing it terrestrially.
The Bahamas seen from space.

24 amazing images of our planet for Earth Day

Let's celebrate Earth Day with 24 stunning images of our very special planet, all shot from space.
astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have measured the amount of ozone in Earth’s atmosphere

Why the moon needs a space traffic control system

As interest in lunar exploration ramps up across the globe, scientists think we need a space traffic control system to avoid collisions and complications.
james webb space telescope exoplanet search

The James Webb Space Telescope is about to supercharge our hunt for exoplanets

The James Webb Space Telescope is set to launch in the coming months, and when it does, it will completely revolutionize how we hunt for habitable planets.
a Hatch chile pepper on the ISS

Spice in space: Inside NASA’s groundbreaking zero-gravity chile pepper project

Astronauts on the ISS are now growing and eating chile peppers in space, so we caught up with NASA to get some pointers on gardening in microgravity.
a stylized version of the nasa logo

Meet the bold and brilliant Latinos of NASA

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we rounded up this list of the most bold and brilliant Latinos at NASA, both past and present
Venus - 3D Perspective View of Maat Mons.

Mars? Old news. The next 10 years will be the decade of Venus

In recent decades, space agencies have mostly been focused on visiting Mars -- but now their sights are shifting to Earth's other planetary neighbor: Venus
Relativity Space CEO, Tim Ellis, standing next to an enormous 3D printing arm that has produced a rocket component.

Meet the startup aiming to outshine SpaceX with reusable, 3D printable rockets

SpaceX has made some huge strides when it comes to launching an recovering reusable rockets, but Relativity Space wants to take the idea a step further

We’re going to the red planet! All of the past, present, and future missions to Mars

SpaceX isn't the only organization pining to visit the Red Planet. Here's a detailed list of all operational and planned missions to Mars and their objectives.

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