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30 stunning spacewalk images to celebrate nasas 300th outing  28

30 stunning spacewalk images to celebrate NASA’s 300th outing

On July 21, 2020, NASA will conduct its 300th spacewalk since 1965. To mark the occasion, we've gathered together 30 amazing images from some of those outings.
weaponized satellites and the cold war in space standoff

DARPA is building a robotic space mechanic to fix satellites in orbit

DARPA, the agency responsible for developing technologies for the U.S. military, is building a new high-tech spacecraft that will repair satellites in orbit.
space force cold war chris bogdan satellite earth composite getty 2

Space Force needs to prepare for a new Cold War in Earth’s orbit

Are America's space assets at risk from enemy hunter-killer satellites? Retired Air Force general Chris Bogdan believes they are. But he's got a solution.
rocketlab 3d printed rockets rocketlab2

Launching little: Inside Rocket Lab’s ingenious plan to democratize space

When you think of rocket launches, you probably think of huge companies like Boeing or SpaceX manufacturing massive rockets like the Starship. But one company is taking the opposite approach to launches, making rockets which are smaller, lighter, and more affordable.
Space Debris

Low-Earth orbit is overcrowded. This Silicon Valley startup has a solution

Silicon Valley space-tracking startup LeoLabs is using radar to track what's happening in Low Earth Orbit. Here's what technology LeoLabs has developed to help.
A rendering of Mars 2020 rover, to be launched on its journey to Mars next year.

Meet the robotic pioneers that will help humanity colonize Mars

The race to populate Mars is on. But before humans can visit the red planet, we need to send out robot scouts to see the lay of the land. The next generation of Martian robotics will use sophisticated AI, novel propulsion methods, and flexible smallsats to meet the challenges of colonizing a new world.
offworld robots

Meet OffWorld, the startup that wants to mine the moon with a swarm of robots

Will the future of space exploration involve swarms of smart robots aiding human pioneers by mining for resources, or even autonomously preparing new locations on other planets for human habitation? California-based startup OffWorld certainly thinks so. Here's what it is working on.
Space Debris

We’re slowly trapping ourselves under an umbrella of space junk

Kessler Syndrome is a scenario in which the density of objects in low Earth orbit is high enough that collisions between objects could cause a cascading effect that ultimately traps humanity beneath a ceiling of space junk. We spoke to the man who coined the term.
Face ID scanning a face.

How facial recognition is helping astronomers reveal the secrets of dark matter

Could the same A.I. technology that is used to unlock people’s smartphones also help unlock the potential secrets of the universe? It sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what researchers from ETH Zurich in Switzerland are working to achieve. Here's what they have developed.
modern tech indebted to apollo program items feat

From the moon to mass production: 10 pieces of modern tech indebted to Apollo

preserving the history of apollo 11 on earth and in space collins cm sim ksc jun 19 1969 s69 38202

Life after launch: Inside the massive effort to preserve NASA’s space artifacts

The Apollo 11 mission put a man on the moon, but NASA didn’t necessarily preserve every step of the process. Researchers are trying to rescue the history on Earth and on the moon.
why lunar landing conspiracies flourish online moon training nasa feat

Dark side of the moon: Why lunar landing conspiracies flourish online

Half a century after humans first walked on the moon, there are still people who doubt it happened. Although the internet has connected people around the world to each other and the collective knowledge of humanity, conspiracy theories are not just persisting but thriving on social media.
The Asteroid Mining Corporation

The U.K.’s biggest (and only) asteroid mining company has designs on our skies

The Asteroid Mining Corporation, the U.K.'s only company dedicated to the dream of mining resources from asteroids in space, plans to launch a prospecting satellite in 2021. Is its founder going to be among the first people to strike gold in space, or is it a doomed venture?
space farming hormone astronaut on his knees

Want to work in the stars? Here are six future space jobs you could hold

Ever dreamed of leaving Earth to find employment amongst the stars? Want to know what some of these far-flung space roles might entail? Here are six future jobs that might sound like science fiction now, but almost certainly won’t a decade or two from now.
a water powered cubesat may soon orbit to the moon feat

Cornell’s water-powered CubeSat could be the future of space exploration

At NASA’s Cube Quest Challenge, Cornell University’s Cislunar Explorers aim to send its innovative water-powered satellite in orbit around the moon.