Dyllan Furness

Dyllan Furness

Dyllan Furness is a freelance writer from Florida. He covers strange science and emerging tech for Digital Trends, focusing on the people and ideas transforming the world. His other work has appeared at outlets like Vice, Ars Technica, and Quartz. If not online, you can find him in the kitchen, on the road, or on the dance floor.

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Hacking photosynthesis: Could artificial leaves fuel the future?

Scientists want to borrow a trick from the plant kingdom to help create a greener world
Emerging Tech

Here’s an A.I. preview of what climate change will do to your neighborhood

Researchers are using machine learning to help the public visualize the impact of climate change and inform policymakers on what to do.
Emerging Tech

Robots aren’t coming to steal your job. They’re coming to improve it

There's no shortage of worry when it comes to robots and automation taking jobs from human workers -- but is that really what's going to happen? Paul Daugherty, chief technology and innovation officer at Accenture, thinks it’s unlikely…

No soil? No problem. H2Grow can cultivate crops practically anywhere

Through tailor-made hydroponic systems, H2Grow aims to solve hunger in arid regions and help vulnerable communities become more self-reliant by securing food resources.
Emerging Tech

Conjuring catastrophes: Inside the world’s largest hurricane simulator

With their state-of-the-art hurricane simulators, researchers like Brian Haus hope to gain critical insights that help improve forecasting and fortify our coastal cities before the next big one hits.
Emerging Tech

Autonomous ships are coming, and we’re not ready for them

Cars may dominate today’s discussion about the future of autonomous transportation, but some of the world’s largest maritime companies are betting big on autonomous shipping.