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MissionGO Organ transplant

Meet the startup that transports human organs via drone

Drone-based delivery has an economics problem. Most things aren't worth paying extra for dramatically faster shipping. Transplant organs are a special exception
MSCHF Spot Robot

They strapped a paintball gun onto a Spot robot. Now the internet has the reins

Boston Dynamics doesn't want people to strap guns of any kind on its robots -- but that's exactly what NYC-based idea factory MSCHF has done.
AI2-Thor multi-agent

Why teaching robots to play hide-and-seek could be the key to next-gen A.I.

Artificial intelligence can do a lot of amazing things these days, but it's still not smart enough to play a simple game of hide and seek. Not yet, that is
dragonfly inspired robot common darter 1  lin lab

Why engineers are studying dragonflies to build the next generation of drones

In an effort to give drones next-gen flight capabilities, researchers are taking a closer look at some of the amazing acrobatic abilities of dragonflies
Profile of head on computer chip artificial intelligence.

Scientists are using A.I. to create artificial human genetic code

Researchers are training generative adversarial networks so that they can progressively and automatically learn how to create artificial genetic sequences,
Matthew Highton Composite

Meet the zany internet artist who remakes ’90s TV show intros with stock footage

It might sound ridiculous, but remaking '90s TV show intros with nothing but stock footage is a near-perfect example of online remix culture.
Facebook Deepfake Challenge

Inside the rapidly escalating war between deepfakes and deepfake detectors

Deepfakes are getting better, and as they become increasingly convincing, the pressure is on for deepfake detection technologies to keep up

The BigSleep A.I. is like Google Image Search for pictures that don’t exist yet

Feed the BigSleep A.I. any text-based prompt -- no matter how abstract or strange -- and it will generate an image to fit the description.
mars stamps passport uae image00003

Hundreds of travelers now have Mars stamps in their passports. Here’s why

What better way to celebrate a successful Mars mission (so far, at least) than by giving people a Mars stamp in their passport?
Wave Swell 1

Experimental ‘blowhole’ renewable energy could be on its way to the U.S.

Wave Swell Energy's innovative solution is being demonstrated off the coast of a remote Tasmanian island.
GRIFFIN bird robot

Researchers have built a flying, bird-inspired robot, complete with talons

Researchers are building a robot bird. That's great news until a robot cat comes along.
SQ4D - 3D printed house

This house was 3D printed in 48 hours and finished in a week. Now, it’s for sale

Check out the first 3D-printed home for sale in the United State, a 1,400 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in suburban New York.
illustration of an ear bud in a persons ear

The future of augmented reality is earbuds, not eyeglasses

Earbuds are transforming into a whole new computing platform that could one day replace the need for you to reach for your smartphone or computer.
teachers thriving coronavirus us health virus teacher

Inside job: Why Zoombombing isn’t as random as you might think

A recent study suggests that most zoombombing is carried out by insiders, not necessarily by nefarious outsiders looking to stir up trouble.
USA Football MVP Robotics

Smart dummies: How robotic tackling tech is transforming football practice

Concussions frequently take place during football practice. This robot tackling dummy could help reduce that risk, and also give players an edge.
Recycled face masks

The best way to dispose of used face masks? Turn them into roads

Shredding old face masks and turning them into construction materials could save them from being thrown into landfills.
Smart backpack

The human battery: Smart backpack generates power as you walk

How do you improve on the capabilities of regular backpacks? Researchers in China have found two key ways.
helmet engineering

Hit takers: The cutting-edge engineering making football helmets safer than ever

Helmet technology has come a long way since the leatherhead days of football. Today, materials science is driving a revolution in head protection tech
Boston Dynamics robot arm

Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot shows off its grabbing skills in new video

Boston Dynamics’ Spot, one of the most advanced robots around, can now pick up the underwear you left on the floor.
lab grown wood lignin biochemistry

Lab-grown wood? Sounds crazy, but it could be a game-changer for the planet

Growing wood in a lab might sound silly, but if we can figure out how to do it at scale, it could help cut back on deforestation in a big way.
song identifying ai

New A.I. can identify the song you’re listening to by reading your brain waves

By analyzing your brain waves, it's possible to figure out what song you're listening to -- and a whole lot more. This project will blow your mind
ceramic ink 3d printed bones bioprinting australia 2

Ceramic ink could let doctors 3D print bones directly into a patient’s body

The future of surgery may include the 3D printing of bones, and it comes courtesy of the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.
IBM quantum computing

Microsoft’s new quantum chip could help control thousands of qubits

Microsoft doesn’t just make Windows and Surface tablets; it’s also doing some pretty interesting work with quantum computers.
Neuro leg experiment

Clever ‘nerve hacking’ prosthetic tricks your brain to make limbs feel lighter

How do you make a prosthesis feel more comfortable for the people who need to use them day in, day out? This tech could help.
NeuroLeet image

This wild new gaming headset scans your brainwaves to find your weaknesses

Competitive gaming can be pretty darn competitive. Could a brain-training wearable help players up their game?
worlds largest solar farms longyangxia dam park 2

High temperatures and a diamond anvil could lead to a solar cell breakthrough

There's still more work to be done, but this is an exciting breakthrough in materials science for better solar cells.
cyborg venus flytrap fly trap image

Cyborg Venus flytraps are here. Don’t worry, they’re not hostile

It sounds a whole lot like Little Shop of Horrors, as remade by roboticists. It could turn out to be pretty useful, though.
disabled activists organize online social media

Filter bubbles are ruining the internet. This algorithm pops them

Social media algorithms, which tend to expose users to things they'll like, have made the internet more insular and divided. Here's how It might be fixed.
boom supersonic airplane travel overture super sonic

Here comes the Boom: Meet the team that’s bringing back supersonic air travel

From the ashes of Concorde, a new company called Boom Supersonic is making moves to bring faster-than-sound passenger planes back to the skies.

This artificial heart could help keep people on transplant waiting lists alive

A French company called Carmat has created an artificial heart that could potentially save the lives of people with end-stage biventricular heart failure.
Brain Scientific brain tattoo printer

This game-changing graphene tattoo can continuously monitor your brainwaves

Brainwave data is almost always captured sporadically or intermittently. But with this innovation, it could be captured continuously
Pollen robot

This quirky humanoid robot can be teleoperated using a VR headset

The inventors of Reachy, a humanoid, open-source robot, have come up with a way to teleoperate its robo-creation using a VR headset.
Quantum drones 1

Quantum communication demonstrated by two hovering drones

The groundwork is being laid for the quantum internet -- up in the air, at least. Here's what researchers at a Chinese university recently pulled off.
ice robot

The latest wild idea for space exploration? Robots made from hunks of ice

Instead of building robots here on Earth and then sending them to distant planets, some say we should build the robots on those planets with found materials