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Aliya Barnwell

Aliya Barnwell

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Aliya Tyus-Barnwell is a writer, cyclist and gamer with an interest in technology. Also a fantasy fan, she's had fiction published here and there. A Vassar grad, she lives in Brooklyn, NY.


With sensors and a gimbal, the Revl Arc adds more to the average action cam

With a first-of-its-kind gimbal and a wealth of sensors -- not to mention auto-editing features -- the Revl Arc is one smart action camera.
Sipaboard the electric self-inflating stand-up paddle board

The world’s first smart, electric, self-inflating stand-up paddleboard

Get on the water in less time than it takes to inflate a paddleboard with a traditional hand pump, and go twice as far with the motor assist.
Livia, TENS machine, pain relief

Livia zaps away lady pain, now shipping to U.S. Indiegogo backers

Livia is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation machine -- TENS machine -- a cute, portable, and discreet one designed for women.
best home gym equipment indoorfit feat

Work out at home with our 10 favorite pieces of indoor fitness gear

You don't have to hibernate like a bear during the winter if you don't want to. This fitness gear can turn your spare room into a home gym.
lumos aster commuter backpack rear view

Be seen to be safe with the Lumos Aster backpack

Lumos' Aster backpack for bike commutes is designed to light up the night like a car and make sharing the road easier and safer.
lightmode helmet light kits

Lightmode’s helmet kits make you look like a Tron cast member

LightMode's customizable helmet kits let riders make their own light designs, giving gear that stolen-from-the-Tron-set look.
livall smart cycling helmet road and mountain v3

Livall's new smart cycling helmets are more stealthy and less flashy

Livall's new road and mountain helmets have a more serious look about them with fewer LED lights, a new shell design, and built in heart-rate monitoring.
vudu7 v bike computer

Not just a bike computer: The Vudu7 V has a camera, speakers, headlight and more

The Vudu7 V "all-in-one" bike computer packs all the features you might expect from a high-end smartphone, but it's less expensive than a new iPhone.
best bike commuter gear 2015 39298644 l

The best biking gear of 2016

Every year sees a fresh lineup of commuter gear for cyclists. This year's notable additions? A smart bell, a smart speedometer, and a titanium folding lock.
NextDesk, NextDesk Velo

NextDesk's new exercise bike fits office life the way your other bike doesn't

NextDesk's newest weapon against a sedentary day at work, the Velo, is the exercise bike made to fit office life the way a real bike does not.
Coros Helmet

Coros’ smart cycling helmet doubles as a pair of bone conduction headphones

The Coros Linx smart cycling helmet has built-in bone conduction to let riders hear the world around them as well as music, navigation, and ride stats.
stepp real time running coach feature

Step in time with Stepp, the new three-piece runner's wearable

Most running trackers can't correct form in real-time. With varied sensor placement, STEPP can track a greater range of motion than other wearables.

New app Nookhub puts bikes in nooks safe from thieves

Nookhub, a new app, is like a valet parking hub for bikes. It offers cyclists a place to park their precious ride that's as secure as it gets.
beakor smart bike camera light combo black box system front cycling

Beakor combines seven bike gadgets into one must-have device

With a live rearview, automatic recording looping, and accident alert system, Beakor is like a black box mounted on your bike.
cobi connected biking bike routes navigation render outdoor

COBI, the future of biking takes routes in a whole new direction

Biking navigation systems are multiplying, but few are also a basic e-bike panel, bike light, and app aggregate, and they don't handle routes like COBI.
trocadero fixie frame that twists drifting ridden mid twist

The crazy fixed gear bike that drifts without turning is up on Kickstarter

The Trocadero Fixie's frame disarticulates on the downtube, allowing the rear of the bike to twist side to side while shrinking the turning radius.
AfterShokz TREKZ Titanium

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium review

roame zero wireless signal motorcycle shoes zeros on bike

Roame Zeros shorty boots are like LA Gears for bikers

Traditional motorcycle boots look weird worn off the bike, but not Roame Zeros, which have lights built into the heel that act as turn signals.
velohub blinker turn signals for bikes blinkers rear shot featured

Velohub Blinkers are bike turn signals made the right way, plus lasers

Velohub's Blinkers gives cyclists a streamlined turn signal light system with headlight, brake light, and laser lane lights for bikes.
moto parilla carbon suv ebike

The Carbon SUV e-bike is basically a powered mountain bike on steroids

It blends the terrain-mastery of a dirt bike with a comfort of a fat bike and an e-bike's ease of use. It's like an SUV-bike with a cool form factor.
two guys snapchat and strava everest climb ballinger

Two bad-ass climbers scale Everest without extra oxygen, share it all on social media

Mountaineers Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards climbed Mt. Everest without supplemental oxygen and shared their experience on Snapchat and Strava.
Fontus, bottle, condensation, self-filling, water-bottle, smart bottle

This water bottle fills itself by harvesting moisture from the air (Update: it probably doesn’t work)

Fontus, the self-filling water bottle up on Indiegogo, is the subject of a new video explaining why it won't work efficiently enough to keep people alive.
interview spcarbon custom bike builder shawn powell

Meet the guy who ran away from Wall Street to build bikes

SPCARBON recently made a full carbon bike for Red Bull Racing Eyewear, and its president just launched Blueprint bikes offering beautiful planned builds.
siemens robot spider 3d printers pof autonomous systems

Siemens’ robotic spiders are like autonomous 3D printers with legs

This robot spider is a creation of Siemens, designed to spin poly lactic acid instead of silk. It could be the autonomous construction robot of the future.
Altor 560G, bike lock, titanium

There’s more than one titanium bike — why not more than one titanium lock?

The 560G is named for its weight: 560 grams is 1.24lbs, making it a featherwieght compared to other decent folding locks. It also locks closed with the push of a button.
Puma, running, robot, beatbot

Is Puma’s new robot runner faster than Usain Bolt?

Puma's BeatBot is like a lure for human greyhounds. Racing a robot seems like either a recipe for embarrassment or the best training ever.
DNA thermometer- Kotkoa

Chemists create a DNA thermometer 20,000 times smaller than a human hair

Scientists at the University of Montreal made a nanothermometer of DNA that uncurls to tell the temperature. It's totally invisible to the naked eye.
esight electronic glasses let a little blind boy see in use

Could these electronic glasses change a blind person’s life?

12 year old Christopher Ward Jr. was born sight-impaired, but his life changed after trying a pair of eSight glasses. There was only one catch.
touchscreen game annoyance explained via new study confused annoyed cellphone man

Here's why you need the hands of a surgeon to beat Flappy Birds on hard

Touchscreen gaming is just not as precise as having a controller or keyboard. Researchers made people play Flappy Bird to find out exactly why.
Mobile Malware

New Android malware disguises itself as a Chrome update

A new infostealer is lurking out there, waiting to infect your Android OS. The malware dresses in an update's clothing and even hides in the Play Store.
PodRide, velomobile, bike

It may look like a car, but it's way better for you and the planet

Velomobiles let bikers ride even in winter, but usually look like an escape pod. Not PodRide; with four wheels it looks more like a car.
nintendo patent for u controller wii patnet squeeze

Nintendo's new controller patent takes Wii "U" very literally

No, it's not the Xbox 360 steering wheel, it's Nintendo's new controller patent. It looks like a cartoon magnet, a horseshoe, or a big "U".
petpace health monitor is medic alert and fitbit for pets running dog

This collar is like a FitBit – Medic Alert combo for your fur baby

Most animals hide when they're sick or in pain. But they can't hide from the sensors in the PetPace collar, which acts like a Medic Alert/Fitbit combo.
Flexible Camera Lens, Columbia

This flexible camera takes crazy images

This video shows what pics might look like if you could bend your camera. A research team made a flexible camera lens array so, eventually, you can.