Aliya Barnwell

Aliya Barnwell

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Aliya Tyus-Barnwell is a writer, cyclist and gamer with an interest in technology. Also a fantasy fan, she's had fiction published here and there. A Vassar grad, she lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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With sensors and a gimbal, the Revl Arc adds more to the average action cam

Picking through hours of video is painful -- unless you have a Revl Arc, that is. The revamped action cam features a built-in gimbal, a wealth of sensors, and a mobile app that automatically edits footage.
Health & Fitness

The world’s first smart, electric, self-inflating stand-up paddleboard

Take all the hassle and heavy lifting out of paddle-boarding. SipaBoard makes it easy to get your entire family out on the water in less time than it takes to inflate one board with a traditional hand pump.

Livia zaps away lady pain, now shipping to U.S. Indiegogo backers

The idea of shocking yourself to get rid of pain might sound crazy, but that's what this little gadget is designed to do. Livia is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation machine, cute, portable, discreet, and designed for ladies.

Be seen to be safe with the Lumos Aster backpack

Night bike riding can make you feel invisible. Lumos' Aster backpack is designed to light up the night with built in turn signals, brake lights, and batteries among other features designed to make commutes easier and safer.

Lightmode’s helmet kits make you look like a Tron cast member

Regular helmet lights are boring. LightMode doesn't know the meaning of boring. Their helmet kits let riders make their own light designs on their helmet of choice, creating gear that looks like it was stolen from the Tron set.

Livall's new smart cycling helmets are more stealthy and less flashy

Livall's new road and mountain helmets have a more serious look about them, plus some added tech like a heart rate monitor. The shapes match modern trends, doing away with the cool-looking but not aerodynamic rear portion of the previous…