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The crazy fixed gear bike that drifts without turning is up on Kickstarter

A new frame for fixie fanatics could pave the way for a new range of tricks and drifts. Spectators are inevitably awed when they see this bike’s frame twist in the middle, and riders assumingly have a blast on it. The Trocadero Fixie, designed by three fixie fanatics out of France, is a fixed gear bike frame that disarticulates on the downtube.

The Trocadero’s top tube connects to the downtube rather than the headtube, allowing the rear of the bike to twist side to side. This new frame design shrinks the turning radius by a huge percentage. Articulating at the down tube means riders can move in a drifting motion without really drifting, as one would through a turn. This bike can glide through slaloms so tight they would be impossible for a standard frame. And drifting around corners is an easier feat by far.

The frame locks so that the Trocadero can ride like any other bike, so it’s not too much of a challenge to evaluate this in relation to other fixed gear rides. It’s constructed from steel, so if it gets banged up, a skillful bike builder can bend it back into shape (as opposed to carbon or aluminum, which are less forgiving).

It weighs in at 25 lbs., though with some swaps, like wheels, bars, and pedals that could be brought down a bit. Unfortunately, Trocadero let Digital Trends know that the two year warranty on the frame would be voided if you use any non-Trocadero parts. The company also says it will have an English version of the website up and running in about three months.

This slick ride isn’t in any local bike shops yet. The company is seeking a little over $55,000 to bring the Trocadero to the public by March of 2017. For now, info about the project can be found on Trocadero’s Kickstarter page. Supporters of the campaign who donate more than $1,770 get a complete Trocadero.

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