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Rick Stella

Rick Stella

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Rick became enamored with technology the moment his parents got him an original NES for Christmas in 1991. And as they say, the rest is history. When Rick isn't creating content for Digital Trends, he spends his free time consuming any and all sports, filling his ears with music, and in a constant search for the best IPA the NW has to offer.

2018 world cup var video assistant refereeing  room fifa russia

How VAR and instant replay have transformed the 2018 World Cup (so far)

For years, FIFA attempted to keep replay technology off the soccer field. However, in 2018, the Video Assistant Referee (or VAR) system made its long-awaited debut and has impacted nearly every match at the Russia-hosted World Cup. Here's every notable match where VAR influenced its outcome.
analog motion am1 ebike analogmotion

Light on range and weight, the AM1 ebike is the perfect commuter

Weighing just 30 pounds, the AM1 ebike from Analog Motion is a minimal and lightweight commuter bike that won't break the bank at just $665. However, its small battery offers riders just 20 miles in range, meaning it's not built for weekend excursions or long trips to the office.
GeoOrbital wheel transforms regular bikes into eBikes

Easily transform your boring bike into an ebike with the GeoOrbital Wheel

Transform your regular bike into an eBike in under 60 seconds with the GeoOrbital wheel, an electric modification that snaps on in place of the front wheel.
best camping hacks kindling

The best camping hacks

There are plenty of clever ways to make life a bit easier when adventuring in the great outdoors. From basic kindling alternatives and pint-sized emergency kits to the best way to keep your gear dry and how to properly treat mosquito bites, here are the best camping hacks for your next outing.
bluebite adidas nfc soccer ball world cup hi vis telstar nfc1 copy

NFC tech in official World Cup match ball draws fans even more into the games

To get soccer enthusiasts more involved in the upcoming World Cup tournament, Adidas teamed up with the software company BlueBite to outfit the official match ball with NFC compatibility, giving fans access to exclusive content and unique daily challenges by simply scanning the chip with a smartphone.
nissan pitch r soccer field robot

Nissan’s Pitch-R robot is here to put field stripers out of work

Striping baseball and soccer fields with chalk or spray paint is as old as the sports themselves but Nissan's hoping to upend the centuries-old practice with the Pitch-R. Capable of autonomously striping a field in 20 minutes or less, the Pitch-R first debuted during May's Champions League Final.
why fitness trackers are losing popularity fitbit versa jacket lifestyle

Fitbit Versa vs. Apple Watch Series 3: Which should you wear?

In a battle of smartwatch flagships, we pit Fitbit's newest product, the Versa, against Apple's latest in smartwatch technology -- the Apple Watch Series 3. How well does the fitness-tracking giant's second attempt at a full-featured smartwatch fare against Apple's tried and true wearable?
can mountain biking purists be swayed to go electric bmc mtb 12

Electric mountain bikes are turning purist scoffs into smiles

Electric mountain bikes get a bad rap among loyal mountain bikers, but brands like BMC Switzerland can’t afford to look away. While test riding BMC’s new Speedfox amp, we realized there’s much more to electric mountain bikes than what ornery traditionalists let on.
Suunto 3 Fitness Black Review

Suunto 3 Fitness Review

To stay relevant, fitness tracker brands need an ace in the hole. For the new Suunto 3 Fitness, this comes in the form of Adaptive Training Guidance. A feature designed to put a personal trainer on your wrist and develop custom weekly workout plans – and it’s as impressive as it is innovative.

Forget plastic — Glowforge 3D laser printer builds with wood, fabric, leather

Seattle-based Glowforge unveiled its innovative 3D laser printer which utilizes subtractive manufacturing instead of using additives, meaning it has the ability to carve and etch almost any material. Instead of printing with additives, it cuts away at supplied materials to produce almost anything you want.
fitbit versa review version 1522045407 full 33

Fitbit Versa vs. Fitbit Blaze: Is the new watch worth the upgrade?

With the Fitbit Versa hitting shelves in April of 2018, the buzz around the brand's latest smartwatch hit a fever pitch. But, how does it compare to the Fitbit Blaze that came before it? We stack the two side-by-side to see which Fitbit wearable reigns supreme in this spec showdown.
GenZe ebike 200 Series review

GenZe ebike 200 Series review

Sporting a price tag under $2,000, GenZe’s 200-series is one of the most cost-effective ebikes on the market. But with a range that tops out at 50 miles (at best), does this throttle-assisted electric bike have what it takes to stay competitive in a growing market? We took one for a spin around our hometown of Portland, Oregon to find out.
garmin forerunner 645 music review feat

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music review

Garmin’s latest wearable, the Forerunner 645 Music, is a full-featured fitness tracker that doubles as an impressive smartwatch. Featuring offline music streaming and storage, as well as the ability to make contactless payments, it’s a true jack-of-all-trades.
under armour hovr foam 482

Under Armour: 150 million MyFitnessPal accounts were hacked

Under Armour announced a hack of its MyFitnessPal exercise application, saying that as many as 150 million user accounts were compromised. The breached data includes names, email addresses, and passwords but no financial data.
georgia chairlift malfunction gudauri1

Video of skilift malfunction shows skiers being violently flung into the air

At the Gudauri Ski Resort in Georgia, an unexpected chairlift malfunction sent unsuspecting skiers sailing into the air.
specialized allez road bike recall allez1

Specialized recalls more than 13,000 bikes due to faulty forks

Faulty forks in its 2018 Allez line of road bikes has led Specialized to recall roughly 13,000 bicycles worldwide. Specialized said it will replace and install new forks for free.
kvaern launches solar powered e bike kvaernbike1

Pedal with the energy of the sun on Kvaern’s solar-powered ebike

Powered by a stationary, solar-powered battery pack, Kvaern's latest ebike utilizes 100 percent solar energy for power, offering owners a unique way to remain off-grid while riding their electric bike.
adidas Sport eyewear group

See better, play better. A simple philosophy belies complex tech in Adidas glasses

There's more to a proper pair of sports eyewear than simply protecting against the sun. Ron Muehlboeck, global brand director for adidas Sport eyewear, gave us an inside look at how the brand pushes innovation and offers more than just dark lenses.
head tennis sensor zepp headtennis2

Head teams with controversial sport sensor brand Zepp on new tennis tracker

Racquet sports company Head recently unveiled the Head Tennis Sensor, a digital coach and tennis tracker it designed and manufactured with the help of the sports sensor brand, Zepp.
Columbia winter apparel Banff ski lift

Columbia’s oddly effective new winter gear had us sweating in minus temperatures

Comprised of a similar reflective technology seen in NASA space blankets, Columbia Sportswear's upcoming winter apparel line excels at keeping body temperatures high when exterior temperatures are zero or below.
lifestraw lead filtration technology lifestraw1

First, LifeStraw conquered bacteria and chemicals. Now it’s getting the lead out

LifeStraw's dedication to providing safe drinking water to people all over the world took another step forward at Outdoor Retailer as the brand unveiled its new lead filtration system.
outdoor retailer winter 2018 spy ace ec goggles innovation award tint shifting awards 6

Spy Ace EC electronic ski goggles change tints with the tap of a button

With the simple press of a button, Spy's new Ace EC goggles transition between sunny, mixed, and flat weather conditions, giving riders complete control over their visibility.
nora vasconcellos first adidas female skateboarder nora1

Short film celebrates first female pro skateboarder signed by Adidas

To celebrate the signing of Nora Vasconcellos, its first female pro skateboarder, Adidas put together a fascinating 20-minute documentary.
airstream basecamp

Airstream Basecamp is back for those seeking a smaller, more affordable trailer

The updated Airstream Basecamp earned rave reviews last year, and now the travel trailer has finally come to market.
best outdoor product of the year 2017 biolite firepit feature

Best outdoor product of 2017

We hiked, biked, camped, and backpacked our way through 2017, toting an array of outdoor gear along the way. Here is our Best Outdoor Product of the Year.
troy murphy van life columbia ski

Professional skier Troy Murphy ditched his digs for a month to embrace van life

For a month, U.S. Ski Team freestyle skier Troy Murphy gathered some friends, hopped in a van, and explored Alaska's Chugach Mountains.
big wave surf rescue drone footage feat

Drone footage of an insane big-wave surf rescue will make you kiss dry land

Big wave surfing is as white-knuckle as it gets but this drone-shot video of an intense rescue at Portugal's Praia do Norte is jaw-dropping.
under armour hovr foam feat

Comfort or performance? Under Armour’s high-tech foam gives runners both

At its new Portland, Oregon headquarters, Under Armour and its group of athletes and Olympians unveiled the new Hovr running shoe.
1289256 autosave v1 2 faction ski feature 4

From Utah to Finland, “This is Home” hits the slopes for white-knuckle skiing

Filmed in its entirety during the 2016-17 ski season, "This is Home" follows the Faction Collective to the mountains they consider home.
stringbike chain less bicycle stringbike5

Using pulleys and strings, the Stringbike ditches the chain — and the grease

Lacking a conventional chain and cog system, the Stringbike's drive system instead uses a series of strings and pulleys.
Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro review

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro review

Sleek and stylish in design, Samsung’s latest wearable improves its impressive Gear line of fitness trackers, and our Gear Fit2 Pro review explains how.
NASA Journey to Mars event

NASA describes its plan for reaching Mars, but timing could be challenging

After publishing a 36-page report last year on its ambitious Journey to Mars, NASA shared more of its work during a recent two-day event in New Orleans.
red bull same difference ski film samedifference1

Legs of Steel ski team builds ‘biggest jump ever’ for new film

Red Bull's latest stunt comes by way of the high-octane film, "Same Difference," which follows the Legs of Steel ski team across the globe.
travis rice the fourth phase action cut jackson

Red Bull releases special action cut of Travis Rice's 'The Fourth Phase'

In time for winter, Red Bull released an action-packed cut of Travis Rice's globe-spanning snowboarding film, The Fourth Phase.