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drill sergeant teaches people to use power tools drillsarge2

Drop and give me a bookcase: Learn basics of using power tools with Drill Sergeant

University of California, Berkeley student Eldon Schoop has developed an innovative new way to teach people how to use power tools called Drill Sergeant.
digital hand designs home furniture using kinect digitalhand2

Swipe left for a blanket: Digital Hand uses Microsoft’s Kinect to design furniture

Created by industrial designer Nate Asis, the Digital Hand uses Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect device to uniquely design home furniture.
prenup house splits in two after a divorce prenuphome2

Prenuptial Housing lets couples on the outs easily split their home in half

Conceptualized by a Dutch entrepreneur, Prenuptial Housing is a prefabricated floating home that easily splits in two should a couple divorce.
weekend workshop diy nerf rocket launcher  mem5

Weekend Workshop: Become champ of your office with this DIY Nerf rocket launcher

Be the envy of your office whenever a random Nerf dart war breaks out with this easy-to-build DIY Nerf rocket launcher made out of PVC piping.
sur la table debuts spendy perfect kitchen pro scale perfectkitchen1

Sur La Table hopes $130 price tag won’t weigh down feature-heavy kitchen scale

Typical kitchen scales don't cost much more than $20 or $30, but Sur La Table believes its smart scale is worth the $130 price tag.
han solo in carbonite refrigerator solofridge1

A Hollywood makeup specialist built the perfect ode to Han Solo in carbonite

In a video posted to Tested's YouTube channel, Hollywood makeup specialist Frank Ippolito shows off his unique Han Solo in carbonite refrigerator.
MAPA EDE Finca Aguy retreat

Pick a spot: You can assemble this wonderful dream home anywhere

Known for their minimal impact on the environment, prefabricated homes don't get much better than this gorgeous one-story abode set in southeastern Uruguay.
Weekend Workshop DIY Arcade Marquee Lightbox

Weekend Workshop: Light up your love for arcade games with a DIY marquee lightbox

Considering the universal love for retro video games, there's no better way to show appreciation for your favorite classic title than this DIY lightbox.
to grow up and not out san jose needs get smarter growth

The median price for a home in San Jose hits a record high of just over $1 million

A recent report by the National Association of Realtors found San Jose to be the first metro area to see the median prices on its homes top $1 million.
australian competition consumer commission investigating thermomix over safety concerns thermomix1

Reports of serious burns spur probe of Australian appliance maker Thermomix

Several Thermomix owners filed official complaints this year, claiming the device's failed to contain hot liquids, which led to severe burns.
ge keurig unveil coffee soda smoothie concept appliance beverage center beveragecenter2

GE and Keurig have their sights set on total beverage-making dominance

Geared toward consolidating every beverage-making device into one appliance, GE and Keurig's Beverage Center quickly whips up coffee, soda, and smoothies.
big i smart home robotic butler nxrobo2

NXRobo’s Big-I is the robotic butler you’ve always wanted around the house

Capable of learning a near-infinite amount of skills, NXRobo's Big-I robot is the perfect smart home companion. Plus, it kind of resembles Star Wars' R2-D2.
bluetooth smart locks easily hackable 39577996 ml

DEF CON attendee finds 75 percent of Bluetooth smart locks are open to hacks

While attending the annual DEF CON hacking conference, researcher and electrical engineer Anthony Rose successfully hacked 12 of 16 smart locks he reviewed.
weekend workshop diy bicycle phone mount 080616

Weekend Workshop: Hit every PokéStop in town with this DIY bike phone mount

Finding Pokemon via your bike can as quickly spell disaster for your phone as it can produce a Charmander. Here's how to build your own bicycle phone mount.
irobot announces new roomba and smartphone app r960 feat

iRobot officially unveils its upgraded flagship robot vacuum, the Roomba 960

A leader in robotic vacuums, the Massachusetts-based iRobot has officially unveiled the upgraded Roomba 960 as well as a new HOME App for its Braava jet.
replantable launches nanofarm home planter 23

Plant, wait, eat: The Nanofarm lets anyone grow fresh produce indoors

Forget buying lettuce at New Seasons -- Replantable's innovative Nanofarm machine makes it easy to grow produce from the comfort of your own home.
beanplus cold drip brew launches on indiegogo beanplus1

The BeanPlus lets anyone expertly craft cold-brew coffee in a matter of hours

With the BeanPlus cold brew coffee maker, whipping up a batch of rich, full-bodied java is no longer a grueling 12-hour endeavor.
Weekend Workshop - Wooden gramophone iPhone Speaker

Weekend Workshop: How to build a DIY wooden gramophone for your iPhone 6S

With summer in full swing, nothing says backyard BBQ quite like a solid smartphone speaker. To make you the envy of your block, here's how to make your own.
hobbit style home goes up for sale in england hobbithouse feat

Live like Bilbo Baggins in this opulent, Hobbit-style English home

A Hobbit-style home reminiscent of the ones featured in J.R.R. Tolkien's wondrous Lord of the Rings franchise just hit the market in England.
visionary music group logic

How a Visionary music label used free music and YouTube to mint stars

We sat down with Visionary Music Group CEO Chris Zarou in an exclusive interview about how he leveraged free music and YouTube to start a record label.
petnet server outages leave pets hungry feeder petnet2

Hundreds of pets go hungry after server outages render PetNet's feeders useless

A recent third-party server outage left hundreds of PetNet automatic feeder users frustrated with the company after their pets went hours without food.
osram smart bulbs vulnerable to hacks osram2

Installing Osram Lightify smart bulbs could gift wrap your Wi-Fi password to hackers

Security researchers from Rapid7 have reported that Osram's Lightify smart light bulbs store unencrypted copies of an owner's Wi-Fi password in its app.
alchema home cider maker launches on kickstarter product 4

Turn your favorite fruits into cider, wine, or mead with the Alchema brewer

Launched via Kickstarter this week, Alchema lets anyone turn almost any kind of fruit into batches of cider, mead, or wine from the comfort of their home.
net zero apartment hanover olympic los angeles netzero2

Going green in L.A.: First solar-powered, net-zero apartment complex opens

Featuring 220 solar panels, along with 10 photovoltaic panels on its roof, the 20-unit Hanover Olympic opened recently and operates entirely on solar energy.
open air room at null stern hotel

Sleep under the stars at this open-air hotel room in the Swiss Alps

Located in the Swiss alps of Graubunden, Null Stern Hotel's open-air room forgoes typical hotel amenities like a bathroom for a chance to sleep outside.
weekend workshop nuka cola caps 072316

Weekend Workshop: Survive The Wasteland with these ‘Fallout’ DIY Nuka-Cola caps

Made popular via Bethesda's Fallout franchise, Nuka-Cola caps are the cream of the currency crop across The Wasteland. Here's how you can make your own.
hopsy unveils keurig style hometap hopsy1

Turn your kitchen into your favorite local brewpub with Hopsy’s HomeTap

Backed by its pre-existing delivery network, the Bay Area-based company Hopsy now offers a draught-style countertop beer dispenser it's dubbing the HomeTap.
innovative levitatingcup launches on kickstarter floatingcup feat

This magnetically levitating cup is the most badass beverage container the world has ever seen

Launched via Kickstarter this week, the LevitatingCUP ousts traditional coasters in favor of a device that allows cups to levitate effortlessly.
modernize modsun solar cost calculator 46087066  rooftop panels on factory roof

Is it worth it to convert to solar? ModSun will do the math for you

In addition to pairing homeowners with alternative energy contractors, Modernize now lets you calculate the costs of going solar with its ModSun system.
deliveroo now delivers alcohol in the uk deliveroo2

There’s no need to ever put on pants now that the UK-based Deliveroo delivers booze

Expanding on its established premium food delivery service, the U.K.-based Deliveroo announced it now offers on-demand delivery of alcohol.
cora all in one pour over coffee brew cora2

Make quality pour-over coffee with the highly portable Cora brewing system

Portable and capable of brewing quality pour-over coffee, the Cora brewing device is a digital scale, storage unit, carafe, and kettle in one package.
Bluesmart Black Edition

Bluesmart Black Edition review

expensive floating home in seattle floatinghome15

Man caves don’t get more extravagant than this $950K floating home in Seattle

Located north of downtown Seattle near Portage Bay, this self-described man cave is the definition of living in style and boasts a $950,000 price tag.
weekend workshop diy coffee table remote tv

Weekend Workshop: How to build a coffee table that’s also a universal TV remote

Universal remotes are great but what if you could control your media via your coffee table? Do just that with this innovative Instructables walkthrough.