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synek launches somm wine maker on kickstarter somm1

Smart alcohol connoisseur Synek launches Somm smart wine dispenser on Kickstarter

After enjoying past crowdfunding success with its craft beer dispenser, Synek turns to Kickstarter yet again to help fund the Somm smart wine dispenser.
mit 3d prints functioning robot in a single run mitprinter1

MIT researchers 3D-print robots that can literally walk off the printer when done

By creating a new printing method it's calling "printable hydraulics," researchers at MIT found a way to 3D-print a working robot in just one session.
dubai to use drones catch litterers hexo  drone 0057

Dubai’s Waste Management Department will soon use drones to catch litterbugs

To help keep visitors from littering on its beaches and deserts, Dubai plans on using a fleet of drones to catch people in the act of ditching their trash.
japanese lab grown skin grows hair and sweats labskin1

Japanese scientists have created artificial skin that can grow hair and sweat

Developed at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology in Japan, a batch of lab-grown skin implanted in mice showed the ability to sweat and grow hair.
england to open stargazer cabin stargazer2

Day or night, this glowing cabin lets visitors see a gorgeous glowing map of the stars

Designed by the London-based firm George King Architects, the Stargazer's Cabin is an illuminated hut which features a glowing display of constellations.
weekend workshop diy turntable clock 040216

Weekend Workshop: How to build an uber hip DIY turntable wall clock

Have an old turntable gathering dust in the attic? Why not put it to good use by fashioning it into a beautifully functioning wall clock.
scientists propose cloaking device for earth planetcloak2

Two scientists propose using lasers to cloak Earth … from aliens

Scientists at Columbia University's Cool Worlds Lab say it's possible to effectively cloak Earth from aliens in other solar systems by utilizing lasers.
colin furze thermite cannon thermite1

British mad scientist Colin Furze just built a fully operational thermite cannon

Real-life mad scientist Colin Furze is back yet again, this time with an innovative DIY cannon built specially for launching combustible thermite canisters.
freebird flight launches one on kickstarter freebird1

See what your drone sees in VR with the FreeBird One weatherproof drone

FreeBird Flight's innovative FreeBird One drone gives pilots a chance to see what their drone sees by utilizing stunning, birds-eye-view VR functionality.
nasa ready to use green space fuel for rocket launches gpim1

NASA has developed a greener and less toxic rocket fuel, and plans to show it off this week

After working on a high-performance green rocket propellant for the last four years, NASA announced it will finally unveil its new fuel at the end of March.
art brew launches on kickstarter hipster drinks beer

Lift a glass: tabletop craft beer system launches on kickstarter

Like the Keurig for craft beer, the iGulu automated brewing system makes it easy to brew your own high-quality craft beer right on your kitchen counter.
ancient non stick fry pan found near naples nonstickpan1

Archaeologists confirm the use of non-stick cookware during the Roman Empire

An archaeological find in Italy provided evidence that non-stick frying pans were used in kitchens all over the Roman Empire some 2,000 years ago.
autodesk kidmob prosthetic challenge autodesk3

These kids 3D printed their own unique prosthetics, including a sparkle cannon

During an event in San Francisco this last January, Autodesk and KIDmob teamed up to let kids with upper-limb differences 3D-print unique prosthetics.
belgiums house pibo pibo12

House in the hill: Belgium’s House Pibo is a minimalist’s dream home

Constructed in the district of Maldegem, Belgium, OYO Architecture's House Pibo exudes privacy and minimalism without sacrificing comfort or living space.
weekend workshop diy energy detector 032616

Weekend Workshop: Detect radio waves (and nuclear detonations) with this DIY coherer

By using tech made popular in the early 1900s, anyone with a 3V battery, metal shavings, and electrical wiring can easily build a coherer energy detector.
project escher multi headed 3d printer escher1

Autodesk’s new 3D printer uses 5 print heads simultaneously to make gigantic objects

Developed by a team of researchers at the 3D design firm Autodesk, Project Escher aims to revolutionize the software used in modern day 3D printers.
tesla transformation energy company powerwall2

Tesla discontinues its original Powerwall amid rumors it’s gearing up for version 2.0

Despite massive initial hype, Tesla quietly discontinued its original, 10kWh Powerwall system this week to focus on its 7kWh model and an upcoming upgrade.
virgin to invest in supersonic jet company boom flying

Boom! Virgin Galactic partners with supersonic jet startup on multi-plane deal

The Colorado-based startup Boom hopes to build affordable supersonic passenger jets and Richard Branson's Virgin Group wants to help it get off the ground.
robotic sub explores underwater for six months voyager1

Boeing’s new submarine drone can traverse 7,500 miles in a single charge

Dubbed the Echo Voyager, Boeing's latest robotic submarine boasts the ability to navigate Earth's oceans autonomously for up to six months at a time.
blossom 8 launches package 01

The Blossom 8 watering system adds features at half its predecessor's price

After releasing its first smart sprinkler system last year, Blossom announced it now offers an upgraded and cheaper watering system called the Blossom 8.
iPhone Passcode

Never mind, we got it! FBI claims it found a way into iPhone, cancels Apple hearing

After claiming to have found an "outside party" capable of cracking the San Bernadino shooter's iPhone, the FBI cancelled its March 22 hearing with Apple.
gravity defying tetra yacht tetrahedron superyacht

The Tetrahedron Superyacht defies gravity and looks like a Star Destroyer

London-based designer Jonathan Schwinge recently unveiled renderings of a superyacht he designed that looks like a pyramid that's levitating on water.
weekend workshop diy bluetooth boombox

Weekend Workshop: Wrap modern tech in retro style with a DIY Bluetooth Boombox

Bose makes a great Bluetooth speaker, no doubt, but why not try building one yourself? Here's how to build a Bluetooth boombox in a matter of hours.
johns hopkins underwater drone cracuns1

Sneaky new drone can hide under water for months, then float to the surface to take off

Even after being submerged underwater for two months, Johns Hopkins' CRACUNS drone has the ability to rise to the surface and conduct aerial missions.
boston dynamics robot roundup bostondynamics4

Google to sell innovative robotics company Boston Dynamics

Despite publishing several viral videos of its robotics progress to YouTube, innovative tech company Boston Dynamics is currently being shopped by Google.
scientists using hops to develop new antibiotics 32930388 ml

In the not so distant future, your antibiotics and beer might both contain hops

Two University of Idaho scientists have nearly developed a method to successfully synthesize hops' healthful compounds to create new antibiotics.
researchers say faa overestimating small drone risk above city

New research suggests the FAA exaggerates the threat that drones pose to planes

According to a study by two George Mason University researchers, the frequency of drone-related near-misses with airplanes is wildly misreported.
f 16s now deploy drones f16 fighter jet

Now an F-16 can launch a swarm of 3D-printed carbon fiber drones

According to a secretive wing of the Pentagon, U.S. Air Force F-16s may soon have the ability to launch swarms of 3D-printed drones while in flight.
weekend workshop raspberry pi 2 retro console 031216

Weekend Workshop: How to build a Retro gaming console from a Raspberry Pi 2

Even owners of a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One enjoy playing a retro game every once in a while, and here's how to fashion one out of a Raspberry Pi 2.
scientist says hemp fibers are better than graphene 8812369 ml

Hemp waste fibers form basis of supercapacitor more conductive than graphene

Dr. David Mitlin of New York's Clarkson University has turned ordinary hemp waste into a composite that proves to be a cheaper supercapacitor than graphene.
hyperloop transportation technologies to build track in slovakia htt1

Proposed Slovakian Hyperloop could go from Bratislava to Budapest in 10 minutes

One of the companies looking to make Elon Musk's Hyperloop system a reality just inked an agreement with Slovakia to bring the tech to Europe.
jeff bezos expects manned blue origin missions by 2017 blueorigin3

Blue Origin plans to launch manned space missions by 2017, offer tourist trips by 2018

At a media-only event this week, Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos says he plans on operating manned missions to outer space by as soon as 2017.
south korea to clone extinct siberian cave lions lion 3

A South Korean scientist wants to clone an extinct 12,000-year-old cave lion

South Korean cloning expert Dr. Hwang Woo-Suk announced he will attempt to clone a 12,000-year-old extinct cave lion after retrieving samples of the animal.
russian billionaire proposes snake like skyscraper snaketower2

A Russian billionaire wants to build a cobra-like skyscraper in Japan

Architect Vasiliy Klyukin took to his blog this week to reveal the ambitious details of constructing a cobra-like skyscraper in China or Japan.