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Houston’s Ivy Lofts simplify apartment life by embracing small living spaces

With the housing markets in major U.S. cities continuing to skyrocket, the development of innovatively designed compact apartments has been gaining momentum. Development companies have turned to manufacturing prefabricated modules to help cut construction costs and preserve valuable space. While places like New York City have already had such buildings erected, Houston, Texas will reportedly soon be home to a development dubbed the Ivy Lofts — and what will otherwise be known as the largest “micro apartment” in the United States.

A project headed by Novel Creative Development, Houston’s Ivy Lofts will be an architectural wonder once constructed. Located in the city’s East Downtown neighborhood, the designers plan to house more than 500 apartments standing 24 floors tall, with prices starting at roughly $139k. For comparison’s sake, Zillow lists the average home price in Houston at around $170k and when you factor in the building’s location — near the city’s business and cultural centers — the Ivy Lofts are a bonafide great deal.

Ivy Lofts
Ivy Lofts

Concerning each loft’s interior design and relative sizing, Novel Creative wanted to give residents ample opportunity to make use of every square inch. With some apartments measuring as small as 350 sq. ft., this feature is absolutely paramount to not only creating an inviting place to live, but one that a tenant will enjoy residing in. Designed specifically to exude contemporary elegance, each loft will be built with hardwood floors, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. Additionally, each unit will feature LED lighting, exterior balconies, and floor-to-ceiling windows geared towards filling each space with as much natural light as possible.

Equally as impressive as the entire building itself is the type of furnishings Novel Creative intends on including inside each loft. Aside from the sliding doors used to reach the balcony, all units will also feature sliding doors to close off rooms from each other. Transformable furniture will also be included, along with a selection of three different types of Murphy Beds that fold into a sofa, desk, or table. Tenants also have access to an in-loft all-in-one washer and dryer, a small storage closet above the bathroom, and (in a select few) an island in the kitchen which doubles as a table.

In addition to the unit’s aesthetics, all lofts will be wired for television, high-speed internet, phone service, and smart home automation technology. Owners even have the ability to outfit their sliding doors with solar shades and can control the home’s ductless air system directly from a smartphone. In other words, the units scream 21st Century. Furthermore, Ivy Lofts will feature outdoor courtyards, fitness centers, a pool, and a gorgeous sky lounge. Sales of the residences began at the end of March with prices ranging from the aforementioned $139k, all the way up to $584k. Construction will commence in June and is scheduled to be completed by 2018.

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