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weekend workshop portal gun diy

Weekend Workshop: This DIY Portal gun is a Valve fan’s fantasy come true

Known for its innovative puzzles and eery storyline, Valve's Portal series introduced gamers to the iconic Portal gun. Here's how to make your own replica.
chemists create compound close to kryptonite

Polish chemists tried to make kryptonite and failed, but then made a huge discovery

Though chemists didn't actually see a bond in person, the team ran algorithms that allowed them to theorize the possibility of bonding krypton and oxygen.
connecticut to make arming drones a felony screen shot 2016 03 at 4 47 01 pm

Connecticut may soon make it illegal to strap firearms onto drones

The Connecticut legislature will soon rule on two new laws that would make it a felony if anyone strapped a handgun or flamethrower to a quadcopter.
tech projects

Kickstarter could make this antimatter propulsion system a reality

After years spent persuading scientists, Gerald Jackson and Steven Howe say they'll now turn to Kickstarter to fund their antimatter propulsion system.
dji phantom 4

DJI’s next Phantom dodges obstacles, follows automatically, cruises at 45 mph

DJI, the world's leading manufacturer of consumer drones, announced the next generation of its insanely popular Phantom line of drones, the Phantom 4.
new south wales testing little ripper shark finding drones littleripper2

This helicopter drone helps Australia monitor shark activity and reduce attacks

With shark attacks serving as an annual source of terror, the state of New South Wales has launched an initiative which relies on drones to improve safety.
weekend workshop how to build bb 8 022716

Weekend Workshop: Embrace the Force with this full-size replica of BB-8

Star Wars: The Force Awakens introduced the fan favorite BB-8 droid when it released in 2015, and we've got your ticket to building your very own replica.
air force unveils b 21 bomber image

The US Air Force just unveiled initial renderings of its new B-21 stealth bomber

At the Air Force's Air Warfare Symposium on February 26, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James officially revealed the first image of the new B-21 bomber.
30 Minute Trip Mars

Could a spacecraft really make the journey to Mars in 30 minutes? One physicist says yes

UC Santa Barbera professor Philip Lubin theorizes that by using directed energy propulsion, a spacecraft could reasonably reach Mars in just 30 minutes.
massive meteor explosion recorded over atlantic asteroid 1200x0

A meteor that exploded over the Atlantic on Feb. 6 had more force than the Hiroshima bomb

Earlier this month, a meteor bound for Earth exploded off the coast of Brazil, letting off an energy explosion equivalent to roughly 13,000 tons of TNT.
spacex not confident in next barge landing crs6 launch 39a

SpaceX ‘not expected’ to successfully land its upgraded Falcon 9 at sea Wednesday

Despite typical optimism from Elon Musk's aerospace company, SpaceX says it does not expect to successfully land its Falcon 9 on a barge Wednesday.
weekend workshop magnetic knife rack 022016

Weekend Workshop: How to build a magnetic knife rack

A proper magnetic knife rack has the ability to bring your kitchen into the 21st Century but tend to be expensive. Here's how to cheaply build one yourself.
virgin galactic unveils new spaceship virgin1

Virgin Galactic unveils its new and improved SpaceShipTwo

After publishing a press release revealing an imminent unveil, Virgin Galactic officially shared photos of its new and improved SpaceShipTwo.
future motion drops hoverboard lawsuit onewheel1

Future Motion withdraws patent infringement action against Changzhou

After filing a legal action to get Changzhou and its Trotter hoverboard banned from CES 2016, OneWheel maker Future Motion has withdrawn its patent lawsuit.
xprize 5 million prize ai innovation peter diamandis ceo and founder

Peter Diamandis’ XPRIZE to award the brightest advancement in AI with $5 million

Speaking at a TED conference in Vancouver, XPRIZE CEO and founder Peter Diamandis announced a new $5 million award for innovative advancements in AI.
astronomers detect atmosphere of super earth artist  s impression 55 cancri e close up

Astronomers detect atmosphere of a distant, diamond-like super-Earth for first time

For the first time, a team of astronomers have successfully detected the atmosphere of a super-Earth located roughly 40 light years away.
darpa planning april actuv launch actuv1

DARPA’s 130-foot submarine-hunting drone will take to the sea in April

With construction now complete on DARPA's ambitious ACTUV submarine-hunting surface vessel, the agency says it will officially christen the rig on April 7.
ex nasa engineer builds snowball machine gun mark rober cannon

Weekend Workshop: Build a semi-automatic snowball launcher

Dominate your neighborhood snowball fights with these easy-to-build semi-automatic snowball launcher made from a cordless leaf blower and some ABS piping.
scientists confirm direct detection of gravitational waves ligo2

To Einstein’s delight, scientists just confirmed the existence of gravitational waves

After spending the last five months deciphering an obscure reading, scientists confirm the LIGO interferometer device has detected gravitational waves.
swiss drone ai follows trails swissdrone3

This drone can automatically follow forest trails to track down lost hikers

A team of researchers at the University of Zurich just announced that they've developed a drone software that's capable of identifying and following trails.
chinese fusion test achieves 90 million degrees chinesefusion4

Chinese scientists just achieved a 90 million degree Fahrenheit nuclear fusion test

Scientists at China's Institute of Physical Science in Hefei reportedly created a plasma nuclear fusion test at 90 million degrees F for 102 seconds.
ex nasa engineer builds snowball machine gun mark rober cannon

Dominate winter with this fully automatic snowball machine gun

Mark Rober, a former NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer, took to YouTube to show off how he fashioned a snowball machine gun out of a leaf blower.
3d printed semi automatic gun 3dprintedauto1

This 3D-printed gun is semiautomatic, untraceable, and totally legal

A man in West Virginia known only as Derwood has successfully printed a fully operational, semi-automatic weapon with 95 percent of its parts 3D-printed.
NextDesk Terra

Xdesk Terra standing desk review

With the standing desk market as crowded as ever, Xdesk’s Terra provides a refreshing and beautiful deviation from the typical, run-of-the-mill electric desk.
harvard scientists unveil 4d printing 4dprinting2

Scientists unveil new ‘4D-printing’ technique that produces shape-shifting objects

This week, scientists from Harvard University unveiled a new 4D printing process that creates objects capable of changing shape when submerged in water.
oros debuts nasa inspired jacket featuring solarcore aerogel 23847553683 332a7ba063 k

Oros insulates gear with the same Aerogel NASA uses in space suits

Launching on Kickstarter this month, the folks at Oros have utilized NASA-inspired SolarCore aerogel to achieve industry-best outerwear insulation.
elon musk wants to travel space by 2021 elonmuskpic2

Elon Musk wants to visit space by 2021, send people to Mars by 2025

While talking at the 2016 Startmeup HK Venture Forum, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says he wants to travel to space by 2021 and send astronauts to Mars by 2025.
mit students hyperloop contest spacexhyperloop3

Elon Musk joins the Hyperloop frenzy as SpaceX moves forward with its own test track

Elon Musk's aerospace manufacturer SpaceX has officially named Aecom as its partner to build a Hyperloop test track near its headquarters in California.
nanoracks to build private airlock for the iss nanoracks2

NASA wants to install extra airlock space on the ISS, then lease it to private companies

The commercialization of space is gaining steam and a company from Texas says it wants to manufacture and attach a dedicated commercial airlock to the ISS.
loon copter swims flies and floats looncopter4

This amphibious loon copter is designed to fly, float, and swim under water

Oakland University's Embedded Systems Research Laboratory recently unveiled a multi-rotor drone capable of submerging itself underwater and still operating.
faa reports 300k drone registrations dronefaa1

In just 30 days, nearly 300,000 people have registered their drones with the FAA

In the 30 days since the Federal Aviation Administration began requiring drone certification, the agency says nearly 300,000 people have registered.
Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

A working Hyperloop system may open to the public by as early as 2018

After filing for a construction permit in Quay Valley, California, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies says it plans to build a test track in 2016.
defense department may outfit drones with anti ballistic missile lasers yalone1

The Pentagon looks to laser-equipped UAVs to resurrect its anti-ballistic missile program

After suspending a chemical laser anti-ballistic missile program in 2012, the Pentagon now wants to put electric lasers on UAVs to down ballistic missiles.
scientists think hidden ninth planet exists in solar system newplanet1

Astronomers have found compelling evidence of an unseen 9th planet in our solar system

In a recent report, astronomer Mike Brown says he's found signs of a planet ten times the mass of Earth located roughly 19 billion miles past Pluto.