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A Russian billionaire wants to build a cobra-like skyscraper in Japan

russian billionaire proposes snake like skyscraper snaketower2
Vasily Klyukin
If Russian billionaire turned hobbyist architect Vasily Klyukin had his way, skylines across the Far East would be a bit more, well, serpentine-like. Unveiled via a blog post on the Monaco-based businessman’s website this week, Klyukin shared his vision for what he’s dubbed the Asian Cobra Tower. Looking like something ripped from the pages of a G.I. Joe comic or a building version of Jafar’s staff in Aladdin, the Asian Cobra Tower — at this point — exists merely as a batch of artistic renderings which show off the project’s ambitious mixture of architecture and culture.

According to the published blog post, Klyukin has his sights set on seeing his snake-like tower constructed in a country like China or Japan. Understanding each region’s relationship with and affinity for such symbols as snakes or dragon’s, he feels as though the tower would perfectly adorn either country’s respective horizon. Considering China’s State Council recently announced it will now crack down on “bizarre architecture that is not economical,” it seems Japan may be the default front runner for Klyukin to see his project to fruition.

The Asian Cobra Tower
The Asian Cobra Tower Vasily Klyukin

“In Japan telling someone that he is a snake means a compliment,” Klyukin’s post reads. “In China snakes and dragons often mean the same. The symbol of wisdom and eternal life, this tower would embellish any Eastern city.”

Visually, the tower would be a near spitting image of a standing cobra with the base resembling its coiled tail. An array of colorful lighting would run the full length of the building’s face, permitting those operating the building to fully illuminate the cobra in any color they see fit. Inside the tower, Klyukin anticipates the floors to be filled mainly with offices and apartment spaces with the jaws reserved for the business of a classy restaurant or hip night club.

“Tourists, fascinated, would look at this immense cobra, its jaws serving as a terrace would be a restaurant or a night club and its body could contain offices or apartments,” Klyukin states. “Snakes and dragons are custodians of threshold, temples, treasure, esoteric knowledge, and all lunar gods. If this skyscraper is built in a city this city will become eternal in its resurrections.”

Despite Klyukin’s passion for bringing such an enthusiastic (and absurd) project to life, there currently exist no plans to take the Asian Cobra Tower from the drawing board to broken ground.

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