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alberta canada wildfire canadian man watches house burn via home camera fortmcmurray1

Smart home camera gives Canadian man front-row seat to fiery demise of his house

While evacuating the Fort McMurray wildfire, town resident James O'Reilly and his wife watched as their home burned down via a smart home security camera.
wind powered skyscrapers could cool entire planet paolo1

Could this massive, wind-powered skyscraper solve global warming?

Paolo Venturella Architecture says the key to cooling the globe is to build a skyscraper that extends toward the sun and guides hot air away from Earth.
how to build an elliptical pool table weekend workshop 050716 feat

Weekend Workshop: Play the ultimate skill game with this one-hole elliptical pool table

Traditional six-hole billiards tables are excellent tests of talent, no doubt, but this one-hole elliptical pool table is truly a game of incredible skill.
apple smoke detector patent 44679946 ml

Apple may be elbowing its way into the smoke detector industry, because why not?

According to newly published patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple appears to be readying its devices to start detecting smoke.
brad pitt nonprofit among 2016 national design award winners nda4

Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation among 2016 National Design Award winners

Cooper Hewitt announced its 2016 National Design Award winners this week with Marina Bay Sands designer Moshe Safdie nabbing the Lifetime Achievement Award.
scientists grow human embryos in artificial womb embryo2

US, UK scientists grow embryos in lab to 14 days, setting new mark

Research teams from the U.S. and U.K. have reportedly lab-grown a human embryo for 14 days, allowing for the improved study of early human development.
liquid interiors turns old hong kong apartment into smart home liquid3

Hong Kong's Eco Smart Home packs luxury living into a mere 400 square feet

Remodeled by the Hong Kong-based Liquid Interiors, the Eco Smart Home utilizes space-saving tech and green-friendly appliances to achieve luxury living.
san diego climate action plan 45535519 ml

San Diego goes all in, legally commits to 100 percent renewable energy by 2035

With a budding solar industry and bipartisan support in its government, the city of San Diego has enacted a plan to go 100 percent renewable energy by 2035.
potential life bearing planets closer than expected trappist2

Not one, but three potentially habitable planets found in our cosmic backyard

According to findings published this week in the journal Nature, a team of astronomers found three potentially life-bearing planets 40 light years away.
hawaii using igloo type houses to fight homelessness igloo2

Hawaiian church uses fiberglass ‘igloos’ to help shelter the homeless

On the Hawaiian island of Oahu, the First Assembly of God has begun building fiberglass igloos to help control its dramatically rising homeless population.
dutch wikkelhouse cardboard based home wikkel1

Amsterdam’s Wikkelhouse takes cardboard to a long-lasting, cozy new level

Designed by Pritzker-winning architect Shigeru Ban, the Wikkelhouse is a home comprised of 24 layers of cardboard wrapped around a house-shaped mold.
weekend workshop led joystick lights 043016 feat

Weekend Workshop: How to install LED joystick lights on a PlayStation controller

Jazz up your boring Sony-issued DualShock controller with this easy walkthrough on how to install LED lights on each of the controller's joysticks.
new mercedes home battery may rival tesla powerwall mercedesbattery1

Daimler's yet-unnamed home battery unit looks to spoil Tesla's Powerwall party

Looking to take a bite out of the home battery pie, Mercedes parent company Daimler is readying its own energy storage unit to take on Tesla's Powerwall.
philips hue debuts its new app philipshue4

Philips turns to its Hue 2.0 user base before rolling out a much-needed app update

After working closely with its users, Philips has finally updated its companion smartphone application for its Hue 2.0 smart lighting system.
mothers day gift guide 2016

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

stanford university builds sea diving robot oceanone1

Humanoid robot can dive to great depths while human operator stays safe and dry

Developed and built by scientists at Stanford University, the OceanOne humanoid robot can navigate underwater with or without the help of a human pilot.
wine squirrel smart decanter launches on kickstarter winesquirrel1

Squirrel away your unfinished wine for later use with the Wine Squirrel

Capable of keeping opened bottles of wine fresh for weeks, the Wine Squirrel smart decanter took to Kickstarter this week at just $45 for early adopters.

50 startups go to bat (and one walks home with cash) in the first-ever PitchfestNW

furbo treat dispenser indiegogo furbo3

Remotely launch treats and spy on your pets with the Furbo treat-dispensing camera

Tomofun's Furbo treat-dispensing pet camera gives pet owners the opportunity to remotely keep tabs, launch treats, and talk to their pets via a smartphone.
oasense smart shower head launches on kickstarter oasense4

The OaSense smart shower head uses presence-sensing detectors to conserve water

Using presence-sensing detectors, the OaSense smart shower head conserves water by stopping the flow of water when someone steps out from underneath it.
ufo jet capsule disk homes 001

Would you live in a floating home that looks like a UFO?

The Italy-based company Jet Capsule wants to turn the high seas into futuristic suburbs with its innovative UFO, or Unidentified Floating Object.
weekend workshop diy zelda coffee table 042316

Weekend Workshop: Piece together the Triforce with this Zelda coffee table

Honor Shigeru Miyamoto's iconic Legend of Zelda franchise the right way by building this DIY mosaic-tiled and Zelda-inspired coffee table this weekend.
uci scientists accidentally find key to lifelong batteries batterynano1

UCI scientists stumble upon the key to never-ending batteries

While messing around in a UCI lab, a university doctoral candidate discovered that an electrolyte gel allows li-ion batteries to sustain 200,000 cycles.
marines to start outfitting tanks with anti missile defenses m1a2tank1

The U.S. Army looks to anti-missile technology to help protect its fleet of tanks

To help protect its tanks without adding more cumbersome armor, the U.S. Army and Marine Corps plan to test an anti-missile technology system called Trophy.
ihome bluetooth vanity mirror speaker ihomespeakermirror

Pump up the jams with iHome’s Bluetooth Vanity Mirror Speaker

To help usher everyone's bathroom into the 21st Century, speaker manufacturer iHome just unveiled its innovative Vanity Mirror Bluetooth Speaker.
potatoes on mars rendering of life habitat

With an eye on Mars, NASA is soliciting proposals for deep space habitats

With Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Orbital ATK already on board, NASA says it's yet again seeking proposals for innovative deep space habitat prototypes.
chinese media says mammalian embryos can grow in space mice mouseembryo1

Mice embryos can develop in space, Chinese scientists report

After spending just 80 hours aboard a Chinese research satellite this month, a batch of mouse embryos showed successful early-stage blastocyst development.
yelp bug bounty program

More than just a site for finding good pizza, Yelp now allows quote requests for services

The popular business review site Yelp just announced it now allows users to directly contact businesses to receive quotes on a wide range of services.
dji unveils filmmaking matrice 600 hexacopter matrice1

DJI’s Matrice 600 hexacopter is the go-to drone for Hollywood cinematographers

At this year's NAB show in Las Vegas, leading drone manufacturer DJI unveiled its new high-quality aerial filmmaking hexacopter, dubbed the Matrice 600.
darpa officially christens the actuv in portland launch 6

Ghost ship: Stepping aboard Sea Hunter, the Navy’s unmanned drone ship

With production of its autonomous surface vessel finally finished, DARPA officially unveiled what will soon be the U.S. Navy's favorite new ship.
weekend workshop tetris lamp 040916 feat

Weekend Workshop: How to build a delightfully retro Tetris lamp

Since its debut in 1984, Tetris has been everywhere. Now, thanks to an easy walkthrough on Instructables, anyone can have a Tetris-style lamp in their home.
houston to launch smart ivy lofts ivy1

Houston’s Ivy Lofts simplify apartment life by embracing small living spaces

Houston, Texas will soon be home to the United States' largest micro apartment dubbed the Ivy Lofts. Small but sophisticated, the Ivy Lofts exude high tech.
spacex more frequent launches spacexrocket1

Fifth time’s a charm! SpaceX successfully lands its CRS-8 rocket on an autonomous drone ship

After failing to re-land its Falcon 9 rocket on a floating barge in prior attempts, SpaceX is gearing up to attempt yet another landing this afternoon.
decorilla launches virtual reality app decorilla2

Decorilla’s new VR app lets customers digitally walk through rooms that don’t exist yet

The online interior design platform Decorilla provides users the ability to work closely with designers and now, the company lets people tour homes in VR.