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Pump up the jams with iHome’s Bluetooth Vanity Mirror Speaker

ihome bluetooth vanity mirror speaker ihomespeakermirror
Have you ever been getting ready in the morning, staring into your bathroom mirror and thinking why can’t this play music? Of course you have, and because this problem occurs for many of us every single morning, speaker manufacturer iHome just released a welcome solution to this issue: the iHome Vanity Mirror Speaker.

Literally exactly what it sounds like, iHome’s innovative new speaker setup is a double-sided vanity mirror that boasts Bluetooth audio and speakerphone playback along with a USB outlet for charging your music player of choice. It might not blow you away sonically, but hey, it’s better than listening to your upstairs neighbor stomp around all morning.

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Humor aside, iHome says it created its new vanity speaker to be “as elegant and full-featured as any vanity available.” Consider these guidelines well achieved as the New Jersey-based company included 250 lux Full Spectrum LED lighting, 1x and 7x magnification dual-sided mirror, an auxiliary input port, and a 1 amp USB charging port — in addition to its Bluetooth capability. Depending on a customer’s preferred of mirror size, iHome offers the Vanity Mirror Speaker in 6-inch ($100) and 9-inch ($150) varieties.


“This vanity is the perfect addition to any makeup lover’s stash and is an ideal gift for the woman — or man — who has everything,” says Evan Stein, SDI Technologies’ Director of Marketing. “This new line of high-quality vanity mirrors further cements iHome’s dedication to creating innovative and in-demand products that appeal to the consumer that craves a fully connected life.”

In addition to its aforementioned feature suite, the mirror also boasts a rechargeable battery that’s capable of running up to four hours at a time on a full charge, as well as a power-saving timer that automatically turns the LED light off when not in use. The Vanity Mirror Speaker even lets users take hands-free phone calls with buttons that control volume and allow them to answer calls or hang up. Both models are currently available via iHome’s website; now’s the time to bring your bathroom into the 21st Century.

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