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weekend workshop diy wall lamp broken laptop 061116

Weekend Workshop: How to turn your old laptop into an LED wall lamp

Broken laptops collecting dust in a closet are as common as anything, so why not turn that old piece of hardware into an LED wall lamp? Here's how.
micro wooden cabins in colorado colorado2

Colorado's mini wood cabins are a minimalist's dream

Located on a hillside in Leadville, Colorado, these miniature wooden cabins are minimalist living at its best and an avid outdoorsman's dream.
douglas rushkoff captivates webvisions conference 1

Why isn’t the digital economy making life better? Douglas Rushkoff has an answer

On the heels of releasing his latest book, Douglas Rushkoff took a moment to talk to us about why the digital economy is screwed and how it can be fixed.
invergo coffee machine launches on indiegogo invergo2

Expertly craft the perfect cup of coffee with the Invergo pour-over system

Built to give owners complete control over the brewing of their coffee, the Invergo system is an efficient, customizable alternative to automated machines.
amazon alexa adds nutritionix food tracking spinach scaled

Amazon’s Alexa teams with Nutritionix to help users keep track of calories

Amazon has partnered with Nutritionix to bring the popular food-tracking service to all Amazon Alexa users and compatible devices.
stone cycling trash bricks stonecycling

With StoneCycling, your next home could be made out of your last one

Two Dutch architects have developed a method for using waste building material to make sustainable bricks capable of being used to build structures.
marshawn lynch officially retires beastmode retirement

Marshawn Lynch puts rumors to rest, tells us he is absolutely retired from football

After rumors circulated on the web of a potential comeback, former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch told us he's officially retired and won't play again.
tiny drop home on wheels tend building

Trailer or tiny home? The Tiny Drop is the best of both for off-the-grid living

Essentially a modified camping trailer, Tend Building's Tiny Drop is a sustainable off-grid house on wheels that any avid camper would drool over.
tony fadell leaving nest fadell3

Nest CEO to step down, nestle into role as adviser to Alphabet

Nest founder and CEO Tony Fadell has announced via the company's blog that he will no longer serve as CEO and will instead be an advisor to Alphabet.
marshawn lynch drives an 86 civic

Marshawn Lynch still loves his ’86 Civic, might just give you an Uber ride

Despite amassing roughly $50 million in playing money while in the NFL, former Seahawk Marshawn Lynch prefers driving a Honda Civic or Toyota Prius.
jeff bezos says big industry factories should be built in space bezos2

To save Earth, Jeff Bezos wants to move heavy industry to outer space

To help preserve Earth, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos believes all heavy industry should operate only in outer space.
atari enters the smart home industry 32966630 ml

Video game pioneer Atari to begin developing smart home products this year

Four decades after the release of Pong, video game aficionado Atari has announced a partnership with the France-based SigFox to develop smart home products.
Horizon Hobby Chroma

Horizon Hobby Chroma 4K review

nano dimension successfully lab tested 3d bioprinter for stem cells nano1

3D printing using stem cells? Israeli company runs successful lab tests

Nano Dimensions and stem cell researcher Accellta have reportedly run successful lab tests on a 3D-printing prototype that would print using stem cells.
microsoft project florence lets plants talk florence2

Microsoft’s Project Florence turns a plant’s electrical impulses into messages

Developed by post-doc researcher Helene Steiner, Microsoft's Project Florence transmits a plant's chemical and electrical output into readable messages.
regen villages produces own food and energy netherlands effekt

Sustainability the focus of Danish architecture firm’s villages

Developed at Stanford University by James Ehrlich and designed by the Danish firm EFFEKT, ReGen Villages would essentially produce its own food and energy.
weekend workshop steampunk goggles 052816

Weekend Workshop: Make Max Rockatansky jealous with these DIY steampunk goggles

Whether you're already thinking about this year's Burning Man or simply crave some 19th century clothing apparel, these DIY steampunk goggles are for you.
foldimate laundry machine folding foldimate1

Tired of folding laundry? Bring this robotic machine into the fold

Since no one on the planet likes folding their own laundry, a San Francisco-based company has developed the Foldimate — a robotic laundry-folding machine.
grush toothbrush wins americas greatest makers grush4

Grush gaming toothbrush cleans up with grand prize at America’s Greatest Makers

Designed to allow kids to play video games while brushing, the Grush gaming toothbrush took home the grand prize at the first America's Greatest Makers.
philips hue white ambiance bulbs now available huebulb1

The Philips Hue collection expands, white ambiance lights now available

Adding to its already impressive collection of Hue light bulbs, Philips has added a line of white ambiance bulbs which can mimic the movement of the sun.
cirrent smart home connectivity connects products automatically right out of the box

Cirrent will connect your smart home devices to the internet right out of the box

Launching this week at Connections in San Francisco, Cirrent's new service allows for easier and safer Wi-Fi connections for smart home products.
floating home collects temperature moisture data floathome6

London’s Flood House imagines a world covered entirely by water

Designed by London-based architect Matthew Butcher, Flood House navigates the Thames Estuary in an effort to reunite architecture with the environment.
weekend workshop raspberry pi rc car

Weekend Workshop: Tear up your driveway with this Raspberry Pi-powered RC car

Drones are great, sure, but who wouldn't enjoy ripping a DIY RC car around their neighborhood? Here's how to easily construct one in a matter of hours.
chicago dentist debuts smart toothbrush s001 c025 033086

ONVI’s smart toothbrush features a live video feed of your mouth while you brush

Founded by Chicago-based dentist Dr. Craig Kohler, ONVI has officially launched the first smart toothbrush outfit with a built-in, live streaming camera.
prosthetic arm boasts phone charger and drone 0002

Konami built the ultimate prosthetic arm for this gamer, and it has a drone

Konami teamed up with a leading prosthetics designer to design and create a working prosthetic arm inspired by Metal Gear Solid for an amputee gamer.
landlords auctioning apartments online rentberry4

CEO says rent-bidding service is the future of renting apartments

As rent prices soar, a service allowing tenants to bid on rent is a bad idea, right? According to Rentberry CEO Alex Lubinsky, it's the future of renting.
black and decker unveils smartech batteries smartechtm use bluetooth  technology to connect the new mobile app 19 hr

Black & Decker charges into the 21st Century with the Smartech Battery line

Capable of being used with any of its products, Black & Decker's Smartech Battery lineup gives users innovative control and flexibility over their batteries.
gota dam residence in africa

Africa’s Gota Dam Residence is the perfect spot for plotting world domination

Located in an undisclosed area of Africa, the Gota Dam Residence may scream "evil lair," but it was actually designed for recording musicians.
ring doorbell pro video glitch lets users see other homes ringdoorbell1

Ring’s Doorbell Pro accidentally sent video of other homes to unsuspecting users

For a short time, a small number of Ring Doorbell Pro users were accidentally sent live video of other users' homes via Ring's smartphone application.
weekend workshop cold brew drip tower 051416

Weekend Workshop: Caffeinate in style with this DIY cold-brew coffee drip tower

Who doesn't love cold-brew coffee? Build your own Arduino-powered cold-brew drip tower in a matter of hours with this simple, comprehensive walk-through.
how to test your home water supply for lead 14225515 ml

How to find out if there’s lead in your home water supply

With the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, bubbling over, concerns over lead poisoning are sky high. Here's how to easily check your home water supply for lead.
Hyperloop One Event

The Hyperloop is real, and we watched the first test in the Nevada desert

To get a glimpse of the future, we traveled to the desert outside of Las Vegas to see Hyperloop One conduct the world's first-ever open-air Hyperloop propulsion test.
acanvas art display streaming platform launches on kickstarter img 6135 edit

Acanvas streaming picture frame will recharge itself to keep your photos on display

Forget the awfully poor digital photo frames of old, the Acanvas cord-free streaming platform is the last interactive picture frame you'll ever need.
drone footage seattle tunnel sr 99 bertha feat

Tour Seattle’s insane subterranean highway by drone, as it’s being built

The Washington State Department of Transportation published incredible drone footage of the ongoing construction of Seattle's new underground tunnel.