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Trailer or tiny home? The Tiny Drop is the best of both for off-the-grid living

To some, the American Dream might consist of living in a multimillion dollar mansion in a gated Beverly Hills community — however far-fetched tha idea might seem. To others, perhaps those more grounded in reality, a mere 150 square feet of a mobile, sustainable living space is all that’s required to achieve ultimate nirvana. Enter Tend Building’s Tiny Drop off-grid home. Essentially a modified camping trailer, the Tiny Drop is a minimalist’s dream and an abode that would have any outdoor lover salivating at the opportunity of owning one.

Under the hood, the Tiny Drop consists of a continuous thermal blanket and innovative home sealing technology that delivers high-quality insulation — as any avid camper would tell you, this is an incredibly beneficial feature. Additionally, the home features a ventilated rain screen and sun barrier that further enhance its ability to save energy and remain durable. Aesthetically, the designers adorned Tiny Drop’s exterior with a wooden frame complemented by aluminum cladding on the sides and front.

We know what you’re thinking: How comfortable can 150 square feet really be? Once inside the camper, the rig’s vaulted ceiling and perfectly placed windows — including two placed on the roof itself — make the small space feel dramatically bigger than it actually is. The space is also outfitted with a large sofa near the back (with included storage underneath), a fresh spring water sink, and a small dining area. Tend also included a sizeble bathroom with a composting toilet system and small shower.

Concerning Tiny Drop’s sustainability, the designers opted to include a fresh-air system. They also installed a whisper-quiet moisture and odor-removing bathroom fan. A combustion-exhaust-controlled furnace and on-demand water heater allow the home to feel even cozier while the rooftop solar panels provide owners all the energy needed to keep the rig’s appliances — and ultra-efficient LED lighting — humming.

Since April, Tend has celebrated its innovative living solution by taking it on a nationwide tour and offering people the opportunity to see the Tiny Drop in person. Furthermore, those interested in owning one of these impressive rigs for themselves can simply contact Tend to have their own built to order for roughly $60,000.

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