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ligeo leds launch on kickstarter ligeo1

Ligeo LEDs bring customization and versatility to home lighting

If you find traditional light bulbs boring, a German-based company decided to launch a line of customizable and colorful LED lights via Kickstarter.
What is glamping?

Sleep among the stars (and honking taxis) by rooftop glamping in Manhattan

Located on a rooftop in Manhattan, W Hotel's Extreme Wow Outdoor Glamping Suite lets visitors experience a night under the stars without leaving the city.
self learning wiser air smart thermostat

Putting the ‘smart’ in smart home, Wiser Air’s Eco IQ learns when users are uncomfortable

Instead of requiring a constant input of temperature points, Wiser Air's Eco IQ feature learns when owners are uncomfortable and adapts accordingly.
gosun solar dogger launches on indiegogo feature

Sun-powered Solar Dogger promises perfectly cooked hot dogs in just 10 minutes

From the makers of the GoSun Stove and GoSun Grill is the Solar Dogger, a solar-powered hot dog cooker that promises perfectly made hot dogs in 10 minutes.
ori robotic furniture launch 2 bedroom bed in

Turn studio flats into spacious one-bedroom apartments with this amazing robotic furniture

With the simple press of a button, the Ori furniture system has the ability to turn typically small studio flats into spacious one-bedroom apartments.
3D Printed House

It’s hideous, but this 3D-printed villa in China can withstand a major quake

Designed and built by the architecture firm HuaShang Tengda, this two-story, 3D-printed mansion can withstand a magnitude 8.0 earthquake.
weekend workshop diy smart electric fan 070916

Weekend Workshop: Stave off the heat this summer with a DIY smart electric fan

The electric fan needed an upgrade and a savvy engineer at Instructables devised a way to make a person sensing smart fan using a Raspberry Pi.
micro winery instantly makes wine

Wine never stops flowing with Iowa State University's micro winery

Developed by Iowa State University professor Daniel Attinger, the micro winery bypasses the fermentation process to continuously produce wine.
amazon prime day alexa only deals echo echoamazon1

Amazon’s Echo now allows users to default to Spotify or Pandora

Instead of only playing music from Amazon Prime Music, unless otherwise specified, Amazon's Echo can now default to Spotify and Pandora.
phononic raises 30 million in funding solid state refrigerators phononic3

Phononic's thermoelectric fridges aim to revolutionize the appliance industry

Appliance giant Haier is reportedly working with thermoelectric fridge designer Phononic to bring semiconductor refrigerators to the public.
sprang chair balance ball launches on kickstarter the 0004

Burn calories, improve your posture and spine health with the Sprang Chair

Aiming to curb the negative side effects of sitting in an office chair all day, the Sprang Chair is an innovative ergonomic alternative.
comcast mobile phone service offices feat

Comcast adds voice commands and new smart-home security camera to Xfinity Home

Adding to its already-impressive Xfinity Home lineup, media giant Comcast announced this week the launch of a new smart-home security camera this summer.
ion adventure hotel in iceland

Sleep beside a volcano and bathe in ash at this Icelandic power plant turned hotel

Located near the active Mount Hengill volcano, Iceland's ION Adventure Hotel is a sustainable resort that perfectly celebrates the small Nordic island.
weekend workshop how to build a geodesic dome 070216

Weekend Workshop: Turn a pile of cardboard into a backyard geodesic dome

Essentially a 21st Century tree house, geodesic domes don't offer much outside of being a fun place to hang out. Here's how to make one using cardboard.
vestia wine saver launches on kickstarter vestia1

Want to keep opened wine from losing it's flavor? Vestia's Wine Saver does just that

Capable of preserving opened wine, the Vestia Wine Saver helps keep unwanted air out of wine bottles by creating a low-pressure, vacuum-sealed environment.
geomen launches beef box on kickstarter beefbox2

Forget Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, the Beef Box lets you perfectly dry-age steak

Launched this week via Kickstarter, the Beef Box dry-ager lets at-home cooks save some serious dough by bringing quality dry-aged steaks to their kitchen.
edo cardboard blocks launch on kickstarter edoblocks1

Edo blocks are the giant cardboard Legos you’ve always wanted

Launching via Kickstarter this week, Edo blocks are essentially giant cardboard Legos that offer users the ability to build anything from forts to giraffes.
marshawn lynch helps with car of the year video

A candid Marshawn Lynch talks frunks, Chick-fil-A and Tesla’s front seat

Retired NFL running back Marshawn Lynch lent his talents in our selection of the 2016 Car of the Year awards and shed some light on what he's like off the field.
terry and tidal house thumb

A rising tide lifts all … houses? Movable stilt homes keep you high and dry

Designed to withstand rising sea levels and the impact of climate change, the Tidal House aims to ebb and flow with the changing environment itself.
weekend workshop mosquito trap 062516

Weekend Workshop: End backyard buzzing with a mosquito trap made from a tire

With Zika and other mosquito-borne illnesses causing a bit of a raucous lately, this DIY mosquito trap using an old car tire is the perfect weekend project.
boston dynamics unveils the spotmini dynamics2

Boston Dynamics serves up the stuff of nightmares with its ‘dancing’ SpotMini robot

Capable of inducing nightmares based solely on its dance moves, Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robot is the latest creation from the Massachusetts-based outfit.
tado partners with amazon echo tado2

Amazon teams with Tado to provide Alexa support for its smart air conditioning units

A collaboration announced just this past week, owners of Amazon's Echo devices can now use it to power on or adjust the temperature of any Tado AC unit.
ex nasa engineer builds giant nerf gun world s largest

The world’s largest Nerf gun is all your childhood dreams come true

Capable of firing darts at speeds of up to 40 mph, ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober's latest contraption is the world's largest Nerf gun.
stelton debuts stylish collar coffee collection collar4

Two London-based designers gave the moka pot a welcome 21st-century makeover

Two London-based designers teamed up with the houseware company Stelton to give the decades-old moka pot a welcome injection of 21st-century style.
pascal press coffee mug kickstarter pascal2

Brew French press-quality coffee on the go with the Pascal Press

Never again will coffee lovers have to decide between quality coffee or portability, as the innovative Pascal Press brews fresh coffee even while on the go.
ibm watson edits magazine the drum thedrum1

IBM’s AI system Watson just edited an entire magazine all on its own

In collaboration with marketing company The Drum, IBM's artificial intelligence system Watson just successfully edited an entire magazine all on its own.
ikea to sell furniture made from recycled materials ikea3

A line of housewares made from recycled materials will soon be offered by Ikea

Beginning in 2017, the massive housing goods company Ikea plans on selling furniture made exclusively out of recycled plastic and recycled wood.
j2 residence las vegas

Step inside the ultimate smart home, decked out with $1.2 million in tech

A $1.2 million smart home system, basement bowling alley, and 13,000 sq. ft. of luxury highlight this Las Vegas, Nevada home known as the J2 Residence.
weekend workshop diy solar charger 061816

Weekend Workshop: How to build a DIY solar charger out of Altoid tins

This easy-to-make DIY solar charger assures you'll never have to leave home and worry about a "Low Battery" alert on your smartphone ever again.
samsung debuts landry gaming laundry facilities landry1

Samsung makes teens earn their gaming time at LANdry video game laundromat

In an effort to get teenagers excited about household chores, Samsung has opened the world's first PC gaming laundromat in Sweden called LANdry.
apple homekit preinstalled in new homes homekit3

Apple enlists the help of home builders to preinstall its HomeKit in new homes

Employing the help of three nationwide home builders, Apple announced at this year's WWDC that its HomeKit system will be built-in to newly built homes.
saltedeats on demand ingredients service saltedeats3

SaltedEats lets you take a crack at cooking your favorite chef’s signature dish

Launched this month in the Los Angeles area, SaltedEats is the on-demand ingredients service bringing signature recipes right to its users' kitchens.
elon musk details mission to mars 26751237322 22dc7de0f4 k

In just two years, Elon Musk wants to establish a cargo route between Earth and Mars

While speaking to the Washington Post recently, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk detailed his company's mission to Mars which includes setting up a cargo route by 2018.
voltaire coffee grinder launches on kickstarter voltaire1

The Voltaire smart coffee grinder aims to bring Starbucks-level coffee to your kitchen

Launched this past week on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter, the Voltaire smart coffee grinder makes it easy to brew quality coffee anywhere.