Ligeo LEDs bring customization and versatility to home lighting

Traditional light bulbs are certainly a staple of any household, but there’s no denying that they can be perceived as ordinary and even boring. To help give the home lighting industry a bit of a jolt, a company by the name of GIP Innovation Tools just launched a new line of LED lights that give owners complete control over their shape, color, and design. Dubbed Ligeo, these innovative LEDs allow anyone to easily concoct a variety of geometrical shapes to spruce up their home. Want to put a bright red hexagon in the corner of your den? How about a couple of white triangles in your entry way? Ligeo makes this a reality.

Launched via Kickstarter, Ligeo LEDs give you the ability to display a little creativity when decorating a home. Furthermore, constructing shapes and designs takes just a few minutes and because of their versatility, they’re easy to disassemble and rebuild as you see fit. By making use of connector hubs, Ligeo LED strips simply plug into each other to create small 2D designs or sprawling 3D masterpieces.

“We wanted a system of lights that combine quality and design,” said Ligeo co-founder and designer Dietmar Dix. “With Ligeo, everyone becomes a lighting designer. You have a new day, you make a new design in your flat and you will have a new flat on the next day. My whole office is full of light fields and tomorrow, I’ll change it.”

Ligeo LEDs come in two different varieties: Controllable Color (CC) and Controllable White (CW). While CW essentially speaks for itself, the CC variety is where the product truly shines. By making use of the device’s companion Color/Control smartphone application, you simply select the hue you wish the light to emit as well as the pattern it displays. This feature, coupled with the ability to physically alter the lights, allows for a different experience every day.

Early Kickstarter adopters have the chance to purchase the Ligeo light system at a discounted price of nearly half its intended retail value during the campaign. Those interested in the CW option need to shell out just $170 for three 12-inch white Ligeo bars while the CC pack runs slightly more at $190 for the same amount. For comparison’s sake, the retail value of CW and CC will roughly be $300 and $330, respectively. As of this writing, Ligeo LEDs had raised just over $1,300 towards its end goal of $182k, with a month left in the campaign.