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Sleep among the stars (and honking taxis) by rooftop glamping in Manhattan

While traditional tent and sleeping bag campers may deem glamping a shameful way to “rough it,” the W Hotel in New York City is banking on the emergence of the recent trend to bring visitors to its newest attraction: the Extreme Wow Outdoor Glamping Suite. A $2,000-per-night establishment, the W’s new glamping suite is not only an expensive way for city-slicking NYCers to blow off a little steam after a long week of work, but a getaway that isn’t all that far from home: midtown Manhattan.

With a constant din of blaring sirens, honking horns, and drum of engines just a few floors below, who wouldn’t get a good night’s rest here?

Expensive list price notwithstanding, the W Hotel’s EWOGS doesn’t look like a half-bad way to spend an evening. Located on a rooftop in Manhattan and chock full of amenities, visitors likely won’t even notice that they’re glamor camping within the confines of NYC. Outfit with a beautiful rooftop terrace, comfortable outdoor furniture, a working fire pit, and large yurt, the W spared no expense in creating the ultimate weekend destination.

“We’ve partnered with interior design company Laurel & Wolf to transform our Extreme Wow Suite’s terrace into an urban glamping adventure,” read a W Hotel press release. “The Outdoor Glamping Suite is plush with dreamy nods to camping: a 12-foot yurt bedecked in a kaleidoscope of fabrics and textures, glowing lanterns, rattan hanging chairs and a fire pit that lights up with the flip of switch. A canopy of twinkling cafe lights surround the yurt, the central element of the rustic-luxe oasis.”

If the outdoor terrace is a bit too much, the suite also includes a penthouse fit with a flat-screen TV, cozy furniture, and views of Manhattan’s concrete jungle. Additionally, visitors can opt to call in room service in the event they forgot to bring along age-old camp snacks like hot dogs or chips — this is glamping, after all, so ordering a T-bone steak wouldn’t be that out of the ordinary. To make the $2,000 price tag a bit easier to stomach, the W also includes a bottle of Veuve champagne. Who says camping isn’t fun?

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