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Step inside the ultimate smart home, decked out with $1.2 million in tech

Known for its opulence and neon lights, the city of Las Vegas also has a side that many people aren’t aware of: a booming residential market. Perhaps nothing encapsulates the kind of inherent wealth native to the City of Lights than a mansion known simply as the J2 Residence. On the market for a staggering $12.5 million, this gorgeous luxury abode resides in The Ridges development a few miles west of the city’s signature strip of casinos and hotels. According to The Pinnacle List, J2 Residence is the ultimate expression of achievement. We can’t help but agree.

As the gallery shows, the house is utterly stunning, but one particular feature could have you picking your jaw up from the floor — J2 Residence boasts a $1.2 million Crestron smart home automation system. That’s right, a $1.2 million smart home system. The system’s included features read like a novel, but here’s the skinny on what it offers. A simple press of the “wake” scene button gently raises the home’s lights, preheats the bathroom, and turns on the TV to a desired favorite channel. It’s like living in a home you’d see in a science fiction film.

Additionally, the system has the ability to send email notifications, should issues arise while owners are out of the house. It also boasts live stream security camera feeds and one-touch capability to close the blinds, dim the TV, or lock the doors. If manually executing these actions sounds like too much work, the Crestron system allows for a number of customizable presets which will switch on or off anything within the house based on predetermined times. Welcome to the 21st century.

Aside from this state-of-the-art smart home setup, the home itself is an absolute marvel. From its sweeping views of the Nevada desert in the comfort of the master bedroom to its neon-clad Brunswick bowling alley, the next owner of this house will be living the definition of style. There’s even a stunning all-glass wine cellar and uber-hip man cave-type bar downstairs that’s perfect for entertaining guests — as if they wouldn’t already be entertained by a 13,000 sq. ft. lavish mansion.

Rounding out the J2 Residence are five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, pre-installed solar panels, a massive guest suite with included retreat, and full-blown spa and gym. The home’s Zillow listing perfectly sums up the kind of experience the next owner will have as soon as they move in: “With amenities everywhere, [J2 Residence] is like a resort with all the comforts of home; your home.” Now if only we had a spare $12.5 million lying around.

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