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The Blossom 8 watering system adds features at half its predecessor's price

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With concern over the conservation of water higher today than ever, it’s become increasingly important for homeowners to utilize a reliable and efficient sprinkler to tend to their yards. Understanding this, a California-based company named Blossom has just launched an upgraded version of its smart watering system called the Blossom 8. Promising to reduce the amount of guesswork associated with watering while introducing an intuitive new control scheme, the Blossom 8 aims to revolutionize the way people maintain their lawns.

In an effort to hammer home the importance of conserving water, Blossom decided to release the new Blossom 8 on March 22 — otherwise known as World Water Day. Under the hood, the Blossom 8 watering system perfectly represents what it means to make your home “smart.” Featuring a Smart Watering algorithm which collects plant information, local weather forecasts, and area-specific conditions, the system constantly formulates an adequate watering schedule to keep a lawn perfectly watered while saving valuable water.

The Blossom 8 smart sprinkler system
The Blossom 8 smart watering system

Having a device to regularly monitor water usage offers yet another massive advantage for users; it dramatically lowers their water bills. And Blossom took this a step further with its current release, making the 8 available to purchase for a mere $99 (which is $100 cheaper than Blossom’s original). And aside from the price, the 8 boasts a few key differences when compared to the company’s inaugural release.

For starters, the Blossom 8 supports up to eight sprinkler zones — in contrast to the original’s twelve — with the company creating the device solely to be placed indoors. The 8 also boasts enhanced Wi-Fi capability, and compatible iOS and Android apps, and in terms of size it is slightly smaller than its predecessor at just shy of seven inches wide and seven inches tall. Perhaps its biggest new addition is just how easy Blossom makes actually setting up the 8 as it literally only requires removing an old sprinkler system controller, mounting the Blossom device, and downloading a smartphone app — that’s it.


Obviously, those looking to install an entire sprinkler system will have a bit larger of a project on their hands, but those with existing systems can avoid any actual digging, wiring, or installation of valves. Furthermore, the smartphone app allows any Blossom 8 owner to eaily alter their water schedule, activate an impromptu cycle, and monitor current watering cycles.

Available now via Blossom’s website, the Blossom 8 is a smart watering system that not only makes it easy to keep your lawn watered and healthy but helps keep your water bill from costing an arm and a leg.

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