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Live like Bilbo Baggins in this opulent, Hobbit-style English home

Fans of the Lord of the Rings franchise, rejoice! Well, fans who live in England at least, as an incredibly luxurious Hobbit-style home located in Huddersfield has just hit the market. Built in 1975 and featuring a heated swimming pool flanked by a gorgeous, stone-clad family recreation area, this residence is not just for those who cherish the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, but those who appreciate a bit of comfort (and style) in their abode.

In addition to the pool and rec center, this unique home also possesses four bedrooms; a cozy, peat fireplace room called The Cave; and more Shire charm than you could possibly imagine. Owners would enter the home through a typical Hobbit-themed round entryway that paves the way to the residence’s sliding wooden front door. Beyond the door lies a grand entrance hall which serves as a stunning introduction to this 4,000-square-foot home.

We know what you’re thinking: How much does it cost? Well, extreme Hobbiters can lay claim to this wonder of a home for a mere $918,400. Sweetening the deal a bit would be the perfectly named Underhill dwelling’s dedicated music room, large, modern kitchen, and the fact it sits on just under one acre of lush, grass-filled land.

Moreover, areas of the home were built into the surrounding terrain, allowing for the earth around it to provide a constant cool temperature inside. Pair these amenities in with the fact you’d be the only owner of a Hobbit-themed household boasting this much extravagance and the price begins to make a bit more sense.

Designed by Arthur Quarmby, president of the British Earth Sheltering Association, the home has remained a staple of the Quarmby family for a staggering 41 years. Be it a desire to pass on the stunning residence to other LOTR fans or an urge to design another iconic literary habitat, Quarmby and his family appear ready to pass the torch.

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