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Samsung takes on home appliances with its Ikea-like modular fridge and more

Samsung home appliances on display at IFA 2019 Digital Trends

Samsung has been making waves at IFA 2019 with its relaunched Galaxy Fold and compact 8K TV, but it didn’t show up at Europe’s biggest tech conference with only consumer electronics in tow. The company brought along a selection of appliances too, including some innovative concepts that could get techies excited about kitchen and home products.

Beautiful fridges

Samsung’s new Bespoke fridges Digital Trends

First up are these handsome refrigerators, part of the new Bespoke range. The idea is that the fridges are modular and available in single-door to four-door options, so you can choose the size and combination of fridge and freezer space that works for you. The doors sit flush with the wall, giving a seamless, modern appearance. And there’s a big range of colors that can be mixed and matched to fit any decor scheme. It’s like Ikea’s modular approach applied to fridges.

Digital Trends

The Bespoke range is launching first in South Korea, with plans to expand to Europe in the coming months.

A quieter air purifier

Samsung’s super quiet Air Purifier AX9500 Digital Trends

A second practical appliance that Samsung has beautified is the air purifier. This sleek box is also available in a range of colors to match your home, and is the world’s first wind-free purification system. Instead of using a fan to push air around a room, the Air Purifier AX9500 has a three-layer filtration system, which means it can filter dust and allergens while running practically silently.

A wardrobe which cleans your clothes

Samsung’s AirDresser freshens your clothes with steam and air Digital Trends

Another intriguing concept is the AirDresser: A wardrobe that steams and dries your clothes. Rather than taking your clothes to a dry cleaner, you can seal them in the AirDresser and they’ll be sanitized and unwrinkled using steam and air. It’s not intended to replace laundry, so don’t go throwing your sweaty gym socks in there, but it can replace a tumble dryer and would be great for keeping shirts and work clothes crisp and neat.

A powerful 500W cordless vacuum

Samsung’s powerful PowerStick Jet cordless vacuum Digital Trends

While you’re in the cleaning mood, Samsung debuted its new vacuum cleaner, called the PowerStick Jet cordless. It offers 200 watts of power and a five-layer HEPA filtration system, which the company says will capture 99.999% of dust particles and allergens.

Detailed specs of the PowerStick Jet Digital Trends

One oven, two compartments

Finally, there’s the Dual Cook Steam Oven, which has two chambers and can cook in one compartment while simultaneously steaming in the other, making it perfect for preparing a roast dinner, among many other things.

Samsung’s Dual Cook Steam Oven in various combinations Digital Trends

These products should be coming to Europe soon, with launches in other locations to follow.

Another showcase of Samsung home products at IFA 2019 Digital Trends

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