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Enabot’s new roving camera is like Star Wars’ BB-8 for the home

Ebo - Robot Companion for Your Cat

A security camera is not likely to be mistaken for anything except exactly what it is. Enabot hopes to change with the addition of two new robots to its lineup: The Ebo Air and the Ebo SE. Both of these robots keep the small size of their predecessors while becoming pint-sized friends that not only keep an eye on the activity around your home, but also allow you to interact with your children, pets, and older family members.

Both of these robots allow you to control them remotely, and their wheeled design means they can scoot around your home to look for suspicious activity. Think of them like your own personal droid , just like BB-8 in Star Wars. The Ebo Air and Ebo SE can cruise through the home up to 24 times per day, recording 1080p video at 30 frames per second. You can initiate this cruise manually or schedule it to happen at specific times throughout the day. They also come with automatic obstacle avoidance, as well as the ability to begin recording only when a human or animal is picked up.

Enabot Ebo Familybot

The Ebo Air and Ebo SE work just as well at night as they do during the day thanks to built-in infrared night vision, while two-way audio lets you communicate with family members or pets. Video can be stored locally to an SD card, and you can enable 24/7 video recording for the best level of security.

These robots use charging docks that keep them powered up. When not in use, the Ebo Air and Ebo SE automatically return to their docks to recharge. Anti-collision and anti-drop sensors mean the robots will automatically right themselves when needed.

Perhaps the most interesting and most endearing part of the Ebo Air and Ebo SE is their lifelike actions. Different emojis and icons can appear in place of the robot’s eyes to depict various emotions, while the noises they make are simulate realistic interactions; for instance, it might squeak if something bumps into it.

While the Enabot lineup of robots launched as a way to keep an eye on pets, this latest generation is the company’s move toward fully artificial, interactive companions.

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