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The Moorebot Scout is a roving security camera robot that’ll patrol your home

Security cameras are powerful tools for keeping your home protected, but they are limited in what they can see. You have to be careful with the placement of the camera to give it the maximum possible angle. If only there was an indoor security camera that could move around your home as needed — something like robot maker Moorebot’s Scout, perhaps? The Scout is a tiny, artificial intelligence- (A.I.) powered robot that looks a lot like an RC car with a camera.

It has a 1080p camera with night vision capabilities, as well as an IP65 weather resistance rating that allows it to navigate outdoors just as easily as it does indoors. It also has four-wheel drive and Mecanum wheels that let it zip over almost all terrain without getting stuck.

Intelligent obstacle avoidance means the Scout won’t go barreling into a pit, while its TensorFlow algorithms allow it to distinguish between human and animal shapes for better motion detection and alerts. The Scout can be set to patrol 24/7, constantly moving around the home to look for potential threats. When its battery levels drop, it will automatically return home to its docking station and remain there until recharged, at which point it will resume its patrol.

The Scout has intelligent motion-sensing technology. If it picks up motion, it will turn and focus in that direction to better monitor what set it off. It will also follow the cause, whether human or animal. The footage is uploaded to the cloud automatically for review.

It’s a sneaky little robot, particularly given the size. At just 2.8 by 4 by 4.3 inches, the Scout could fit in the palm of your hand. Imagine a security camera that can keep an eye on a mischievous pet and follow it around the home. It streams the video in real time, and the built-in speaker allows you to speak to your pet (or to an intruder.)

The Scout can be controlled through voice commands through both Amazon Alexa and Google Home, too. Just ask Scout to start its patrol and sit back as you have your own personal army of security drones roaming through your home. You might need to install a Scout door, though.

Scout is available on Kickstarter now for an early bird price of $150. Its standard retail price is set at $200. Just be aware of some of the pitfalls around supporting crowdfunded projects. Considering how we already have robot vacuums with cameras that can keep an eye on your home while you’re away, as well as an indoor camera drone from Ring coming soon, the Scout is certainly yet another interesting roving camera to think about.

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