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tesla panasonic team to manufacture photovoltaic cells in buffalo powerwallpanasonic1

Powerwall for all: Tesla turns to Panasonic for increased photovoltaic production

American automaker Tesla turned to frequent collaborator Panasonic yet again to increase its production of photovoltaic cells and modules in Buffalo.
kallpa concept coffee machine reimagines kallpa3

Kallpa Coffee Machine concept makes you a partner in the brewing process

By scanning QR codes implanted on coffee pods, the Kallpa Coffee Machine concept aims to give owners quick access to nutritional and other information.
saint eustache church digital projections of st eustace feat

Surreal projections on the ceiling of this Paris church leave visitors seeing stars

The Church of Saint-Eustache in Paris is now home to a series of constellation-like digital projections designed by French digital artist Miguel Chevalier.
Envirolution Stoves

Here's a modern take on the wood-burning stove. Are you stoked?

Utilizing real wood to generate heat, the Kitchen Kamin eschews traditional stove design for something much more unique and unusual.
innovative polygons spoon launches on kickstarter polygons1

Bring Polygons, the origami-like, all-in-one measuring spoon, into the fold

With a series of premarked scores, the Polygons measuring spoon is every size of teaspoon or tablespoon you'd ever need in one easy-to-use package.
color muse paint matcher launches colormuse1

Match paint colors like a pro with the D battery-sized color muse device

No bigger than the size of a D battery, the color muse is the easy-to-use device capable of perfectly matching paint or flooring colors in minutes.
tiny home on wheels expands at push of a button idahomes jamboree house rv

This expanding tiny home gets less tiny at the press of a button

With just the push of a button, the tiny home on wheels designed by Tiny Idahomes expands and shrinks its compartments similar in style to an RV.
Weekend Workshop: Solar Powered Radio with Bluetooth + MP3

Weekend Workshop: Keep on rocking off the grid with a DIY solar Bluetooth speaker

Forget traditional battery-powered radios, with this week's Weekend Workshop project you'll be harnessing the power of the sun to jam your tunes in no time.
lifx announces infrared emitting light bulbs lifx2

Spy kit essentials: LIFX's infrared-emitting smart bulb lets security cameras see better

Smart bulb purveyor LIFX unveiled its new infrared-emitting smart bulb geared toward helping security cameras achieve a better field of view at night.
ecomo water quality testing bottle set to launch on kickstarter ecomo3

Find out what is lurking in your tap water with the innovative Ecomo bottle

Featuring the ability to show users exactly what is in their tap water -- like mercury or lead -- the Ecomo water bottle will soon launch on Kickstarter.
weekend workshop electric hot dog cooker diy hotdog feat

Weekend Workshop: Electrify your meat with this DIY hot dog cooker

Although BBQ season is in the rearview, this DIY electric hot dog cooker assures there's no need to give up on enjoying perfectly cooked franks.
kryo sleep performance system indiegogo kryo2

As cool as the other side of the pillow: Kryo system promises a better night’s rest

By actively cooling a mattress as low as 60-degrees Fahrenheit, the Kryo cooling system promises owners a better night's sleep by regulating temperature.
siri may open smart locks for strangers siriunlock3

Siri may open your smart lock-enabled doors to anyone who asks nicely

A Missouri man found out the hard way that his Apple HomeKit-enabled smart home could unlock his smart locks for strangers who simply ask Siri to do so.
sproutsio smart garden launches on kickstarter sproutsio1

The SproutsIO soil-free smart garden is looking to turn everyone's thumb green

Launching on Kickstarter this past week, SproutsIO is the soil-free smart garden that lets anyone grow fresh fruit and vegetables year-round.
Samsung Family Hub

Samsung Family Hub refrigerator review

Elastica Cadence Architects

Try to find a right angle in Bangalore’s melty, futuristic ‘Elastica’ house

Built by the Bangalore, India-based architecture firm, Cadence Architects, this unique home appears as though it's melting a la a Salvador Dali painting.
Weekend Workshop DIY Electric Light Bulb

Weekend Workshop: Build an old-school lightbulb from pencil lead and a jar

Piece together your own electric light bulb this weekend using little more than eight D-cell batteries, a glass Mason jar, and a graphite pencil needle.
ge announces recalls of top loading washers gehq1

GE Appliances issues recall of its Profile top-loading washers due to fire risk

According to a GE recall, three models of its GE Profile top-loading washers may feature faulty electrical components that pose a risk of catching fire.
smart lock company amadas cancels kickstarter campaign amadas2

Despite surpassing its funding goal, smart-lock firm Amadas to shutter campaign

Despite raising more money than it wanted, smart-lock innovator Amadas says it will end its Kickstarter campaign due to confusion over connectivity.
havenly gives free design advice via app havenly1

Interior design specialist Havenly giving free design advice to iOS 10 users

With Apple's iOS 10 now available on its Apple line of phones, Havenly has announced it's offering free interior design advice for users of iOS 10.
phononic raises 30 million in funding solid state refrigerators phononic3 feat

Solid-state fridge pioneer Phononic secures $30 million in funding to expand reach

To help bring its solid-state refrigerators to the masses, the North Carolina-based startup Phononic announced it secured $30 million in equity funding.
jackson hole area home features exterior rock climbing wall cache creek residence carney logan burke architects

Ladders are for losers: This house has a rock climbing wall on it

Outfitted with an exterior rock climbing wall, this Jackson Hole-area home may not be everyone's idea of rest and relaxation, but it certainly is novel.
weekend workshop hand powered led flashlight 2 091016

Weekend Workshop: How to easily build a DIY hand-powered LED flashlight

With little more than an old soda can, some LED lights, and a 12V DC motor, anyone has the ability to easily build their own hand-powered LED flashlight.
microsoft shutting down docs com document sharing service ifa 2015

Microsoft and Liebherr are collaborating on an upcoming line of smart fridges

Microsoft announced this week that it's teaming up with the appliance company Liebherr to help design an imaging capability for its refrigerators.
city of chicago adding sensors to its streetlights chicagosensor3

Chicago’s innovative new streetlights will monitor the city’s every move

This summer, Chicago has moved forward with installing smart devices on street lights geared towards monitoring the city's constantly changing vitals.
stilla motion sensing device detector launches on indiegogo feat

Stilla creates a motion-sensing device that’s no bigger than a silver dollar

By simply placing the Stilla Motion device on a backpack, laptop, or purse, owners have the ability to easily track and monitor those items' every movement.
egloo launches electricity free heater egloo2

Save big on your winter bills with Egloo’s electricity-free heater

By making using of just four candles, the terra cotta-outfit Egloo heater can heat a 90-square-foot room upwards of 10 degrees in just 30 minutes.
Daniel Moreno & Sebastián Calero Architects RPD Home

You might live in a shipping container home, if it was this amazing

Built out of eight shipping containers, this ambitious (and incredibly unique) home celebrates the Ecuadorian environment and disassembles like a clock.
how to make a pocket slingshot weekend workshop  easy

Weekend Workshop: How to make a kick-ass pocket slingshot in an hour

Using nothing more than a hacksaw, an old soda bottle, and a balloon, anyone with a few minutes this weekend can make their own pocket slingshot.
zeppidy transforms home buying industry zeppidy1

Zeppidy is your one-stop shop for online real estate transactions

To help home buyers and sellers feel comfortable with the real estate process, a company named Zeppidy created a fully comprehensive online platform.
vietnamese home living trees vtree2

Unique Vietnamese home embraces tranquility with its plots of living trees

Flush with natural light and outfit with a bevy of living trees, this unique Vietnamese home is tranquil living at its absolute finest.
zuckerberg resolution 2017 mark 5 1500x1000

Zuckerberg programmed his AI butler to ignore his wife's voice commands

After unveiling a bit about his AI butler back in June, Mark Zuckerberg says the system is nearly ready to share with the public.
F-35 fighter

From cyberwarfare to drones, the future of conflict is electronic

three million dollar house has bloomed flower roof flowerhouse6

This $3.6 million La Jolla home features a roof reminiscent of a blooming lotus flower

Designed by renown architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, this $3.6 million La Jolla home features Douglas fir-clad interior and a blooming lotus flower roof.