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arctic cold brew system launches on kickstarter with hot and

Indulge your cold-brew cravings with the Arctic at-home coffee brewer

Comprised of a glass carafe, micron filter, and stainless steel lid, the minimal Arctic cold-brew coffee system whips up concentrated coffee with ease.
natural balance pot waters plants by itself naturalbalance3

Natural Balance self-watering planter makes caring for houseplants effortless

Featuring an innovative water reservoir that tips over when a plant requires watering, the Natural Balance planter is a unique take on self-watering tech.
The Tiny Project Alek Lisefski

An abode for the road: This tiny home was built entirely on a flatbed trailer

food industry experts predict future of 37425940  deep fried insects a traditional snack skoun cambodia

Crickets for dinner? Food industry experts weigh in on the future of food

While speaking with Culinary Institute of America program director Nikki Briggs, food industry experts pointed to insects as the future of food.
whym home beer making kit launches homebrew

Cheers to impatience! Whym homebrew kit promises DIY beer in 24 hours

By allowing owners to enjoy home brewed beer in just 24 hours, the Whym kit hopes to completely revolutionize the process for brewing your own beer.
opcom announces growbox home gardening system growbox2

Opcom's GrowBox lets gardeners grow their veggies and fruits indoors

Officially unveiled earlier in November, Opcom Farms' GrowBox allows ordinary gardeners to easily harvest fruits and vegetables inside year-round.
vietnamese shipping container hostel ccasa by tak architects 01

Vietnam hostel's shipping containers stay put to create unique communal vibe

Mad of three shipping containers and a host of bunk beds, Ccasa Hostel in Nha Trang, Vietnam, is a unique place for travelers to lay their head.
brux personal coffee maker brux2

Joe on the go: Create your morning cup anywhere with the Brux coffee brewer

Featuring the ability to brew finely crafted pour-over coffee directly into itself, the Brux personal coffee brewer is the perfect on-the-go java mug.
government mulls regulations for smart refrigerators fridgehack2

Despite rising threats, Congress isn’t keen on creating a smart appliance regulatory agency

While speaking at a House hearing in mid-November, IBM advisor Bruce Schneier argued for federal regulations concerning the use of connected appliances.
finnish company enevo announces smart dumpsters enevo3

Wireless sensor technology is upending the garbage industry in Europe

By retrofitting garbage cans with intelligent wireless sensors, Enevo's latest tech will allow cities to drastically alter their waste management practices.
decaso online luxury and antique market cp vignette coup 01 3000x4000

Dust not included: Decaso is your new online destination for luxury antiques

Offering members access to 500 U.S. dealers, Decaso provides interior designers, collectors, and connoisseurs with a stunning online antique marketplace.
whirlpool announces zera food recycler zera1

Kiss food waste goodbye with Whirlpool’s innovative Zera Food Recycler

Capable of turning a week's worth of food into usable fertilizer in just 24 hours, the Zera Food Recycler aims to be a boon for reducing food waste.
OFIS Arhitekti Kanin Winter Cabin

Climb, hike, or fly. Reaching this ultra-remote Slovenian cabin isn’t easy

Accessible via mountain climbing or by helicopter, Mount Kanin's Kanin Winter Cabin provides visitors with gorgeous views of neighboring Italy and Slovenia.
Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed (NV681)

Shark Rotator Lift Away Speed NV682 review

flair espresso maker launches on kickstarter flair1

Pressed is best: Handcraft the perfect cup of joe with the Flair Espresso Maker

By ditching modern instant coffee maker design, Sergio Landau created an espresso maker capable of letting users handcraft their daily java.
no more tea bags bag less nomoretea1

No More Tea Bags is the aerosol tea sprayer you never knew you needed

Fed up with traditional tea bags? No More Tea Bags is the tea-drinking alternative that lets users craft a piping hot cup Earl Gray out of an aerosol can.
origami lamp shade launches on kickstarter lampshade3

Innovative lamp shade invites owners to practice origami skills during assembly

Launched via Kickstarter this week, the Origami Lamp Shade lets owners quickly and easily fold their own lamp shades out of Dupont-constructed Tyvek.
astonishing studios builds lego coffee machine astonishingstudios starbucks maker

Get your caffeine and creativity fix with a coffee maker built from Lego bricks

Comprised almost entirely of LEGOs, a creative team of engineers created the ultimate instant coffee machine that's sure to tug on your nostalgia.
samsung issues voluntary top load washer recall samsungwasher1

First the phones, and now this — Samsung issues recall on exploding washers

Less than a month after recalling its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, Samsung has yet again issued a recall, this time concerning its top-loading washers.
flameflex launches on kickstarter 1

Crazy Kickstarter project gives anyone the ability to create fire tornadoes

Recently launched via Kickstarter, the Flameflex device allows anyone to enjoy the visual stimulation of a real fire tornado from the comfort of their home.
chernyi coffee only available on dark web chernyi1

To buy a bag of Chernyi Black coffee, you'll need to visit the dark web

Available only to people navigating the dark web via Tor, Chernyi Black coffee aims to be the kind of unique java trendsetters turn to throughout Russia.
brasii home brewer launches on kickstarter

This brew is for you: The Brasii lets any novice whip up their favorite ale

Launched via Kickstarter in October, the Brasii home brewer makes it easy for amateur brewers to craft home-brewed beer as well as a veteran.
elmira stove works skull brushed fridge elmira2

In the Halloween spirit? Canadian appliance firm offers airbrushed skull fridges

Just in time for the Halloween season, the Canadian appliance company Elmira Stove Works now offers gorgeously airbrushed skull-and-flame refrigerators.
ilamp desktop lamps made from old imacs 20 feat

There’s something fishy going on with old iMacs: DIYer turns them into aquariums, lamps

Using third- and fourth-generation Apple iMacs, Jake Harms developed a method for turning these electronics into household items, rather than trashing them.
swann launches new home security products swann1

Swann upgrades its DIY security offering with new home alert systems lineup

Security monitoring leader Swann announced this week the addition of four new DIY home security devices for both residential and business use.
university of wisconsin madison creates energy producing flooring floorpower1

Using wood pulp and footsteps, a professor just found a new source of renewable energy

Utilizing wood pulp and footstep energy, a team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison just developed a new source of renewable energy.
smart lock system stays locked in earthquakes 44883348  remote home control on a digital tablet or phone

Earth-shattering tech: Smart lock system protects cabinets' contents from quakes

Open Mind Innovations' Smart Lock System keeps cabinets shut when it senses violent seismic events such as earthquakes.
i switch gesture controlled shower head launches on kickstarter huale1

The I-Switch intelligent, gesture-controlled shower head launches on Kickstarter

With gesture controls, LED lighting, and the ability to drastically conserve water, Huale's I-Switch is packed with benefits both entertaining and useful.
first tiny house competition in the books revolve

The award-winning rEvolve tiny home has a roof deck, solar, room for your dog

At the first Tiny House Competition, an entry from Santa Clara University called the rEvolve House won the honor of being the best overall design.
2250 Vallejo St. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco’s most expensive home just sold for a staggering $21.8 million

Located near Pacific Heights in San Francisco, a gorgeous $21.8 million mansion just sold making it the most expensive home sold in the city this year.

Want to go solar? SolarCity to pay $1,000 to any Airbnb host who makes the switch

To help more people turn to solar energy, SolarCity says it will pay $1,000 to any Airbnb host who installs its solar panels on their home.
shape shifting solar panels look like tiles dyaqua4

Turn buildings solar without compromising on style with ‘invisible’ panels

By ditching conventional solar panel design in favor of common construction material, the Italian company Dyaqua offers panels in wood, stone, or cement.

Mere seconds from landing on Mars, Schiaparelli lander’s signal goes dark

Scheduled to land on the surface of Mars on October 19, the ESA's Schiaparelli lander lost contact with the agency mere minutes away from landing.
fbi warning internet connected toys 50106167  flag of painted on brick wall

Your face is familiar — to the FBI. Its facial recognition database holds 117 million of them

In the years since it established a new identification system, the FBI has reportedly compiled a face database of roughly 117 million American adults.