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Swann upgrades its DIY security offering with new home alert systems lineup

swann launches new home security products swann1
Swann — a leading home security company — announced a brand-new lineup of do-it-yourself security solutions today, fit for both a residential home or a business. Known mainly for its “plug-n-play” style of security monitoring equipment, Swann’s latest releases plan to continue this tradition by following the company’s tried and true formula. After unveiling a total of four new products — including a Garage Parking Sensor and Driveway Alert kit — perhaps Swann’s biggest announcement was the fact each device was made immediately available following the reveal.

In addition to the above mentioned Garage Parking Sensor and Driveway Alert kit, Swann also announced the release of a Wireless Doorbell and Gate Alert setup. Though each model differs slightly, all four boast the capability of being set up in a matter of minutes, only requiring a minimal amount of mounting and pairing. Once installed, the units then have the ability to accurately monitor and sense any motion near where an owner has installed either variety. After detecting movement, the sensor sets off an audible alarm while also emitting a series of flashing lights.


Where Swann really hangs its hat concerns the product’s long-range wireless capabilities. Boasting a range of up to 200 feet, the product line allows owners a sizable amount of flexibility when determining where to install either a sensor or receiver. Additionally, Swann’s Alert Sensors have the ability to detect motion from up to 40 feet away from the movement, coming standard with an innovative weatherproofing design capable of withstanding the elements if positioned outside near a driveway or garage.

Ranging in price from $20 to $50, Swann’s latest release of DIY home security devices are currently available via the company’s website. Furthermore, with around the clock support and a 12-month warranty on any of the releases, there seems no better time to give the price-friendly business’ security lineup a try.

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