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Crazy Kickstarter project gives anyone the ability to create fire tornadoes

To help people all over the world perfectly set the mood for any occasion, a team of entrepreneurs from Ukraine and the United States developed what can only be described as a self-contained fire tornado. Officially dubbed the Flameflex, this modern take on the ordinary candle leans on its inspiration’s ability to visually stimulate while significantly upping the ante on pyrotechnics. Is it dangerous? While it may seem so, its creators say no as long as caution and common sense are exercised. More than 300 Kickstarter backers have already pitched in to bring the project to life.

Marketed as a great way to “add some romance to your life” and to “impress your friends,” the Flameflex fire tornado is exactly what it sounds like. Comprised of a unique thermonet cylinder, the company offers backers the ability to choose between a wood, aluminum, brass, or copper-lined base, each fluctuating roughly $10 in price from one another.

Depending on the finish, the creators bill it as a possible addition to everything from a bar counter to a garden pergola, because what area of anyone’s home couldn’t use the uncommon styling of a fire tornado?

“Today, when we’re surrounded by plastics and synthetics, the elements of wild nature attract people more than ever,” reads a Flameflex press release. “Indoor fountains, bonsai trees, [and] Japanese sandboxes have [all] been popular for years. Is it the same thing with fire? Are candles enough for us or do we need something new? Soon the idea of [a] table fire tornado was born.”

The Flameflex works by essentially simulating the movement of a real fire tornado. As the thermonet cylinder twirls, a low-pressure zone forms inside the device which helps transform an emitting flame into a one-foot tall “pillar of fire.” Powered by either batteries or a USB plugin, the Flameflex makes use of an eco-friendly bioethanol fuel to keep the flame burning for hours. Because the cylinder contains no extra fans or blades, the fire tornado’s shape and form continuously changes.

We know what you’re thinking — how do you possibly keep this thing from being a significant fire hazard? According to the Kickstarter campaign, the thermonet cylinder’s construction allows it to stay relatively cool while the fire tornado is in session, even after running for several hours.

Additionally, two well-placed suction cups on the bottom of the Flameflex keep it from tipping over easily. The company even advises anyone who purchases a Flameflex that, so long as they keep it away from children and pets, it “will be as safe as a simple wax candle.”

With 21 days left in the crowdfunding campaign, the Flameflex has already raised more than $24,000 in funding — a whopping $14,000 more than its original $10,000 goal. Early adopters have the ability to buy a Flameflex for just $66, which is roughly $35 to $50 off the suggested retail price.

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