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Dust not included: Decaso is your new online destination for luxury antiques

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Hitting the road in search of the perfect set of collectible furniture is about to be a thing of the past now that a thoroughly vetted team of antique and modernism dealers has launched an innovative new online marketplace. Called Decaso, as in the Decorative Arts Society, this new avenue for hunting down antiques is a pet project from the peer-to-peer design marketplace company Chairish — a business that already deals in vintage furniture and decor. Officially launched online on Tuesday, Decaso hopes to be the go-to modernist and antique source for interior designers and collectors.

Upon its launch, Decaso already boasts an astounding 25,000 item product lineup from a selling community of 500 different dealers based in the United States. Not only does the site offer interested buyers the opportunity to easily search its available inventory, but it also quickly connects them with the dealers, allowing for easy and open communication. Decaso says it only plans on having 500 dealers available on the site to help create an extremely exclusive merchandise fellowship.

“We are thrilled to partner with such esteemed dealers to develop a wholly new brand that addresses the unmet needs of the luxury design market,” said Gregg Brockway, Decaso co-founder and chairman. “By uniting world-class dealers, inventory, technology, site design, and marketing expertise, we’re creating the most trusted place to discover truly exceptional things.”

Aside from giving customers the ability to speak directly with dealers, Decaso also provides dealers with an opportunity to work directly with their peers. Be it the sharing of industry knowledge or the capacity to bounce insight off each other, each dealer isn’t simply existing in the online marketplace by themselves. Decaso’s management team even plans on partnering with the dealers to ensure each has access to everything they need so they’ll stick with the site long-term.

At the core of Decaso is a well of industry experience. The company’s executive management team is comprised of not just members of Chairish but also Expedia, Hotwire, and Levi Strauss and Co. Launched online on Tuesday, Decaso’s extensive lineup of antique furniture and decor is ready for consumption by even the most discerning of shoppers.

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