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Joe on the go: Create your morning cup anywhere with the Brux coffee brewer

While companies like Nespresso or Keurig offer quick and efficient ways for someone to brew their daily joe, their automated machines couldn’t hold a candle to a good ole fashion cup of pour-over coffee. Thing is, hand-crafted java like this does not always achieve high marks concerning easy portability. Because of this, a Denver-area company named Boco just launched a solution to this problem via Kickstarter: an all-in-one personal coffee brewing mug dubbed the Brux.

A portable brewer that gives people the ability to concoct a cup of pour-over coffee, the Brux embraces versatility. In addition to its on-the-go design, the Brux comes standard with a brewing cone and filter, meaning the process does not necessarily need to take place at home. Simply filling the filter with your desired choice of coffee beans and pouring hot water over the grounds begins the brewing process. Further, because Brux is a travel mug itself, the resulting coffee filters directly into the cup to drink out of.

“Flavor is everything: Our pour-over system combined with fine paper filters accentuate the sweet undertones in every brew, while minimizing any harsh acidic taste,” reads the Kickstarter campaign. “But, then again, so do many pour-over systems. What makes Brux unique is that you can take it with you anywhere — to work, the campground, or on any adventure your day/weekend may hold.”

As of this writing, the Brux personal brewing mug raised just shy of $11,000 and surpassed its fundraising goal of $8,000 with 48 days left in the campaign. Any early adopter who decides on backing the project has the ability to secure a Brux personal brewer for $39, which is almost half the price of the device’s $70 retail value. Unfortunately, backers have to wait until at least March to try out the rig for themselves as Boco does not foresee shipping orders until then. However, if it is portability and finely crafted coffee you seek, the Brux appears able to fulfill that need with ease.

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